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Found 6 results

  1. hi there, since releace 1.0, it can be really hard to drive. there are 2 situaions when driving in third person view is very frustrating. Driving between trees. Because of the trees/leafs, you can't always see where you are driving to. When the camera is placed behind the vehicle, there are often trees/leafs in the view, so just can't see what is in front of the vehicle. because of that I often get stuck because of rocks, resources or other trees right in front of the vehicle. Driving/Digging with a drill mounted in front I really love the new feature of mounting a drill at the front. when I explore a planet i drive around and whenever there is a "wall" in my way, I just drill through. Often I want to drill up to a platform, to get a better view. To drill up, I have to lower my camera position. That means I can't see anything in front of my vehicle, because the camera is now right behind or even under/in my vehicle. the main problem is, you can't see holes in front of the vehicle and just fall down. very frustrating if you just want to explore the surface. It would be really nice, if you would allow first person view just in vehicles/rovers. because we are in a vehicle, we don't see the backpack anyway. so not seeing the backpack isn't an argument in this situation. to make driving even better, you could use the small dashboard of the rover seat, with a load indicator, a compass and a gradiometer . that way it would be an awesome experience driving around in an rover. of cource first person should be optional and you can always change between first and third person view. I've attached an screenshot, while driving/digging up in a large rover. as you can see, to dig up, I have to place the camera very low and can't see what is right in front of my rover. if I attach a second large rover, then the camera would be right in or under the secont rover, which is even more difficult to drive. would love to get any feedback. keep up the good work
  2. I have 3 suggestions. I have a friend that is mostly blind. He can play minecraft, but he cannot play a stronger because he has a hard time seeing the game. Because of this, I suggest that there be something such as a way to adjust the brightness, or some other feature that gives partially blind people the ability to play as well. My other suggestion is that there should be a first person view added, as well as a way to toggle between the two views. My final suggestion is to add a way to customize the controls so that people can play in the way that is the most comfortable for them.
  3. Sometimes when I'm using the tarrain tool standing with my back up against something (cave wall, rocks, trees) if I switch into first person view the camara has a spaze out and flys off into the planet, or most recently went off into space. It stays like this when I relise all controls but seems to sort itself out when I move far enough away from whatever the camara was stuck in.
  4. What would be a great idea for the game is first person perspective where you see through the helmet with the visor having sun glare reflective effects. I know first person kindda exists when using the terrain tool but I'm talking about full first person support. I would be cool to do because it would make exploring tons more immersive and you can see the stations plus caverns in a new way. Not to mention the storm would be more shocking in first person. Just throwing an idea in the pool... Hope it's OK!
  5. Hey I made this to discuss about Astroneer and an idea to important (in my opinion) that I just don't want ignored. The first person! Like every game but let's make this unique. First person well should be viewed like your in a real astronaut suit and so the visor should be tinted slightly black and yellow but you should still be able to see ok. Your power should be viewed by a bar in the top right and maybe the health bar? I don't really care about the health bar right now. When you run out of power the red emergency light should be shown inside as well as outside your suit. When you get oxygen notifications it should be displayed on the bottom of the screen. I hope you guys understand and elaborate on the subject don't judge me to harshly I mean come on it's just an idea so please take this into thought and think about it ??
  6. Just give players the ability to switch in between first person and 3 person