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  1. some things that I noticed that the game could improve. 1 - name the beacon. for me, this is one of the weakest things in the game. when I move away from the beacons they disappear from the map, including the house signal. I don't know if this game has any map, but when I build a vehicle and I drive far from base . I lose myself every time. this is also true when I die in caves. goodbye items. another thing. add a textbox on the sign so I can name each sign that appears on the map. 2 - different saves I know it is possible to double the saves b
  2. Well, I already posted my german feedback on steam. But I want to post it here too, feedback for the game, to be a part of the players, they want to make the game better, to have a good game in the end. First of all, Astroneer is a good and simple space-adventure game. It´s smart, has a good look and you need a long time, to discover every planet... The caves are mysterious. There is a cave and a cave under the cave, much bigger. Some skeletons, cool minerals, weird plants, and the minereal Astronium... I don´t want to post my german feedback here, and I don´t want to translate
  3. When i first started playing Astroneer shortly before release there was a magic to the game that made it feel really special. But over time and after it's release is somehow lost a lot of that and i was thinking how that happened. Well, for one playing a game for a longer time always loses a little of its magic that simply comes from being a new experience. but there is more to it than that. i realized that in the beginning the game offered me a lot more in terms of exploration... and this is due to two things: for one back then i didn't have the knowledge of how to make my life 'easier'
  4. To put a long story short, my stuff keeps falling into the V O I D. In all seriousness I’ve lost a lot of time in resources that just sink into ground for no reason. This includes structures. I’d wager I’be lost roughly half my storage of materials, all the materials to build the storages that held them and a small army of tractors and trailers all to just sinking. I love the game but I’m getting real sick of it considering it’s happened 2 times in the last hour, it makes me not want to play to get all these resources only for them to disappear and never be found again save for digging to the
  5. Ok. I've logged 6+ hours today given it's the launch day and I wanted to share my feedback of 1.0 so far. I'm currently on my third new game, reason being, the previous two started to get wonky with the quicksand bug, both player and tractor falling through the floor. Overall progression forces you off world, which I like, as certain resources aren't available on the starting planet. The tractors are great for mining in caves, but clear the floor, flatten things out, and close holes or else you'll fall through and face a severely difficult task of getting the thing out.
  6. Love the game. Crossplay is smooth. But for the love of space the storm are just too much. And night comes too fast. Slow day the day cycle speed and the storms please. Thank you for the great game.
  7. So I loaded up the test planet, and decided to impose a challenge on myself: No using the resource plinth, or any byte below the given 100,000. Essentially, basic Astroneer gameplay. After setting up a decent starter base, I went to search for a cave system with better resources. After completely losing my sense of direction, despite placing a beacon and remembering which compass direction my base was in, I realized several things. The landscape was extremely hostile towards vehicles, even the buggy, due to how mountainous nearly everything was. I could not imagine how hard i
  8. In general I like the semi hand holding tutorial that also requires you to free roam and to look at all the ui highlights in order to present you with different aspects of the game. It all comes together prety well but i've go a few remarks in the "learning game mechanics" department: - how does our astroneer suddenly get the recipe for the "can" ? It magicly appears when you have enough resin after you managed to get the research power restored. But there's no iterative process involved as to what causes you to unlock the can. By auto unlocking a can when you dig up resin, players are go
  9. Hello! Very much enjoying the main game and stumbling my way through the learning process pre-tutorial. Overall from the other feedback's i have read it mostly comes down to taste, do they want hand holding or not, lots of it or just a little, more story or less. I will just give my single opinion. I liked the Tutorial, it was fun, seemed to have a story, I totally crash landed, all my stuff is broke, and now i have to scrap something together off this old abandoned base. very neat. Tree tap, totally want that in game, I never use organic for anything previous to this, if i had som
  10. So I just played through the new tutorial world, and I think it's pretty good. So; my feedback: 1) For the shuttle, you should have to build an Enclosed 1-Seat, as an open seat would expose you to space and make you die (Also preventing people form using the shuttle with an open seat on it) 2) The building the shuttle is on is really cool, and it'd be nice if we could get something like it in the game. I'd love to be able to build a dedicated shuttle platform; and also the landing bubble could be a different colour to indicate it's a platform like that. (And any landing b
  11. I started playing the game knowing nothing about it. I hadn't watched any videos or read anything about the game - I still haven't. The base building and early exploring is fun and a chilled experience. I enjoy the trial and error aspect of figuring out how things work and experimenting with different materials. I then unlocked a vehicle, loaded up with Organics for my small generator and set off on a trip. I am now lost have flipped the vehicle three times and am currently sitting at the bottom of a cavern. The plan is to get back to base and it does feel like I am alone and in danger.
