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Found 2 results

  1. 000_xxX_SpaceWizard_Xxx_000

    Floating items

    When leaving an item(such as a research, a gadget, matirials, rocks) that is effected by gravity on the ground and going away, when coming back and reloading that item, most of the time it will float above the ground a meter or two. This may seem like it's not a problem at all, but one time I saw a chair hovering near the top of a large hill, that I remember putting at ground level. This can cause importent items to fly so high you wouldn't even see them clearly and start thinking they disappeard. It happened to pretty much everything that wasn't stuck in the ground or safe at my base while I was playing on pc(steam), version 153 lots of people probably wrote about this already, so sorry for wasting your time.
  2. I have found a couple reproducible bugs upon loading back into the game. When I immediately login, the terrain reverts to it's original state causing all the unattached items to jump due to terrain collisions. As soon as I move my character, the terrain returns to its modified state. When I start in the shuttle (not sure if this applies to all capsule type craft) and tab out of it, the backpack items hover a backpack length away from it. I can reconnect them with the backpack after this occurs (would be fun with 3d glasses). This bug does not happen if i load outside the shuttle.