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  1. Well, I already posted my german feedback on steam. But I want to post it here too, feedback for the game, to be a part of the players, they want to make the game better, to have a good game in the end. First of all, Astroneer is a good and simple space-adventure game. It´s smart, has a good look and you need a long time, to discover every planet... The caves are mysterious. There is a cave and a cave under the cave, much bigger. Some skeletons, cool minerals, weird plants, and the minereal Astronium... I don´t want to post my german feedback here, and I don´t want to translate it, too xD. That would take too long. So, I just post the ratings: Controls 9/10 graphic 7/10 story 10/10 audio 8/10 (need more cool ingame music) content ?/10 (Because of the early access) So, in my view, Astroneer is a super game, which should have a nice future! We need a super cool game with much content, awesome music, and more settings for textures (for Example). I want to help you, System Era! I will post more things in the many topics. Best regards, Pascal Polesch
  2. When i first started playing Astroneer shortly before release there was a magic to the game that made it feel really special. But over time and after it's release is somehow lost a lot of that and i was thinking how that happened. Well, for one playing a game for a longer time always loses a little of its magic that simply comes from being a new experience. but there is more to it than that. i realized that in the beginning the game offered me a lot more in terms of exploration... and this is due to two things: for one back then i didn't have the knowledge of how to make my life 'easier' massively relaying on the terrain tool. so in order to get aluminium i had to first find an entrance to the underground -> exploration! today i would just dig a ramp downwards to the lower level... and be done in a few minutes but in a boring fashion. The other thing was the terrain 1.0 that had it boons when not overly relying on the terrain tool. I remember exploring the cave networks for long hours for resources and passages to the deeper levels - and back in the day the caves were tunnel like structures with some bigger chambers in between creating a complex labyrinth. now the caves are their own biomes that while looking nice with an individual flair they are less interesting for exploration: there is a lot more space, all chambers are if not directly connected to each other then just separated by thin walls that you can easily dig through always knowing you don't need dig deep to get to the next room. Exploring a maze turns out to be more interesting than a de-facto open space. And there is also the question of having a reason to explore. When i started exploring the underground my motivation was to look for tunnels that go downwards deeper and deeper to see what's down there (even through back then apart from resources there was nothing overly interesting there). If you think about that kind of exploration coupled with the quest to reach the core makes for a good gameplay concept in theory - as long as is cannot be simply skipped. The reality however is that nowdays there are hardly any tunnel connections between the different cave layers and even if there were they would be much easier to find in the vast cathedral like caves. But why even bother looking for a way down if you can just fast dig down yourself... soon even with a drill vehicle that can pave a ramp too to fast track the whole process even more? When i landed on last planet to unlock the core the exploration aspect left was nearly null. going to the core was swiftly finished with a ramp with merely a short look around at each cave layer before going to the next - no reason at all to say any bit longer. It is perhaps interesting to mentioned that "Subnautica" game had a terrain tool in its development originally too but it was scrapped exactly because how it impacted exploration because that game is focused around exploration. So it all sums up to (or TL;DR) drill mod 3 + wide mod + boost mod + canisters on the terrain tool or a diamond drill vehicle with a (soon available) paver renders underground exploration trivial and obsolete and that is where a lot of the original Astroneer magic came from for me. I'm not saying to remove these tools - not at all - because they are cool for building bases/infrastructure and other situations. But when it comes to the main quest it would be better to have some serious obstacles and challenges left these tools can't just steamroll, be it like diamond rocks they cannot dig through, reactive rocks that explode when exposed to air and drilled or whatever else that made exploring an important part of the game.
