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  1. Disclaimer Hey, since there is a lot of traffic in the suggestion here, I'll do you guys a favor and make list for the most suggested Features and the one that has already been confirmed by the Developer. Let's keep this topic more organized, So please read this list before posting a thread here Now Available! Gallery of Feature, Fanart, and Fluffs related to Astroneer. Link (Google Drive): LISTING INFORMATION
  2. I saw recently that the road map for astroneer was updated. I believe it used to include player housing, farms, water on planets. I don't see these anymore. Have they been removed from the targeted functionality?
  3. This forum feels constricted, it needs some air to breathe and expand. We should all have the ability to edit our own posts at any time, even days after the initial post, like every other forum on the 'Net. Makes no sense to lock posts after just a couple of minutes. There should be a like/upvote/reaction feature, like on every other Invision forum on the 'Net. These things can be enabled on the admin control panel. I don't understand the reasons why they haven't been...
  4. Items that i would believe to make the game better (that i dont think are on the road map) to get people exploring the surface more & not deep underground (which bores me) you should have to get data disk (or the Artificial Research Items which makes more sense (how does a plant provide bytes of information to make a shuttle?) which should be on some crash sites on the surface (i have suggested this before) have distress beacons going off to lure players to explore certain areas including other planets having a way to check
  5. i really love playing this game and i want to thank you guys for everything you have done. As i have been playing this game ive had a few ideas that might help make the game feel better. Rover weight- lately when i drive the rovers they tend to flip a lot and sometimes it can be frustrating especially when i have to drive a long distance. beacons and vehicle icons- sometimes i will drive too far i wont be able to see the beacon in the distance. typically id get lost and i couldn't find my way back home. running- when im playing on xbox one i have to press left analog stick to
  6. I propose the creations of a "Games Platform" Ball Games: Put on 1 compound and get a bouncy ball. Create a flat surface and perpendicular surface for a game of Wallball. Make a 'hoop', paint it orange and play a game of Horse, or better yet, "Spike" Build a 'net/low-wall' and play some volleyball. Put on 1 organic and get a bat/club with which to smack the ball to impart more energy. Giant Beach Ball: 2 compound for a huge beach ball Boomerang: Put 2 organic in and get a boomerang. Just for fun! Pogo Stick: Put 1 aluminum i
  7. "Our next gameplay update focuses on Terrain and Terrain Analysis. A baby step towards a bigger feature. Terrain will have multiple properties to analyze, starting with color/type."
  8. This a thread made for those who want to voice things they'd like to be added to the game. people should freely voice their opinion whilst being humble and understanding. Post how you feel about the game and what you'd like to see as a players. additionally sate what you like about the game and possible improvements needed. you can also state which platform you're on and how ypu've found you experience so far. DO NOT give out any personal details such as your real name, location and so forth.
  9. I just thought it would be cool if you added some kind of way to add special equipment to your astronaut which would give different perks like climbing gear would help you climb up terrain, jetpack would help you jump highter, etc. Would this take away the whole terrain tool purpose or would this be really cool?
  10. I've been putting together a document detailing some of the features I'd like to see implemented/fleshed out for both near and far-future updates. I turned commenting off in the document so that any discussion happens here. Let me know your thoughts! Cheers!
  11. Hi, My suggestion is to implement characters adding different features for each one, making every characters unique. For example there can be a character with one or two more slots in its backpack, another character can run faster, also in the storm, another can store more energy or oxygen and so on. These simple improvements will make a normal character our personal character. I hope it will help to develop new ideas. Davo.
  12. Please do not add any kind of guns. And for that matter dont add a PvP element. If thats what people want in a game then i say they are playing the wrong game. I hope you all share the same sentiment.
  13. This is a great game and the EA build is quite stable on my PC, which is great. I like EA games that start off at almost a Demo quality and are fairly polished. Here is a list of the items I’d like to see included in the future, along with some glitches/annoyances that could use some fixing/tweaking: 1) Movement glitch (feature?) where occasionally while running down a steep cave, you will start to slide and pick up speed, sometimes causing you to go out of control. Using jump usually stops it. 2) I’ve had my truck overturn and it took me quite some time trying
  14. Im far from my computer so I can't play Astroneer right now, I'm really curious on what the new features were other than the ones listed in the Patch notes
  15. What better way to invest in your own settlement then to network with other NPCs from the same or other planets. Plus expanding your own settlement to house traveling merchants or companions would be a nice way to encourage people to actually want to go back home. These implementations would also make room for more achievements such as making a city for 10 or more NPCs or establishing 3 or more trade routes with other settlements. I guess the best way to start towards this path would be to add some interesting NPCs with programmable AI such as telling them to look for resources, make thi
  16. This is just an idea, but what if there was more than one galaxy in astroneer? THINK ABOUT IT! It could lead to new tech for us to discover, new planets (obviously...), new climates, It's a whole different standard in general when you reach a new galaxy! Who knows... ...It could even lead to secrets even WE don't even know about...
