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Found 6 results

  1. Since the latest update to 182 I found that playing with other people is very difficult from a driving perspective, namely with the large rover. Issue #1 - once the large rover is researched and multiple are built, if one player exits the vehicle, it stops another player from being able to drive. Exiting and re-entering the vehicle fixes it, but it happens over an over again. Issue #2 - The large rovers flip very easily, requiring you to exit, right them and re-enter; which brings you back to issue #1. Issue #3 - Since the vehicles have been changed to not kick you out upon flipping, there have been many instances where the large rover hits a rock and goes airborne, taking you with it. The ability to tab out, doesn't work and you end up flying into space. Removing the seat resets the vehicle, and you and it fall back to the planet.
  2. I think i found the cause for cars flipping on exit. It's some object or label in the backpack that is "solid" and doesn't obey the x-men-Kite-style phase through exit and hits the car on exit. Fixes... System Era: Quick might work... Just move the astroneer out to the ground some bit farer away. Add more space to come free from any objects attached in front of the car. As of now the astroneer exits to close close to the car if carrying the small generator with a plant-material-pack mounted for sure. or More work... Find the buggy object(s) or label(s) that is solid.... Players: 1. Die and get a empty backpack or 2. Empty the backpack and enter/exit any car, enter the habitat and then go out and pick up u're gear. This worked for me........could be wrong! ;-)
  3. Brian Crivella

    Exiting the truck. Game crash.

    [Xbox One S] I know people have been saying about the truck and rover flying off, but haven't seen where it happens every time you exit them. The first 2 times it was funny but after spending 30 mins trying to get it close enough to the base to tether it it became annoying. This happens every single time I exit the truck or rover spent another 30 mins trying to attach the truck to another truck, and it does not matter if there is a storage unit on the back. After finely getting the trucks together I drove them into my cave to only have them flip over half glitched into a wall and each other the second I exited it, and then the game froze made a weird noise, screen went black and sent me to my Xbox home screen. I absolutely love this game, so thought I would share my experience and I know some post get repetitive and all.
  4. Playing on steam with a xbox controller. I just created my first rover in the game and fueled it using a solar panel from a smelter panel. After that i attached a one seat chair (the chair i had was found from a crash debris sight and was not made from a printer) to the rover and entered the vehicle. The rover immediately began the flip into the air until my character was ejected from his seat and the rover settled after. I flipped the vehicle over and reentered and the rover again started to flip. I do not seem to have any control over the rover and no input seems to change of the rover flips, though it is hard to tell for sure. On my backpack was 2 solar panels, a beacon, a compound, and a piece of oxygen. I have restarted my game and the rover seems to be working as intended, but now I am missing a storage panel that had resources attached to it. The storage panel was not attached to my base though it rested nearby. not sure if its related to the rover but it only disappeared after i re logged from the rover bug.
  5. During my live stream on Youtube I was gathering materials for a truck I had just researched, upon coming back from a cave i was looking at my base and out of nowhere my truck that i had built launched into the air onto its top lmao, very funny but i think this is most definitely a bug. At 1 Hour 5 Seconds into my stream you can watch the truck just flip into the air lol. It happened completely by itself, there were no events leading into the bug such as wind storms or anything like that. You can watch the video here: Thanks! -WhaldoTv
  6. Steam copy Mouse keyboard Specs run the game fine so dont think youll need them. What happened was i had a truck with rover attached with storage on all slots but the seat i was driving with. Tried to make a land bridge and fell through the map by trying to level terrain i was standing on and died. Collected enough resources to build another rover to get back to my truck but when i try to get in the rover its starts going CRAZY! It will start flipping through the air and it is completely undriveable and funny as hell lol. So now i have no way to get back to my truck.