  3. some things that I noticed that the game could improve. 1 - name the beacon. for me, this is one of the weakest things in the game. when I move away from the beacons they disappear from the map, including the house signal. I don't know if this game has any map, but when I build a vehicle and I drive far from base . I lose myself every time. this is also true when I die in caves. goodbye items. another thing. add a textbox on the sign so I can name each sign that appears on the map. 2 - different saves I know it is possible to double the saves but it would be better to have a choice of list of saves or auto saves so if I mess up I can go back. I had to restart the game because I was stuck on a planet like the guy from "Let's Game It Out". 3 - skeen for free this is controversial. but I think it's a bit of a mercenary to have paid skins in a paid game. I imagine it is to show friends in an online game. but even so, I think there could be some skins that could be bought just by playing. or with a loot box or something at that level. 4 - a community of players. I don't know anyone else who plays this. :(. maybe there could be a way to play with people in the game or at least a public hub. 5 - first person view this would be useful for very closed places in the game. 6 - scanner something that could find warn about nearby mineral o other chemical. perhaps only with an audible warning. 7- shoot objects for example the glowstick. instead of having to get him out of my inventory to put it in the floor , would be cool to throw him in place using the game's weapon. 8 - liquids I really think it would be cool to have water, tar, and acid and lava in the game. 9 - a better way to transfer items from the backpack to elsewhere. the dragging process is very slow. 10 - some animals. I think this game is not violent so some peaceful animals.
  4. To put a long story short, my stuff keeps falling into the V O I D. In all seriousness I’ve lost a lot of time in resources that just sink into ground for no reason. This includes structures. I’d wager I’be lost roughly half my storage of materials, all the materials to build the storages that held them and a small army of tractors and trailers all to just sinking. I love the game but I’m getting real sick of it considering it’s happened 2 times in the last hour, it makes me not want to play to get all these resources only for them to disappear and never be found again save for digging to the center of Sylva which I’m beginning to consider.
  5. Ok. I've logged 6+ hours today given it's the launch day and I wanted to share my feedback of 1.0 so far. I'm currently on my third new game, reason being, the previous two started to get wonky with the quicksand bug, both player and tractor falling through the floor. Overall progression forces you off world, which I like, as certain resources aren't available on the starting planet. The tractors are great for mining in caves, but clear the floor, flatten things out, and close holes or else you'll fall through and face a severely difficult task of getting the thing out. Power management is insanely important, especially when you leave the home planet. Currently on the moon and put my base somewhere where I only get 30 seconds or so of sunlight, have no batteries, so it's challenging to keep anything running without generators or wind. That's it for now, my fingers are achy, good night!
  6. Love the game. Crossplay is smooth. But for the love of space the storm are just too much. And night comes too fast. Slow day the day cycle speed and the storms please. Thank you for the great game.
  7. So I loaded up the test planet, and decided to impose a challenge on myself: No using the resource plinth, or any byte below the given 100,000. Essentially, basic Astroneer gameplay. After setting up a decent starter base, I went to search for a cave system with better resources. After completely losing my sense of direction, despite placing a beacon and remembering which compass direction my base was in, I realized several things. The landscape was extremely hostile towards vehicles, even the buggy, due to how mountainous nearly everything was. I could not imagine how hard it would be to pilot a medium rover anywhere. Especially not through those forests. Beacons, which have an already debatable usefulness, were even less useful. The first thing to leave my sight was the beacon, and again thanks to the mountainous terrain, it wasn't very long into my trip. There are very few easy ways to not get lost when leaving your base. You could have the best possible memory, in which case, you're probably laughing right now. You could also make a tether system. While that's reasonable for shorter distances, longer ones just become extremely resource heavy, and can cause intense lag when placing or moving a tether connected to said system. (I once landed a solid state shuttle half the planet away from my base thanks to a misclick, and had to tether all the way back, so I am very familiar with the two seconds of zero fps that can occur. It had no impact on tether systems that were not connected to that one, however.) You could build roads everywhere. While that would work perfectly and fix most, if not all, of my listed problems, doing so in the first place would be extremely tedious. Note that I'm not complaining about the resource generation or "missing gameplay" as the description of the planet in the loading screen puts it. I understood that going in, and while it was a little annoying at times, I knew something would be done eventually.
