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  1. I just got Astroneer last night, and I'm playing on Xbox One. Overall, the game has a great idea going but the user interface and the camera especially have major, major, major issues. My biggest complaint is with the camera. When I have the gun thing out, the thumbstick which controls the camera is highly unresponsive and essentially lags horribly. When I move the thumbstick, the camera should follow its every movement (and the camera should stop moving when the thumbstick stops moving, which it does not, mind you). One would think this would be common sense, but apparently, it's not. If this camera was programmed this way on purpose, sure, it's unique. Little Caesars Hot Wings are also unique, but that does not mean they are good (and trust me, they are NOT good). So, please make the camera more user-friendly for Xbox users (not sure if PC has the same problem or not). Make the camera follow the thumbstick fluidly and without preprogrammed lag. My other complaint is the backpack and how when you bring it up, it blocks out at least 3/5 of the screen so you can't bloody see anything you were trying to pick up in the first place. When you try to adjust the camera to see the item (which is a job in the first place, as explained above) the backpack then moves to block your view again (hard to explain but I'm pretty sure people know what I'm talking about). I think another user on here has brought up a similar complaint, and it definitely needs some attention. I think the other user suggested having the backpack be placed in a specific part of the screen as opposed to free-floating, which I would second.
  2. Since these is an occurring problem with many users and is being answered separately on many threads, here is the fix! 1. Uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (64x). 2. Restart your PC. 3. Install the new Microsoft Visual C++ x64 here: 4. Restart your PC one last time. These steps have helped almost every overcome this issue, save for a few special cases. Enjoy! @SES_Zabir
  3. Title says it all, any help? xbox one? saves file looks to be about 250mb, put to much time in to restart again feel like uninstalling it Cleared cache & restarted, uninstalled, re-installed, still crashs every 5 min Was fine in this state last night (picture), now have ALOT less but keeps crashing
  4. Hi, I think the buggy multiplayer is a known problem but please stop at first with bringing new content, instead: new bugfixes and performance fixes for the multipayer/coop. There are so many bugs. I have big problem with the performance and still some items disappear or the game crashes while I´m flying and then I´m respawning on Sylva. That´s not cool! Please fix. I love the game but this is very annoying! Greetings, Leon (some examples are below)
  5. Since the 1.1.0 update has been uploaded to Steam, Astroneer has been crashing between 5-10 minutes of play after loading my save. I found instructions on how to revert the game back to 1.0.15 which has fixed the issue. I hope this helps those who are also experiencing this crashing issue. It's too bad because I know many of us were looking forward to the new features that are included with 1.1.0. Happy Astroneering Steam Community :: Guide :: How to Downgrade Game Version
  6. Tethers are broken. On my base on Sylva, I would get extreme lag whenever I would do anything with tethers. I assume this lag is caused by the game checking if a tether is powered, and to do that it needs to check all the tethers until there are no more tethers to check. I have to have oxygenators spread throughout my tether lines so I can actually explore. I have always wanted to cover an entire planet with tethers, but that would make my computer explode. pls fix
  7. Fps Drop *Must Read* Ok so when i first started my first game i was running at 60 fps constantly easily and it would never drop below 60 fps.But now my play time on the game is over 24 hours and i have about 3 habitats.I have expanded all of them to the max with each having its own ability (printer ext) and now even when i am away from it i am running 20-30 fps. Please fix this in the new update And if you was wondering if it might be my graphics card its a gtx 1060 6gb so it is a high end graphic card which can max out gta V settings and run at a smooth 60-100fps
  8. I noticed that the shredder can't shred everything craftable, but only some stuff. Sometime you find an abandoned base, and you're looking for extra scrap, sometime you built something on mistake (or you want just to upgrade the platform it is built in). Also, everything you create with the vehicle printer is permanent. Often I have to dig a "shame hole" where everything I don't need gets dumped. Like abandoned platform after I build a base on barrens to feed on a huge broken complex. So a solution can be more shreddable stuff: platform, what is on platform, rover, large storage, etc... of course something to cut stuff in smaller pieces is needed, maybe separating the building from the platform before shredding (this give you the possibility to repack the building and change its platform) Another would be a dissasemble type of building: you destroy stuff by getting resources back, maybe only the rare one (if something needs resin and iron, you get only the iron back), or maybe something even different (you get all for the solid thruster, but just the aluminium from an used one). In this way, it feels like you can disassemble abandoned bases or "fixing" them by re-crafting the items. Or even better a way to repack stuff. Like a repacker. for repacking broken stuff (of course) other materials are needed (to simulate the fixing) What do you think?
