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  1. Hello, I recently set up a platform to more easily extract soil from my medium canister that filled up while driving my rover. There were small canisters being emptied into on a medium storage on one side of the Large Platform B, and the medium canister on the other (see picture). I noticed accidentally that moving the medium storage also moved the small canister that was attached to the medium canister (see it floating just above the soil extractor). It must somehow still be "attached" to the medium storage even though it was pulled to the medium canister. It might be worth mentioning that I didn't place the small canister there myself, rather it moved as the medium canister emptied. Thank you. GPU: GeForce GTX 950 SSC Gaming, ACX 2.0 2GB PCI-E CPU: Intel Core i5-6400 Processor Motherboard: MSI B250M PRO-VDH Platform: Windows 10 (via Steam) Interface: XBOX-One controller
  2. I was going through the caves placed a tether and wasnt short of laughter when i phased through the ramp i made. When i got out of the glitched position every time i returned to the end of the ramp, i phased through it. The ramp being connected to the ground made it so that when ever i hit the end of the ramp, not reacting fast enough i would fall through the ground and into a deeper chamber of the cave.
  3. Summary: Plants and rubble in place of old terrain Description: Plants and rubble cubes appeared in mid air after loading game, in the location of original terrain, that had long since been lowered and flattened to accomodate my base Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: early access alpha Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: Intel i5 2500k oc GPU: gtx1060 3gb RAM: 4 sticks of cant remember. 16gb total. Drives: Intel SSD X25-M 120gb, Crucial MX500 500gb
  4. after digging some plants they stay in the air rather than popping of falling.
  5. In a world I started in build, I'm still getting seams and floating debris when returning to a saved game.
  6. there is a glitch where the camera floats around the planet and it makes the game so not complete and annoying please try to fix it and it happens usually in online
  7. The first image is with the terrain tool out when placing a tether. The second image is a tether placed without the terrain tool out. While this is pretty silly and comical. It would likely be better to have the tethers drop on the left side of your character. AMD Phenom X4 8gbs ram GTX650 Win10 with Steam
  8. Hi everyone! I hadn't played the game in a while, and I was thrilled to test the new version for research! I found myself in a weird situation where some of the materials I extracted were floating in the air... Fortunately, I could retrieve everything except for 2 energy --> see picture for that does anyone know how to fix this? I would hate to lose smth valuable or even worse, my rover...
  9. I got killed in a cave and upon re-spawning I pressed "Tab" to exit the pod while it was still flying down. It let me get out and I got stuck above the planet and I can't do anything about it. - Steam - Keyboard/Mouse
  10. Summary: - Steam - Floating items Description: So this happens *very* frequently, perhaps every time I leave items in a hole (which is my form of storage because it's the most efficient). I have items in a hole, and come back to them to find that they are now floating. Still in the hole, but no longer quite touching each other or the ground. if I pick one up and drop it again, it is once again affected by gravity, and every other item it touches also became affected by gravity, and they all would fall back down. This generally is not problematic, but just recently, I came back and found my canister stash as it shows in the screenshot. As you can see, they're aren't exactly in the hole anymore. Anyone know why this happens? This is really getting annoying. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1079 | Build 16299.125 CPU: Intel i7-7700T 2.90GHz GPU: Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 RAM: 2x8GB DDR4 Drive: Samsung 237GB
  11. I have had 3 rovers begin to float when im not around, this sticks with the vehicles Until Game restart. This is on the home planet. One of those 3 ended up with a zero gravity float after i took the seat off and detached it from my rover train, it then proceeded to fly away. in all cases it has been the drivers rover while attached to a rover train of 2 to 3 rovers. The full zero gravity rover had not happened until i made a train of 3 rovers, any other floater wouldn't be capable of flying off. Items do not seem to effect the floating. but the floating does specifically happen to the rover that was driven with the seat and has been left outside while mining in a cave. when set as a trailer rover the vehicle will flip around while being drug and in some cases has the force to upend the leading rover. version # is 0.3.10197.0 date of appearance 8/16/2017
  12. Hello, I played with a friend today (Both mouse and keyboard on Steam version), and while we were trying to solve a bug by our own (see this topic : ) we died couple of times. I saw in the last update that if we were to die a second time, our items shouldn't go in space and etc. Well, it kinda happened here. Not on the second death, but randomly, the corpses disappeared, and the items went floating around. I took few screenshots of them, and I could move and take most of them, but my friend told me he couldn't grab some of them. They were floating around, as if there was no gravity. The first picture I posted is where my friend died before, and the second and third pictures are where my corpse was. If you have any questions about this bug, ask away, maybe I'll be able to answer and help a bit more!