  8. In general I like the semi hand holding tutorial that also requires you to free roam and to look at all the ui highlights in order to present you with different aspects of the game. It all comes together prety well but i've go a few remarks in the "learning game mechanics" department: - how does our astroneer suddenly get the recipe for the "can" ? It magicly appears when you have enough resin after you managed to get the research power restored. But there's no iterative process involved as to what causes you to unlock the can. By auto unlocking a can when you dig up resin, players are going to think they're unlocking catalog items by collecting resources, which is kind of a confusing lesson. Then you have the data vault which contains the chair unlock So maybe we should be able to find the can and the chair in the same vault to avoide giving players the wrong impressions about the mechanics ? So that it's lcear that you unlock the can from vaults instead of it magicly unlocking from resin collection.It's also maybe helpful to telegraph the launchpad embedded large platform as "being able to receive small generators". When you are required to build the chair, this will drive that point home for new users. Afterthoughts about the continuum of the tutorial: What I Do find cool is how you have to use your thought processes to overcome the red (undiggable) terrain in the cave to get to the vault. This requires you to explore and that is the main core of the game. But because the tuorial is semi handholding in that you have to do some successive actions, it's not clear before you have done the extracting resin/create can tutorial bit. How does the tutorial fit into the continuum ? You crashland on barren, and it seems to be something that is outside our main starting astroneer universe. Yet when you start a real save, you'll also be lanched in the same pod but for whatever reason you DON't crash. And then you're having the things from the tutorial unlocked. So will the tutorial fit more into the universe ? Will you, - when you return to barren later - see the tutorial environment again ? Because that would mean that barren has to be a "fixed moon" with no random terrain generation. I'm just theory crafting here. Or will there be a dedicated introductionary planet ?
  9. Hello! Very much enjoying the main game and stumbling my way through the learning process pre-tutorial. Overall from the other feedback's i have read it mostly comes down to taste, do they want hand holding or not, lots of it or just a little, more story or less. I will just give my single opinion. I liked the Tutorial, it was fun, seemed to have a story, I totally crash landed, all my stuff is broke, and now i have to scrap something together off this old abandoned base. very neat. Tree tap, totally want that in game, I never use organic for anything previous to this, if i had some trees nearby and that tree tap, i would use ALOT more organic and the generators. Shuttle Raised Platform, Yes please! that thing looks great and would really set how important getting off planet is and make it a bit more of a big deal with such a impressive building to spring off into the greater star system. Also making a separate landing spot not attached to the normal vehicle bay is good. [In general being able to make larger more permanent things would be cool.] Old abandoned bases, and equipment to salvage from, i would like to see that on planets as well. adds a bit more interest to the surface world. Great job guys, I know it wont please everyone but at least the tutorial is optional for those that don't want any hand holding. -Bandit
  10. So I just played through the new tutorial world, and I think it's pretty good. So; my feedback: 1) For the shuttle, you should have to build an Enclosed 1-Seat, as an open seat would expose you to space and make you die (Also preventing people form using the shuttle with an open seat on it) 2) The building the shuttle is on is really cool, and it'd be nice if we could get something like it in the game. I'd love to be able to build a dedicated shuttle platform; and also the landing bubble could be a different colour to indicate it's a platform like that. (And any landing bubbles around your base already would be disabled if you had the platform) 3) The data bank box you find to get the blueprint for the seat. Is this actually in the game? It'd be cool if you could find those, but be able to transport them back to your base. (And they'd have special blueprints, or perhaps ones for progression; whichever) 4) The organic tap. I really loved that, it should be something you can craft (Plus, it would make trees useful.) That's all I've got so far, overall I like this new tutorial. PS: The new icons and tooltips for resources are really cool! I love that new system. I think every T1 item should have a tooltip like that, explaining its purpose.
  11. I started playing the game knowing nothing about it. I hadn't watched any videos or read anything about the game - I still haven't. The base building and early exploring is fun and a chilled experience. I enjoy the trial and error aspect of figuring out how things work and experimenting with different materials. I then unlocked a vehicle, loaded up with Organics for my small generator and set off on a trip. I am now lost have flipped the vehicle three times and am currently sitting at the bottom of a cavern. The plan is to get back to base and it does feel like I am alone and in danger. Issues I have discovered: you can tether to a platform that isn't connected to a power source and it still functions. The "snow" or "rain" effect causes slow down. In full screen mode on a 2 monitor setup the mouse is not restricted to the game screen. When transforming the landscape it would be nice if when you fill, the colour of the collected material is the colour you fill with - not grey. Still enjoying the experience. Wish me luck, I will get back to my day.
