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Found 10 results

  1. With the recent release of the new Creative mode to Astroneer, a creative flight mode was introduced While this is already a great feature which greatly aids creative construction, some minor tweaks to the creative flight mode would render the flight experience all the more smooth and easy to use Some Improvements I would like to suggest: Disable Backpack jetpacks while in flight mode - It doesn't make sense to be using both at once Camera speed - the speed of the camera hardly keeps up with the high speed of flight, often lagging behind the player's character and causing
  2. There is a game I play sometimes called Spaceflight Simulator. In it you can create a rocket from modular parts with different stages and such for getting out of the atmosphere and traveling the solar system. The flight is completely manual meaning all that it shows you is the trajectory of different moons, ships, and planets, and your ship. It also can show you where in your orbit/trajectory you need to accelerate to intercept a given object in space. If the spaceflight mechanics of that game were added to Astroneer it would make space travel much less mundane. Also, having the ability t
  3. I couldn't find this suggestion, but a way to move about the planet with a balloon of gas and some propulsion. This may help with some of the dis-satisfaction of losing stuff, dying and then only being able to get back 'close' to it with a shuttle, which isn't always useful. Balloons may have other uses like antennas for radar, reconnaissance, etc.
  4. It could be interesting if there was a floating or flying drone the player could remotely control from a limited distance that would fly and let them see over obstacles like mountains or down in caves. It could use basic fuel like hydrazine or power. I think this would also make exploring tough terrain more efficient and give people a nice birds-eye view of an area.
  5. please add regular planes maybe you could add vtol planes or helicopters
  6. Summary: When initiating Landing sequence if you click a landing zone then on the orbiter launch icon causes a gamebreaking bug after loading save file. Description: As stated above if while in orbit over a planet you click on a Landing Zone then click on the exit orbit button above your ship it causes the game to both simultaneously load the solar system and land on the planet you can still exit your ship by pressing X after it is landed but it leaves the landing Zone markers unclickable around each of the landing zones if you save your game and exit when you come back in the
  7. So when you build more than 1 vehicle bay or build a vehicle bay where a landing zone already exists it is practically impossible to tell which one you are selecting. This is why I propose that when you mouse over more than 1 landing zone (so overlapping ones) the camera would either zoom in/spread out the landing zones or put them in a line on your screen (shift them horizontally or vertically). This would make landing shuttles on ships/vice versa a lot rarer and give more accuracy to the player.
  8. I have only recently joined the forums, but i have been toying with the idea ever since I've started playing the early access version of the game. The idea is basically a glider, one that you can make up using the printer or another means, possibly a discovery, and it in turn should mitigate a good portion of fall damage received after jumping from a great height... The idea is supposed to introduce this as a usable creation to act as an extra mode of transport around a planet, and I've also toyed with the idea of wind playing a major factor in the functioning of a glider, moving it about in t
  9. 1: keep the game from lagging after extended exploration 2: Add intelligent alien life, possibly as rival terraformers 3: Add story or universe-building 4: More space-flight and planetary flight options 5: Add ability to destroy base structures
  10. Sometimes truck flies when I just make it and is about to ride. *Confused*