  13. Alright. I'm testing the new update to give feedback. I live on a Radiated planet. I am playing with one of my friends. There were two main glitches that we noticed. The first one, discovered purely by accident and absolutely hilarious, was that when we drove very deep underground into our core-base, that the truck we had driven was completely zero-G. It had flipped, landed on the ceiling, almost drove itself down, and stopped on the wall. The tethers also were floating. The second glitch was far less funny to see. My friend told me I was completely invisible. He could not see me, I could see him. As a note, I was the game host. He also mentioned he was unable to pick things up from anywhere, and when he randomly could, it was shaky. When he used a trade station, the values (1 coal = 4 compound, etc.) were completely wrong, and didn't even return the correct amount or type of item he sent for. He put coal in, wanting resin, and got 4 organic from 4 coal. The only thing he could easily do was use his deform tool, and even then on any world but Terran, the smooth tool doesn't work correctly, jumping around your cursor. A final note or two: We exploited the game forcing you to rise through ground if you're stuck by using the deform tool on a car and getting in/out to force ourselves into the ground, thus creating a sky elevator. Not intended to work that way. Also, the trucks and rover's steering changes still need work. Rovers flip upside down from moving too fast (the front wheels float up and then the back ones flip the vehicle) on flat ground, they tend to try and drive backward toward the direction you face, and they have too low of a gravity to easily move. I love this game, but get these bugs fixed!
  14. I play on steam. I built a vehicle bay, then built a rover and parked it elsewhere so I could build a large shuttle. After I built the large shuttle, I browsed through the attachments available. But once l flipped pass the seat options, I could never go back to the seats. The attachment option was stuck on large storage. I thought oh well this shuttle is useless now because I could no longer put a seat on it. So I built another vehicle bay and another large shuttle on it. This time I remembered to build a seat first and I was able to fly off to another location on the starting planet. Things were working fine, I built two platforms off of the umbilical spots on the large shuttle. But once I flew off to other locations, the large shuttle always floats just above the ground, and I can no longer build a new base off of it.
  15. Every time i come back to my base from another planet or just over the hill i notice that i have about 5 copper and and a couple titanium just floating in mid air. even after i interact with them they still stay suspended in the air. why is this happening
  16. I haven't noticed this when playing on Windows, but on Xbox, when I loaded into a save, my character was in the air and fell to the surface
  17. Sometimes when I drive my Rover around, it will start floating out of no where, and currently I am stuck in orbit.
  18. I couldn't find anything with a topic like this.. Anyway, lets start complaining :D:D.. (No offence ofcourse) It's a shame that the only "plants" that despawns are the ones that can kill the player. It would be nice if the other plants / trees could despawn aswell. Because most are in the way when mining in caves. I have dug a bunch of holes for various plants, just because they wont despawn, and then made a lid at the top. BUT.. sometimes the plants retaliate.. bugged / sticking up through the ground, found in the air or even vibrating as much as it launches itself and possibly lanching the vehicles / base into another dimension. It have only happened once so far, a "cave tree" launching itself into my Rover + two trailers and made them disappear. I barely saw the tree for less than a half second and when I turned around I noticed that the vehicle was gone. I think it happened when I was making the lid for the hole. Also, I've noticed that some plants (mostly on the surface of Terran) don't have a texture applied to them. Or maybe they are supposed to be white / gray-ish. They look wierd in my opinion. A plant that looked like an upsidedown Tentacruel (Pokémon..), kinda.. or possibly a jellyfish with the skull-structure of Tentacruel.. all white, but the "tentacles" where moving in the wind. :D..
  19. Controller : Mouse/keyboard Platform : Steam How it happened : I setted a dynamite over some resources, I quitted then got back to the game and the hole made by the blast was still there and random resources (different to the previous ones) spawned over the void. How to reproduce : Go to a first layer of caves, set a dynamite, blast it, close the game and get back in less than 1 min.
  20. Description: Land all around my base is splitted, i can watch through it and see underground levels.. also i report some other bugs like compound floating in the air. Here's some screenshot: Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 125 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home CPU: Intel i7 - 4710 HQ 2.5GHz @ 2.5GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 850 M RAM: 12GB Drive: 500 GB standard HD
  21. I play on steam with a mouse and keyboard. I found the bug instantly when i opened the game after the latest patch had been dowloaded. Plants and cubes that normally go onto the ground are now floating in the air as if i had not terraformed my base there. The floating objects dissapered after approximately 10 minutes and i was not able to take a picture of the bug.
  22. So, went to the exotic planet to start a base of operations. Upon landing and exiting the space ship I tried to extend a platform but the game wasn't giving me that option (couldn't build a platform for creating a printer or what not). Then I tried to flatten the ground in front of the shuttle to possible help the space ship recognize that it can build a platform, this wasn't working either. After that I went back to another base of mine and created a hab to bring back to the exotic planet where I was previously. Again I exited the space shuttle and removed the hab to the planet floor where I leveled out the ground. I then proceeded to quit to game menu and return (haven't entered hab yet). When I returned to where I left off, I tried to extend a platform again but with no luck. Finally I decided to call it quits and I got into the hab and after the game saved I quit to desktop. After some time I have returned to find that the hab is floating (the ground I leveled out has vanished under the hab and the ground returned to its original slope downward) above the ground with me in it and I do not have the option nor am I able leave the hab. I am still able to grab things to pick and place them but as far as I have tried I am unable to exit the floating hab. I am safe with a supply of air but I am a little too safe.(: I am playing off of Steam using a mouse and key pad. As far as reproducing this incident I would follow the steps that led me to this point The game is stellar and has so much more possibility too; great work!