  12. Hello all First, I have to admit that for my several savegames of research update I did not manage to develop much, simply the process bores me to death before I can manage even vehicle bay. But for the beginning of the game I have few observations. 1. I thought Astroneer is a logical game driven by science, but apparently we are RPG now, because we have a... quest! How scientific is receiving first 70 bytes out of the blue for completing number of actions forced on the player even if he/she doesn't need it. 2. Generator(s)... well it would be one million and one time to mention it but I have to - did u ever see the generator which will burn the fuel without need to provide the power? 3. Would be great to have key bindings in the game options for all possible actions in game. Because having 'Q' for opening backpack and same 'Q' for opening the catalogue is very unfortunate, still drives me crazy when I just need to open/close the backpack. And at all, the need to open backpack to browse the catalogue is very strange solution for astroneer. Don't we have the systems of augmented reality on our visors? Or some holographic interfaces embedded in our wrist bracelets? 4. And probably the most sad change for me is... Research. I lost it. I do not know where is research anymore. Even the very beginning version of research was much more research-ish and interesting than this current one. Where is element of surprise? Where is trial-and-error? For me there is no research anymore, we have everything already known in the list just have to grind enough. Also there is an illusion that we have a choice about what exactly we want to unlock from the list, but there is really no choice, at the beginning at least. Every time I want, for example, to skip small power source and go for big one right away. Yeah, in theory I could do that but having only organic generator and two legs for grabbing power from the caves how long will I endure grinding for several K bytes? Well, not long and I choose every time to unlock small solar first. As a whole, new research system feels like a try to delay players' developing progress on purpose. 5. Sounds of storm and echo in the caves. One would assume those have to be ambient sounds, but I think atm they are sound effects which is very unhandy, because when I want those two be very quiet I am losing most of the sounds from game all together. And please, pretty please can we have an option to turn echo in caves on/off ? Echo sound is unbearable for me. 6. Resources spawn. I think I did 4 savegames and I noticed that once I had around my place in caves only ammonium, the other time was malachite everywhere, next time was no malachite around me what so ever. Considering how fast we can develop now getting certain materials with unlucky spawn is very... unpleasant. 7. This last one is probably only my issue but... it is dark for me. We have to spend alot of time in caves or when it is night it is always depressingly dark, hard to see things, hard to enjoy surroundings. Tethers are not illuminating anymore and the backpack light is very local and lights only forward, like a pocket light. Please can we have some more means to illuminate widely around us? Also inside buildings. Waiting for the next update can't wait for the modular base.
  13. Version - Research Update New player since Dec 2017 after above update. Current fav game: Space Engineers Me: 41yo male, picky gamer, worked in 3D Character Animation for 3 years, artist and overall space-man-guy. Hi Team, Here is a quick review\feedback of your current game. Before I start, thanks for all your hard work and I hope you continue to push the game to completion. It really can be something special. Pre-Owned... The game first caught my attention due to the wonderful art style on Utube. I personally don't like 'realistic' looking games as I find them rather dull to look at. Your style is cute, clever and just overall beautiful. Unfortunately I put off buying the game as I focus on gameplay before graphics and it looked like your game was very "grindy". In other words, the game-play looked more like work than play. Lucky for you I was bored and purchased it anyway. Thankfully I did. First Impressions... I love how you start your game in the menu by simply choosing your character (and thats it!! Great!). This game makes me want to explore. As soon as I landed I wanted to find a cave or climb a mountain. Couldn't stop playing! New planets!! Current Experience Fully upgraded character. Created bases on all planets. Can pretty much build and do whatever I want. Only thing left to do is to explore further on all planets above and below. Pretty much finished game within 60 hours. The Good... Quick to start game Pick a character (always fun if not lacking in choices) Game looks great Animation is cute Weather! (needs more) Base creation Music and sounds (needs more but currently good) Don't need instructions There is no 'grinding' -- Too many games force players to