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Found 1 result

  1. (1) First off, I noticed while using the smelter that when I had all four slots on the sides occupied, The ore would smelt but wouldn't be placed into a free slot where you smelt in the first place. *Diagram* >* 0 *< ++++ The '*'s with '>' or '<' pointing towards them are slot occupied by another >* *< Object. The '+'s are where you smelt ores down to ingots. If say you have 2 spots cooking and 2 spots empty the ingot would stay on the main part, the '0' and the other ores will still keep smelting. This wastes the amount ore you have placed there to smelt as the ingot doesn't get placed in an empty spot, effectively wasting the ore chunks that you just smelted. (2) Not as serious, but tethers occasionally randomly stop the connection they have, which can be fixed by picking it up and placing it down again. Sometime they even go a step further and connect when they are twice the distance away from the normal tether range. I'm also pretty sure they disappear when you place them on a their designated backpack slot when there's already an item there. This only happens when you're re-picking up already placed ones I think. (3) This one is also very serious, as it allows you to fly with infinite air at supersonic speeds. you also take no damage whilst you do this. But it's a double edged sword. Check out this link below and it'll show you how it's done. This was made by a friend as soon as he found out about it. By the looks of it, he accidently clicked the seat and pressed tab to get in the vehicle at the same time, resulting in this glitch. I hope you fix these glitches as this game is incredibly fun to play!