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  1. I had an idea for craftable fencing that could be very useful (see below), similar to the way Tethers work in mechanics and placement. A few changes though... Crafting: Fence Posts are crafted with Compound, just like Tethers. Just like Tethers, you get 11 per slot. Mechanics: Fence Posts must be a certain distance to connect (half as short as the Tether radius). Fence Posts will connect to ANY post in its radius, not just the closest one like Tethers do. Maybe a maximum of 6 posts that a single post can connect to. Beams between Fence Posts are straight and a different color and diameter to differentiate them from Tethers. (Perhaps they could look like pylons with a transparent force field between them?) Usage: Fences are physical objects that prevent the player from walking/jumping past them, as well as vehicles from driving over them. This could be useful when making walkways in caves to prevent accidental death by falling. They should not, however, stop storm rocks, so as to prevent abusing them as a "safety net" during storms.