work, not play. Finding materials to upgrade\build your game world is actually fun in Astroneer. Although you're forced to find materials to build stuff its done in a fun way. Keep the worlds interesting, making players want to explore will allow them to find these materials anyway (cause and affect). Your current design is simple yet well designed. Also no need for 1000 different materials to build 1 thing! The additional machines to create materials also helps stop any boredom of 'grinding'. Great work. Clouds! They look amazing. Weather effects really help bring some atmosphere to the game and additional challenge. I would really like to see this trend continue. If you add more world effects such as rain (lighting), earthquakes, falling stars and even volcano explosions (sounds good, not sure how to implement that one!) that would just add to the awesome atmosphere. Even better if they actually affect gameplay. Getting to a new world should have new challenges. No instructions. I actually like this as it forces experimentation and the game is simple enough to figure out. Some hints and tips could be displayed such as TAB to flip a vehicle but otherwise its fine. The Not So Good... Starting character choices all look the same and I went with the only one that had some changes =The Orange Guy. More designs in the future would be great, especially with helmet design and a female option (Aliens too?). Vehicles are like pack mules: They hold your gear but are slow and clumsy things. If it wasn't the fact I needed oxygen I would leave the vehicle behind as soon as I got lost. The darn things are too slow. I'm not sure if Booster mods work on vehicles but I had one on a Large buggy without additional buggy's hooked to it and still found it terrible to use. I could build roads for my vehicle to get from point A to B much faster but the game would turn into a grind and so not something I'm willing to do. Allow the Drill mod a much larger area to clear rocks and other obstacles. This at least would be a possible fix. Currently the drill only has one use and frankly isn't a necessity. Also allow Booster mods or something similar to increase the power of a vehicle. Too many times I got lost on the surface of a planet and couldn't find my base. I won't ask for the game to have GPS, maps or a compass but its weird a space man can't have a way to return home. This might be an opportunity to build a 'Large Beacon' or similar type of machine at the base? As is, in future, I'll add far more beacons but I think this issue should be discussed. At one stage I had a full x4-vehicle connection fully loaded with materials and it took me hours to find my base. Overall I really like your planets but they all share too many similarities which can stop them feeling original to the others. I feel a real need is required to push the planets from being too similar. If, for example, you make all the planets the same textures, how do you tell them apart? How do you not get lost so easily? I'd like to see additional surface changes such as different clouds, more extreme land formations, landmarks (smashed space ships, old alien bases, rock formations, rings around a planet etc), further changes to cave systems, additional new alien life, removal of similar alien life to other planets, new weather effects, really massive objects\structures and additional game conditions that impact the player. New planets should bring some real challenges, especially the further away you get from your home base. Dynamite only destroys dirt. Not aliens. Low-End PC Settings Unfortunately I'm forced to play Astroneers on my laptop. It was a good game rig 5 years ago but Astroneers really pushes it on lowest settings. Additional changes for low end PC's is required. My 2 Cents Right now new planets in other games really only allow new textures and very little to content or depth. Astroneer allows some great exploration opportunities which is more than other games but feels repetitive once you have been to a few new planets. If Astroneers planets are changed further to stand out from each other and new environment conditions are added to challenge the player then this game really has a positive future. The Exotic planet had some great land changes and challenges with its multi-level design. More extreme changes like this would be very pleasing indeed. The Desert planet has tumble spikes and although its a new challenge its more of an annoyance. End game worries me. Once I have all upgrades and seen the planets what else is there to do? Explore of course. Give players more reasons to explore even if its just for new player and ship skins. Allow new upgrades to be found in ancient alien temples. Find new types of dynamite (big bombs!) just for some extra player fun (items you can't research and build but can find and use). Add far harder planets to explore with extreme conditions and landscapes. Thats it. Hope you enjoyed my feedback and look forward to future patches. Cheers team.