  12. Hello all First, I have to admit that for my several savegames of research update I did not manage to develop much, simply the process bores me to death before I can manage even vehicle bay. But for the beginning of the game I have few observations. 1. I thought Astroneer is a logical game driven by science, but apparently we are RPG now, because we have a... quest! How scientific is receiving first 70 bytes out of the blue for completing number of actions forced on the player even if he/she doesn't need it. 2. Generator(s)... well it would be one million and one time to menti
  13. Version - Research Update New player since Dec 2017 after above update. Current fav game: Space Engineers Me: 41yo male, picky gamer, worked in 3D Character Animation for 3 years, artist and overall space-man-guy. Hi Team, Here is a quick review\feedback of your current game. Before I start, thanks for all your hard work and I hope you continue to push the game to completion. It really can be something special. Pre-Owned... The game first caught my attention due to the wonderful art style on Utube. I personally don't like 'realistic' looking games as I find them
  14. It's only been a couple of days since the research update, but it's always time for a good ol' constructive criticism and feedback for the new features. Take a few reference with these questions for starter. How are the new mechanic compared to the previous one? How can the new mechanic be improved? What improvements can be made for the new mechanics? What are the pros and cons of the new mechanic? What problem to do have with the newly added mechanic? While we're at it, I'll start a poll in this thread, since I always wanted to start one in this forum.
  15. Ninja edit: Apparently ctrl+enter automatically sends the post. Oops! Sorry, i'm gonna edit this! Gimme a sec, sorry, sorry ^-^; Hello, devs of Astroneer(s). You're creating something awesome! It's been a long time since last I found the logic behind basic game mechanics so instantly intuitive, within the first two minutes I felt comfortable and at home playing the game. Congrats, you've done a great job there! I only hope you guys can keep holding up that excellent standard of quality. The fast launch into creating a new game and the speed at which the player gains full control is absolu
  16. Howdy folks, I am a Xbox One S player. Nice game! Sexy graphics! It holds a lot of potential and promise! I just bought the game. One thing i would would love to have in the game is an extensive Tutorial. Also a tiny bit of story content with missions and and goals. Something that even MineCraft doesn't have. But this game is still in development so I understand that things like this are usually the last thing to be added to a game. But it I am a nerd and a dreamer. I love watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine and all the other spacey shows out there. I
  17. Hi, I just want to know why the astronaut covers his face during a sandstorm although he has a helmet on. I understand why he would be slow but why cover his face?
  18. Just started a new game on the and the most important part of the game was missing! THE AMAZING SOUNDEFFECTS!! As you can see in the video below. 11-47-13.mp4?dl=0 Some other things to notice: -My backpack energy is infinite, even when i'm crafting the tethers -When i opened the Settings Menu the FPS dropped to 1 and didn't came back until i closed the game.
  19. System information: Xbox One 1st gen I have played astroneer a few and so far, I'm loving it (for the most part) but I've found some things that I feel annoying or troublesome and I want to provide feedback on them (and in the future, keep posting here). Rovers: The stability of rovers is (while kinda fun) really troublesome. Sometimes I'm driving and a small variation on the terrain makes me flip and jump and I spend more time outside the vehicle than driving it. The planet seems to have Holy Terra's gravity so it's weird that the rover jumps so high. I feel it would be better to
  20. Hi all, I'm a fairly new player to Astroneer (played it for a couple hours when it first came out and just dived back in recently), and I figured I would take a few minutes to share some feedback. Overall, it feels like the game has a TON of promise, but current gameplay is somewhat sparse - this is to be expected since it's still in early alpha. Here are some pain points I've been experiencing: My base on the exotic planet is apparently a night time base. Is Exotic tidal locked? This is super frustrating for energy production. Research - I think this is already being discussed,
  21. So I was playing Astroneer, driving my rover around and when I hit a bump, my rover started floating into the sky and didn't come down. On a new world, I made a large world and fear it will happen again. I ran out of fuel and hit a bump and it started floating again, I hopped out and when it left the rendering distance it froze the rover and it fell when I got closer.
  22. Dear developers, dear moderators. @SES_Adam, @SES_Zabir In the login screen of Astroneer you say, that this is a Pre-alpha of the game and that you would appreciate some feedback in the forum. Well, I like the game so here is my feedback for you. Before I tell you how I felt during my 10 hours (11 if you count the demo) in the beautiful world of Astroneer, let me introduce myself. Table of Feedback: Description of the game Publicity Forum The Demo The Game Story & Immersion Exploration Controls Multi
  23. Not sure if the new research is bugged or what. Starting off we can only make the research and the smelter. So, I have been researching everything I can from (with every variety) for two hours... and still no printer or vehicle bay. Unfortunately I have only found one wreck with that type of research. I have ran very far in all direction searching for more, in hopes that that type of research will give me a vehicle bay at least so I dont have to run everywhere and SLOWLY run back for 10-15 minutes caring research items. Anyone else having this problem? Let me know if I am mis
  24. Hello! I was going to spend some time looking at the game controls in Astroneer when playing with a controller and see what ways we can improve things for players. The most common request I see is for Sprinting to be toggled with the Left Thumbstick rather than the Left Thumbstick pressed and held to sprint, and we'll implement that, so I wanted to start a thread specifically around controller feedback. I'd love to find out from you what you think the most pressing issue is while playing the game with a controller. Thanks! Adam
  25. Hello there creators of Astroneer! Your game looks and feels beautiful and I see a lot of potential in it. You asked for some feedback so here's my 5 cents. I see that the game is only Pre-Alpha so I expect these thing to be added later anyway. But I'll just list them anyway. 1. A bit more Graphics setting (So players can choose High, Medium or Low depending on their pc. 2. Mouse sensitivity slider (really needed) That's all I basically have for now. I only played a bit so there should be more coming.