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Found 4 results

  1. Just as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planted am American flag on the moon, I want to plant my flag in Astroneer. Today as I scaled a mountain and reached the top, I dropped a beacon so I could tell where I had been, and in a sense mark my achievement. I was thinking it would be fun to have something cooler than a beacon to put on top of that my own personalized flag. I think you guys should create a system where you can design your own flag and drop it around at the different places you visit
  2. Howdy! It would be really neat if we could have a custom flag in game. Many games have done this in the past. Either as a game feature or a Mod function. A simple graphic added to a directory in game or uploaded to the game itself. Have a specific format and size as requirements. The flag could have a designated spot on the buggy/ships/base/suit. By default there could be some basic or simple flags. Not sure how easy it would be to get it to work multiplayer, but that would be cool. An ability to "plant" the flag would also be super sweet (think I saw we could, but may have be
  3. Wouldn't it be nice to do what our anscestors did when they went to the moon and play golf to take our minds off work for a while? I'm sure many of us would have endless fun creating courses and playing a round. Oh what fun in A printable club which we hold pointing at the ground in front and some way to swing/hit the ball while aiming with the camera and cursor. An easy to identify ball, maybe 2X size and random colours. A flagpole with little fluttering flag to place where we like on the surface of the terrain. Would be nice to have a small round ho
  4. I feel like this forum needs a bit more interaction between its users than just the ability to throw text boxes at each-other. If we had the function to favorite, like, or dislike certain posts, then we would be able to keep up on the progress of things that individual players care about other than trying to sort through a wordy mess; at same time, weeding out the nonsense posts or the "same posts posted more than once", and being able to bump up posts that enough people feel are important for the devs' to see would be nice too. It just seems like something that would make the forums a bit mor