  14. It's only been a couple of days since the research update, but it's always time for a good ol' constructive criticism and feedback for the new features. Take a few reference with these questions for starter. How are the new mechanic compared to the previous one? How can the new mechanic be improved? What improvements can be made for the new mechanics? What are the pros and cons of the new mechanic? What problem to do have with the newly added mechanic? While we're at it, I'll start a poll in this thread, since I always wanted to start one in this forum.
  15. Ninja edit: Apparently ctrl+enter automatically sends the post. Oops! Sorry, i'm gonna edit this! Gimme a sec, sorry, sorry ^-^; Hello, devs of Astroneer(s). You're creating something awesome! It's been a long time since last I found the logic behind basic game mechanics so instantly intuitive, within the first two minutes I felt comfortable and at home playing the game. Congrats, you've done a great job there! I only hope you guys can keep holding up that excellent standard of quality. The fast launch into creating a new game and the speed at which the player gains full control is absolutely sublime, and I urge you guys to keep this in as it's sure to be a winning formula amongst players. I cannot speak highly enough of the game at this stage, given it's in such an early state of development. Again, my sincere congratulations on a job well done. That now said, I shall move on to the bugs I have found with the current version. Hopefully these will prove useful or confirm other player's issues: System: Windows 7, Steam version, with a 4GHz quadcore Intel processor and AMD R9 270x GPU. Game-breaking Bug with camera controls (Steam in-home streaming only): Whilst playing the game remotely with Steam In-home Streaming from one computer to another, right-click-drag is ultra-sensitive, exponentially/logarithmically so. Move the mouse a tiny bit, slowly, and it barely moves; a little more or faster, and it accelerates into mad maniacal spinning. Fast and small swipes, as if pretending one is swiping to unlock their phone, are more effective, but it's really darn annoying. This bug does not occur when using a mouse connected to the host machine, only when using a remote PC's mouse. This means it may be a difficult issue to fix, but I have great faith in your abilities. Good luck. Large gameplay issue: Newly extended modules may block other buildings' power connections or cover them with terrain, making it impossible to use them and sometimes requiring a new save file, losing all your hard won progress. A few suggestions to fix this behaviour are outlined below. 1. Allow buildings and extended conduits to be retracted or moved or rotated, both in height and direction. 2. Have all extentions and buildings remain on the exact same vertical height as all other modules, regardless of surrounding terrain 3. Check for and restrict building in areas which may block generators/power connectors/other attachments. --> Important control options which should be experimented with or added, in order of personal preference from most to least important: - Mouse acceleration toggle, linear movement OR acceleration (I absolutely detest mouse acceleration, I loathe it with every fibre of my being. I am not alone.) - Horizontal camera invert (If you have an option to invert the Y-axis, you must also include an option for the X-axis.) - Mouse/camera sensitivity slider (For PC gamers, this is vital.) - Camera controls re-binder, allowing binary keyboard control of camera (This is a personal preference. It is of low priority.) - Toggle for camera moving when mouse hits edge of screen (This is a personal preference. It is of low priority.) - Camera height slider (This is distinct from camera zoom, and a personal preference.) Questions: --> Why is there no dedicated 'quit' or 'options' button on the main menu? Players should not have to alt-f4 or load/start a game to quit. --> Why are there no options to change graphical settings beyond view distance, resolution and vsync? For example, antialiasing, filters, and Field of View. These are all vital necessities for a modern PC game, and i'm sure that our friends on console will appreciate some of these too. --> Why is there no option to delete saves on the main menu? If one exists, is it clear enough to players? --> Why can we not name or add a personal identifier to saves when using multiple save files? The current implementation seems to require players to memorise the time they last saved the file they wish to load, and *guess* which of the saves they want to load.
  16. Howdy folks, I am a Xbox One S player. Nice game! Sexy graphics! It holds a lot of potential and promise! I just bought the game. One thing i would would love to have in the game is an extensive Tutorial. Also a tiny bit of story content with missions and and goals. Something that even MineCraft doesn't have. But this game is still in development so I understand that things like this are usually the last thing to be added to a game. But it I am a nerd and a dreamer. I love watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine and all the other spacey shows out there. I am currently watching DS9 a second time through and I love good Space games. Currently I am having problems with the terrain scooper. It scoops and digs, but I can't get it to go the other way. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks Crowbird67
  17. Hi, I just want to know why the astronaut covers his face during a sandstorm although he has a helmet on. I understand why he would be slow but why cover his face?
