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Found 10 results

  1. When base is getting bigger, it is so hard to align every platforms clearly. I think adding some kind of foundations that can make flat or perfect-round to planet would make building bases more easier and prettier. And some align tool for make platforms perfectly grid. Well it might be some kind of OCD, but It's really important for me. So, anyone who agree to me?
  2. I am aware that this has previously been suggested. I play the game on XBOX ONE and, as many people know, it is almost impossible to perfectly align the polygons with the cubes. I thought a Cube Mod would be great. It would bring the section of terrain up or down to the nearest cube. There could also be another mod that makes those things that Bro Zelly Gaming makes with the perfect angles or that makes pyramids. Research Cost: 9500 Bytes Recipe: 1 Zinc crafted at Backpack Printer
  3. When probes and other spacecraft are sent to other planets / moons, landing zones are scouted to make sure they are flat then one is picked. The terrain generator should be creating the flat landing zones and making those available to land on when you are in orbit. It seems like the LZ's are random now except for the start on Terran. Real shuttles would have sensors like optical and radar to scout LZ's.
  4. I have been noticing that my terrain tool is jumping around now, esp when I'm trying to flatten land and on different planets...It does not mirror the fluid motion of my mouse anymore. Makes playing game much more burdensome.
  5. When i build a next module connecting to the base it is not on the same level as lander, So you can not build a flat base. Could you do something about it?
  6. I would like to see an option to have Storage lay flat on all Tier 2 connections. This would fix a few things... Allow all solar panels access to the sun from sunrise to sunset, instead of only half and half (vehicles and Tier 2 hubs on bases, currently my arrays sit on an unused Vehicle Bay platform so all 8 have sun) Easier access/view to items when on vehicles (so you don't have to run around to the other side to see what's there)
  7. Watching a ton of videos on Youtube and everyone is stressing about flattening out the terrain. I struggle with this quite a bit, on PC/Steam, it's not the easiest so I never bother. So aside from aesthetics, does it help anything?
  8. I don't know whether to call this a bug?, or ask for a new feature in base design?. I spent a good amount of time flattening out the area around the habitat, before I ever began extending the base, and this is what happens. They go down then back up then down again... Please work on this. I would love to have a flat base or a way that I can manipulate exactly where the extensions are placed. *Crosses Fingers*
  9. I would love to have a tool that works like the mining tool but it would allow you to pick a height on the ground then able to flatten everything around as long as you have power
  10. When placing a new node, it will only match the terrain height if the node it is connected to does not, vice versa, a node will not match the terrain height if the previous node did, it will instead be a constant distance below the ground. The first(left) node in the image matches the terrain height, the second does not, etc etc.