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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, first of all, sorry for the book... Really good new base-building update, the potential for this game skyrocketed(no pun intended). I don't wanna be a downer here, but I don't know if it was the new base building update or a different one. Now I experience jitters most likely caused by poor rendering optimization in the game and unneeded clutter? I do realize the game is in alpha stages, but all the other updates I have played from the very beginning when the game first came out, I didn't have this issue(btw I haven't changed my pc throughout the years of playing astroneer)... With vsync off I get around 100 fps +(fps jumps around a lot which causes jitters.) I have also tried editing the engine settings in the astro folder, (that gets me around 200 to 300 fps +, sure, this is really good, but I still experience jitters when my fps *jumps around*) with vsync on I get obviously 60, but it jumps down to 58 randomly or even lower(possibly when it renders clutter) when it goes to 58 and immediately back to 60 or 61, I get a really quick lag spike, its annoying the heck outta me considering it happens almost every time it renders something. It's ruining the update for me :(, anybody know a fix? I got a gtx 1070 with an i5 core processor. it seems this is out of my control. possibly just gonna have to wait for a new bug fix for it? unless someone knows how to stabilize the fps in-game... Things Ive tried: - changing all graphics settings to low - turning off sound - tinkering in the game folder - running on windowed mode - running on fullscreen - creating a new save - deleting all my saves - reinstalling the game on steam - updating my drivers - adding Astroneer on the Nvidia control panel - resetting settings in-game - closing all unneeded applications - turning off steam fps counter - defraging my hard drive - verifying intregrity of game files... After doing all these things, I think its safe to say this is a game optimization issue, hope it is fixed soon... <3
  2. Maybe make it so the rovers can turn better. I had some problems with this because I had to make a bigger turn on a path so i could turn. Make it to were the rover batteries don't deplete NEARLY as fast as they do now. Also so that battery charge doesn't deplete just from me moving the tires. I made a vehicle path from my original base to a mountain base and it died while i was going up. (Just a slight thing) Make it so that the rover has like a parking brake if it dies. Make it were if you place a new habitat that it will spawn a building similar to the original base and the ground becomes un-mine-able underneath it. Maybe make it so that you can disassemble a building or vehicle (if you mess it up or don't want it anymore) and maybe get half of the materials used to make it. For example: Building costs 2 resin = you get 1 resin. Building costs 2 compound and 2 aluminum = you get 1 compound and 1 aluminum. This is all for now.
  3. Let me start off by saying I've been playing this game since July of this year. This game has come such a long way, and I am happy to have been part of watching this game crawl up from something that was nearly unplayable on the console to something just amazing. 10/10 improvement arc thus far. To help with that, a list of things I've noticed, want to suggest, or otherwise want improved. 1. Vehicles. Not as bugged as before, doing great there. However still noticing an old bug in a much less drastic way: vehicles are floating randomly. Or sinking in the ground. Kinda odd. Furthermore, any word on any new vehicles? Would be nice to have something bigger or smaller to toy around with. 2. Research. Amazing design, kinda quick to achieve every blueprint though. Could use a tweak or two for that. Just throwing it out there. It added a linear playstyle to mix where you were chasing after the next bit of tech you wanted regularly. Perhaps we should add in other features to the Research tablet, such as max vehicular velocities, drill speed/range/efficiency/width, shuttle hydrazine consumption efficiency/range, or having one terrain tool modifier node to not consume power when in function or consume less power per second. Just to same some ideas. 3. Trees. We need to be able to do something with the trees. They spawn there as research nodes but you can't do anything after grabbing the research off of them(if they have it). Otherwise they're in the way only to be removed via dynamite. Break them down into organic mats perhaps? 4. A new module for the base: A small objects fabricator. To fabricate smaller items in large batches at once rather than one at a time in the back pack. Large bundles of canisters, or tethers, things of that nature. Adding to this idea, add in there the research application to where you have to research the mass production blueprints. This way, even more things to research! 5. Lastly, any way we can get some sort of personal short range jet pack of sorts? One that is burst, not sustained, to essentially double jump? Could cost hydrazine. Just throwing it out there. A small list with a lot of potential! I really wanna see this game in all it's glory get done. And I hope everyone else on this forum agrees with these suggestions. Hope to see these ideas take off!