  9. (sorry for the black video displayers, i dont know how to remove them) I was trying to make tethers and when i placed 1 compound in my now full backpack (thanks to the compound) i tried to switch the crafting recipe that appears below your backpack but when i clicked on the arrows it automatically got me out of the backpack hub and back to the third person normal view, then i realized that the "cursor" was bugged and wouldn't let me pick up any item or interact with anything whatsoever. I tried to fix the bug by entering the shelter/base house but i didn't fix anything, im going to restart the game and if the bug isn't fixed with that i'll update this post or create a new one. Here are some details: 1. Im playing on pc with a keyboard and mouse 2. I have the steam version 3. I dont exactly know how to recreate this bug but all i know is that i had my backpack full when it occurred. I can only interact with mediums fabricators but i can't put items on them. Here's some video footage: ASTRONEER (Adelanto de juego) 04_07_2018 10_50_21.mp4 ASTRONEER (Adelanto de juego) 03_07_2018 12_44_50 (2).mp4 ASTRONEER Cursor bug.mp4
  10. Hi everyone!!! Sorry for my english, i will try my best xd Thats what happened to me when I satrted the Astroneer server to play with my friends... Yesterday, we were building a garage to our new rovers (love the mini-rover). And we spend a lot of time and resources to build 2 mini-rovers, 1 Medium with 1 trailer, and the biggest one!. So, we let the cars in the garage except the biggestone (we call it RHINO). Today, I opened again the game, and i found this in the garage.... The 2 mini-rovers and the mid one disapeared, and i though it was because the were underf the floor in the cave. In the picture apears the RHINO in the cave, but its because u put it the 2nd times I opened the game, thats why The RHINO keeps in our world xd I dont know if u suffer the same. I like this game and i know it is an Alpha version, but love the ways u can build. Hope they would fix it soon. A noobie :D
  11. I opened my backpack to pick some materials up (copper and aluminium) but instead of pick it up the, cursor went through the backpack and clicked on the ground. I hope you can fix it because it happens pretty much times. Sorry if i explain it bad I hope you understand it. Platform: Steam Version/Build number: Alpha: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo E8500 3.17GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 RAM: 8GB Drive: Seagate BarraCuda 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA
  12. The new update is great, except it is no longer possible to open the control panels of modules by simply clicking on them anymore! You now have to hover over the module and hold down Q. While it is not game breaking, it is a pain in the butt, so system era please fix this!
  13. Now i absolutely love the idea of mods in game but the alignment mod is one that is special to me. i love what it can do but the amount of hassle it takes to use it is really annoying. i cant clip properly on the ceilings to create a perfect flat to go with the walls and the floor. i would like to snap a picture of this but i don't have a screen capture tool for me to get a image of this. The circle that makes up the terrain tool that we use all the time gets stretched and warped on the ceiling and cant be used. i really hope this gets fixed soon because this tool has amazing potential for great use.
  14. Attention. after the update 0.5.1, my friend and I can not play on the network, because there is an error (Connection error in the session there are no empty seats) I hope you fix it !!! The game is very cool, and I can not continue to play without a friend with this error
  15. I Use Keyboard / Mouse I Have very low performance on an 750 ti & AMD FX 6300 ive tried the lowest and the highest resolutions & graphics both have very poor performance sorry for my broken engisch
  16. Why is this game still a complete fail after months? The team has had literal months to work on things and it feels like the game has regressed. Rover Handling I still cannot drive a rover without having it fly into the atmosphere and the time that I do get with the rover on the troposphere is spent trying to flip the rover over because its handling was implemented by a four year old. Crafting & Research Why can I no longer craft a tank or small battery on my backpack? Why was there no on screen notification saying that the way small batteries and tanks can be crafted has been changed? Does System Era know anything about game design? I can understand a lack of tutorials for pre alpha games but the communication of the games mechanics to the player is nonexistent. There at a minimum should be a visual menu that accompanies the tiers of research and what has and has not been researched in each tier. I have researched countless parts/rocks/plants and still cannot build a small tank or small battery. There was even a time on my current save (7/10/2017) that I could build small batteries and the ability has since been removed. The research system is disgustingly broken. The fact that I can get anything from a single compound to the research behind a habitat from research components is just flat out terrible game design. Spending half an hour excavating and bringing back a research part only for it to yield compound is nothing short of insulting. How come when I scroll through the vehicle bay options sometimes a large rover will show up even though I have not researched it? What can I do to actually get the large rover researched so it will show up in the vehicle bay every time and not just when the game bugs in my favor? Still cannot build a large rover/truck after hours of researching. Co-op How come when I join another host I can only see structures built on Terran? Structures built on literally every other terrestrial object (moons and other planets) can only be seen by the host. The cooperative tag should be removed from this game on the steam store because co-op in this game is disgraceful and simply cannot work if what is being built is invisible to me…how lame Review Maybe this game is a huge mess of physics and making changes is harder than I could ever imagine so not fixing things like the rover handling or seems in the map can be understood but structure visibility is another story. I do not know what could be so complex about making all structures visible for all players across the whole solar system. Is this something as simple as changing a visibility Boolean? What complex unsolvable algorithms could be behind something as simple as making a skin/texture visible to all the players? I know people are working on the game and it looks like System Era is a growing company but this game feels unchanged from its December release? Are the people working on the game too busy to finish it? What a pathetic display for game development industry as a hole. I apologize for my terrible attitude but my friends and I feel like we wasted our money on a half-baked game that will not see completion within any relevant time frame.