  17. Hello, I'm slightly annoyed by the fact that the game automatically chose the language for me and I cant change it back to english, at least not in a way that is obvious. Its really annoying when games are badly translated to Portuguese, or even worse, they are translated to brazilian Portuguese, (which is the case) and I can't change it to english so, please keep that in mind for the next update! Awesome game non-the-less Cheers.
  18. A wonderful game by System Era, really beautiful and intuitive that certainly caters to the casual gamer with promise that certainly has more appeal in the future. Just my 2 cents worth in terms of new features/add-ons. I'll avoid including kinda expected features such as the thermal vents 1. GPS Pretty sure its been mentioned multiple times but really really need to put this here. Its easy to get lost especially when getting carried away exploring the vast world and certainly it makes for an interesting experience at times but when trying to ship stuff back to base it ca
  19. Here are a few ideas I have to enhance the player experience. I will be adding to this thread as I discover new things. First off, the multiplayer issues are very overwhelming and need to be in the top 5 fix list for the next patch. Features // Feel free to add anything you think would be cool to see as well! Bugs // Feel free to add any details/fixes if you have the same bugs!
  20. Hello System era, I would like to make a quick observation regarding a unique feature that could develop into a nifty idea. for future building implementation (if any is being considered) the glitch in which you continuously stay in sliding animation for brief periods of time has actually opened up a unique playstyle that could potentially be useful for various designs. If anyone can remember the hidden level in Peaches' castle on super Mario 64, then we all can recall the very large slide that accounted the level. Short and simple: a single-level/multi-layer slide with the ab
  21. Everytime I go to the menu it changes my graphics settings. I would like some kind of tutorial to be added to help figure out what everything does (tethers, how to upgrade your base, etc.) It would also be nice to know what you can craft beforehand kind of like a crafting table if you will so i don't have to figure out how to make my rover driveable. Also, i think animals or aliens should be put in to make the game feel more dangerous. the only way i have died is running out of oxygen, falling, and a sandstorm. Multiplayer mode would be cool (like an option in the main menu
  22. Hello, here two ideas to improve weather conditions and some consequences that could elaborate the gameplay: 1. Stronger and more danger storms divided by type (fire, water, wind, radiation, sand) that could damage several parts of the base, new resources and new tools to fix the various damages (storm can be effective also on trucks and starships which allow the possibility to craft new itmes such as electric shields) 2 The possibility to create a base in which the astroneer(s) can walk and stay safe (oxygen) during nights and during the storms. These new features could allow t
  23. Hello, so at first i want to say that my english isnt the best. So, I want to list some ideas you could at later in the game More planets + Moons It would be very cool if there would be more planets and more moons. Especially more moons that are orbiting around the planets. Example for a planet: Like a Gas giant or some sort of oceanic planet or ice planet. The same for moons. Planemos (Double star solar systems) To make the game more realistic, would it be cool to add planemos in the game. That means that are 2 stars in the solar system. Star Trav
  24. Ideas: Need a device that scans the world and displays information about the number of oxygen if the planet is inhabited, the weather conditions Add "flight effects" that is, for example, when landing on "Earth" ship hot. When I started talking about the habitability of planets, why not add a sentient beings, who will have their own policies, laws and attitudes towards astronaut The economy itself is a good thing and if it will be possible to carry out trades with an alien Also, if you can buy the resources, then why not take the serv
  25. 1. Give us the option to choose where we spawn. I have a base and a spaceship on the same planet, and it always spawns me at the ship which is further away from my base ( i landed the ship on my starting planet, but also didnt want to make another vehicle spawner to make additional trucks or rovers. The ship always takes up the vehicle spawner. 2. Let us put parts of our base on different elevations. I have built my base inside of a crater,and would like to put small outcroppings attached to my base at the top of the crater to collect sunlight, because it is very shady in the crater. Als