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Found 3 results

  1. I don't know if this is a bug or not but ever since the game has been avalible to play the flatten tool doesn't make the groung perfectly flat, you have to look around for like 10 mins just to find a specific polygont that alows it to be perfectly flat. With the base building update it added the perfectly flat area around the habitat, you could use the flatten tool and it would be perfectly flat but with the crafting update thats no longer the case and you can't get a perfectly area anymore. If anybody has a mod to fix this i would gladly use it.
  2. Platform/Version: Steam / Summary: Whenever I'm on a planet other than Terran, the flatten tool bugs out. Description: Upon pressing control to use the tool, it won't flatten areas that I want it to. Instead, it seems to "snap" (similarly to orthographic modes in CAD software) to some arbitrary non-parallel lines. The placement of the lines is consistent for a given flatten plane, but for that particular plane only. Each flatten plane has its own set of predetermined lines that you can build along.
  3. Hi there, i made a Video how you can copy Flat Surface on other Places. Video is in German, my English insnt that great, put perhaps someone set and subtitle. Hope this Video is helpful for building your Base. Servus zusammen, hab mal nen Video gemacht in dem ich erkläre wie ihr Flächen auf beliebige Höhen duplizieren könnt um zB Treppenstufen zu bauen und sonstiges. Bei Fragen einfach melden, vielleicht kann ich noch Erklärungen hinzufügen