  17. earlier when i was playing, i was mining the root of a "tree" that basically looks like a flower on steroids, and it fell, so i pushed it away by running into it. then later a storm rips it with it and throws it into my base... and now, i have a giant sideways umbrella tent which blocks my way and vision and i cant do shit now cuz its stuck between the stations. i thought of an idea and if maybe you guys could create a tool some kind of power tool to lift big objects and carry them. either that or a tool that breaks it down into some kind of components, that would be MASSIVELY appreciated.. and so i can see again
  18. While building vehicles, the ability to make vehicle "trains" where multiple vehicles are linked in series became a very great idea, however their performance individually and collectively became impractical due to terrain maneuverability, speed, and mechanics. Often even driving solo, small rocks, boulders, and even tether lines will snag and stop the vehicle from progressing forward. These very frustrating, small, yet very common obstacles decrease the desire to build and utilize the great functionality anticipated with the "link up" feature as well. When hooking multiple trucks o vehicles together, it's extremely slowed and the lead vehicle behaves as if towing dead weight. Even in current day vehicles, it wold make sense to allow even the trail trucks to utilize on board power to carry their own weight, vice being slowed anchors for the lead vehicle. I would recommend the following changes: 1.) Allow all linked vehicles to maintain their base tow/ drive performance, draining perhaps at 50% energy, to allow the lead vehicle to attach two PSU's and keep the train going for up to 5 carts without adding more power generators. 2.) Remove collisions while in vehicles. The expected result of a truck, especially with large wheels is to be able to manage a steep hill, and at a minimum rocks and tethers.. not getting stuck on trivial things. 3.) (bug) Multiple single seats on a truck, or truck chain causes it to perform very poorly. 4.) Energy drain for first vehicle is at 50%, second 75%, third, 82.5, fourth, 92%, fifth 100%. (halving efficiency from 50% on...) So in total you would have a lead truck and 5 trailers.
  19. Plz fix the game already for Xbox1
  20. me and my friend have found some problems in the stable build of the game patch 121 i think it is in right now??? here are some pictures hope this will help
  21. Falling through the ground in caves - Sometimes when I am walking through cave tunnels, I randomly fall through the ground below me. I either end up falling through caves or start "swimming" through the ground. Usually exiting to the main menu fixes it, but It is very annoying and very time consuming. Falling through the ground after exiting vehicles - This bug occurs more often than the previous. It usually happens when I have a node attached to the front of a truck and I try to exit the vehicle. When this happens, I fall through the ground and end up "swimming" through the world's layers. However, sometimes I don't even need to have a node to glitch through the ground. I just simply have to exit the truck.
  22. because the game suddenly runs smooth for me even though i have a big base. 4 days ago I had arround 25fps now i have arround 60-90fps. Did they fix it?
  23. I have played this game for 40+ hours solo and have had no complaints. I truly love the game and I encouraged my friends to try it out. Being on Xbox I wasn't expecting much from the game in the multiplayer aspect, but I will say (though it is pre-alpha) if it wants to do well in the future please fix the multiplayer lag. I cannnot stress this enough and would love to see this game do well. Keep up the good work.