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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, When 'terraforming' a new base, I noticed that, regardless of how many canisters I have on my backpack/terrain tool, they all empty simultaneously, at the same rate they would if I had just 1 full canister. In effect, this bug leaves me with having the same 'volume' of soil in 9 canisters (see attached screenshot) as I would have with 1. I'm using keyboard and mouse on steam; I drove a large rover to a new location to build a base on a Gateway on Sylva. Upon filling a number of small canisters to allow me to flatten a large area for a new 'flat' base, I noticed the issue. I
  2. For some reason I can't add nor flatten terrain. I've read some posts on the forums that says something along the lines of "make a canister and use your tool". But when I DO make a canister, it's a big white bottle unlike the ones I've seen in different posts, YouTube videos AND even the tutorial. And whenever I press Alt or Ctrl, I just get a big Red X. Someone pls help.
  3. Summary: 200 - Steam - Truck Glitched Into Terrain Description: Hard to explain this one, but I made a video. Basically what happens is this: I'm on Arid planet, trying to use the terrain flatten tool to cover over some holes i made (health and safety was yelling at me for leaving them open and then falling into them repeatedly). But when I hold control for the flatten mode, then click and drag, the mouse moves smoothly along the ground in one axis, but then skips around on the other axis like its snapping to
  4. I was trying the 'flatten' a ramp on Radiated. The game would skip past two sections. Normal raise and get worked. When I tried to walk down the ramp, I got launched high enough for fatal fall damage, Win-10 via Steam,
  5. Hey everyone! Love the new updates to gameplay, and i love the tutorial! I found a small bug that i've seen in the past that reappeared. I like to flatten out the area around my base and, as you can see in the picture, there is a small gap around the immobile rock of home base and it won't let me fill it there. has anyone else seen this problem elsewhere in the game?
  6. This is my first time reporting bugs so I am sorry for anything missed out When I put hydrazine on the thruster which is on my rover I do not have enough time to get in the rover and I launches off with out me.
  7. Soooo... there are a lot of people having problems with the terraformer; in that they don't know how the flattening mode of the terraformer works. Which makes sense because there's no REAL indication of what angle the floor will be flattened to. I could simply say for them to just get used to it and figure it out, but that would be a bit harsh and is very counter-intuitive as something like this SHOULD be easy to tell. But due to the amount of times it has been brought up, it may not be as obvious to some; if 'obvious' at all. So why not just have a circle straighten out completely, rather tha