  18. Just started a new game on the and the most important part of the game was missing! THE AMAZING SOUNDEFFECTS!! As you can see in the video below. 11-47-13.mp4?dl=0 Some other things to notice: -My backpack energy is infinite, even when i'm crafting the tethers -When i opened the Settings Menu the FPS dropped to 1 and didn't came back until i closed the game.
  19. System information: Xbox One 1st gen I have played astroneer a few and so far, I'm loving it (for the most part) but I've found some things that I feel annoying or troublesome and I want to provide feedback on them (and in the future, keep posting here). Rovers: The stability of rovers is (while kinda fun) really troublesome. Sometimes I'm driving and a small variation on the terrain makes me flip and jump and I spend more time outside the vehicle than driving it. The planet seems to have Holy Terra's gravity so it's weird that the rover jumps so high. I feel it would be better to have a standard vehicle with a classic suspension (or even better, a truck like vehicle. might be slow but it can climb any surface and does not flip and jump... like Skyrim horses) Sometimes, when your rover flips, items attached to it just deattach! Ive lost 2 solar panels this way because I did not notice and when I arrived the base the panels were not there (and yes, I am sure they were there before) actually, yesterday I witnessed the moment when a solar panel detached. Can they be like supeprglued to the rover and not come off unless we want? Drawing distance and performance is sometimes a hit or miss. Sometimes the framerate drops because (I feel) the game is trying to draw too many things ahead of it. It does not happen too often but it does happen. It's hard to find a proper solution because I know the game relies on what we can see (specially in caves). The camera does not keep the "Invert Y axis" setting when you hold LT. The camera behaves weird when terrain tool is equipped. I have to move the cursor ALL the way to the border of the screen if I want to turn around. Maybe we can have a switch between free mode and static mode where free more == how it behaves right now and static mode == the camera behaves like it normally does when we're just walking and the cursor is always and only 2 meters ahead of you. It only digs/fills/flattens whatever is up to 2m ahead of you. It would be like a chrosshair. The terrain tool is a little PITA when you are using a controller. In order to do things right, I have to slightly tap RT and spam it. When using the terrain tool, I feel the movement of the cursor is ... I don't know... I wish we had an option to move it slow so that I can have more precision (maybe with the switch of a button?) I suppose this could be addressed with point 5 Movement when carrying unknown objects is cumbersome, and the camera is hard to handle! Is it possible that instead of having the object flying all around, it sticks to the character's arms and the camera behaves like it normally does when we're just walking? Following point 8, can we walk/run at normal speed? Sometimes caves are too complex to let the Rover in... and with the difficulties I mentioned concerning the terrain tool, it's really time consuming and troublesome to make a path for the rover. I wouldn't mind building ramps and downhills if the terrain tool were a bit more tuned. Overall, as I said, I'm loving the game... but it feels like it's more oriented to be played with mouse and keyboard than with a controller. Camera and movement feels "okay" when you're on console and that's not ok
  20. Hi all, I'm a fairly new player to Astroneer (played it for a couple hours when it first came out and just dived back in recently), and I figured I would take a few minutes to share some feedback. Overall, it feels like the game has a TON of promise, but current gameplay is somewhat sparse - this is to be expected since it's still in early alpha. Here are some pain points I've been experiencing: My base on the exotic planet is apparently a night time base. Is Exotic tidal locked? This is super frustrating for energy production. Research - I think this is already being discussed, but research right now is rough. I've unlocked a number of researches, but I don't think I've gotten any new research schematics from the last 100 artifacts, and I know of at least 3 or 4 that I'm still missing (truck, spaceship, etc). This feels SUPER grindy, and definitely takes away from the feel of the game. Combined with the fact that a player walks slower when moving artifacts, it makes pulling an artifact out of a particularly deep tunnel very frustrating. As an example, I spend a few hours mapping out a cave system, to finally find a new artifact at the very bottom. I get really excited. I then spend 5 mins hiking that thing back to my base. I unlock it, and....another compound. Great. /s Draw distance - Hopefully this is being worked on in your core priorities, but draw distance is pretty bad right now. I have a rocking machine, with all visuals cranked to max, but things like resin deposits don't appear on screen until I get within a few meters of them. Maybe I've set something up incorrectly? Smoothing terrain - I can get terrain fairly smooth, but the smoothing function doesn't appear to work correctly. Sometimes it smooths things out, other times it digs down - it just doesn't seem to make sense. Again, perhaps I'm doing something wrong here. But that brings me to my next point. Tooltips - Some basic tooltips would be really handy. For instance, something to tell players not to build four modules off of the habitat when starting the game. Compass - The current compass is near useless when driving. Having to get out every few moments to check your bearings is tedious. A compass that's easier to use, why not display it in a HUD at all times? And maybe add a marker on the compass to your nearest habitat/shuttle. Would make exploring MUCH more fun. Also, you wouldn't need to worry about getting lost and spending hours looking around for your base on the other side of a planet. Driving - Driving can be pretty fun, but I find that my rover is flipping over constantly, especially once I've added an extra rover or two to it. The second and third rover modules in a train get stuck on terrain and flip, which then leads to the main rover flipping. Sometimes you have to try to flip them back over 4-5 times before the system resets them properly. This is especially frustrating on Barren. Perhaps the truck is better to use and has more "weight" to it, but I haven't been able to unlock the truck yet. Some new research schematics and other added content would of course be a welcome relief as well. I know you all are busy with core priorities, but I'd caution against spending so much time on core priorities without new content, since doing so risks losing the playerbase you've already built in favor of a possible future playerbase that never materializes - hopefully you guys can find a good balance between the two. Anyhow, I think most of these are QoL issues. Overall I'm enjoying the game, but some quick and dirty tweaks in some of these areas could probably go a pretty long way toward drawing in new players. hope you guys found this interesting, and keep up the good work!
  21. So I was playing Astroneer, driving my rover around and when I hit a bump, my rover started floating into the sky and didn't come down. On a new world, I made a large world and fear it will happen again. I ran out of fuel and hit a bump and it started floating again, I hopped out and when it left the rendering distance it froze the rover and it fell when I got closer.
  22. Dear developers, dear moderators. @SES_Adam, @SES_Zabir In the login screen of Astroneer you say, that this is a Pre-alpha of the game and that you would appreciate some feedback in the forum. Well, I like the game so here is my feedback for you. Before I tell you how I felt during my 10 hours (11 if you count the demo) in the beautiful world of Astroneer, let me introduce myself. Table of Feedback: Description of the game Publicity Forum The Demo The Game Story & Immersion Exploration Controls Multiplayer Saving game files Conclusion 1: Description of the game. 2: Info’s & Publicity 3: Forum 4: The Demo 5: The Game 5.1: Story & Immersion 5.2: Exploration 5.3: Controls 5.4: Multiplayer 6: Saving game files 7: Conclusion PLEASE NOTE: As I stated above, I only spent a few hours in this game and I love the exploration aspect. So if I got something wrong here or did not realize some mechanics yet, please do NOT teach me better. I want to find out by myself. I will open other threads in this forum. Expect there is a way to save game files on console. If so, please let me know. I might have done a few typos. If you find any, keep it. Feedback after 10 hours (give or take) of playing on my XBOX One. Date: 24th May 2017 Pre-alpha build: 0.3.10158.0
  23. Not sure if the new research is bugged or what. Starting off we can only make the research and the smelter. So, I have been researching everything I can from (with every variety) for two hours... and still no printer or vehicle bay. Unfortunately I have only found one wreck with that type of research. I have ran very far in all direction searching for more, in hopes that that type of research will give me a vehicle bay at least so I dont have to run everywhere and SLOWLY run back for 10-15 minutes caring research items. Anyone else having this problem? Let me know if I am missing something. Cheers! PS: This is a new save file.