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Found 8 results

  1. It would be extremely handy to have a part ingame that can act as an angle bracket for small and medium parts, this part ideally would provide power and oxygen just like other parts, and have an in and an out connection 90 degrees apart from each other. This would be especially handy for automation items, rover attachments and lights
  2. Hello Astrooner Team, i have 3 Monitors and your game starts always on monitor one. Not even on the Home Monitor. I would like to get a select Monitor button in game. Greetings from germany Leo
  3. I must say it frankly. This game as an enormous potential. I say that because I think it's missing ONE thing that would make this game truly amazing. It's missing the one thing that make me not want to come back and enjoy it fully... wiring @astroneergame. The foundation for wiring is there, @astroneergame , it's there. So much potential is wasted because no form of wiring is there. The ring platform where you go in it and it activate ? Cool, but useless because it's only there. If only there was wiring so I can connect it to other. See this firework field (WIP) ? If only there was some wiring so I can connect all of them together which would allow me, with the press of a SINGLE button, launch them all and enjoy it. Without it, I need to walk up to them, press a button, have time to distance myself and not enjoy it, because I can't be fast enough to activate them all and enjoy it from far away. If only there was wiring, so I could do some cool lighting setup which, on the press of a button, could light up in some way. Combined with logic gate, I could make a calculator, a computer, all of that in Astroneer. ONLY if there was WIRING. Please @astroneergame , add wiring. This was copy-pasted from my Twitter. So sorry for all the mentions. Wiring is the main suggestion here, but of course, this means that more things need to come with it to make wiring truly good. Here are the suggestions I can think off the top of my head. Not as detailed & explained as my take on wiring above, but enough to get the idea: • Logic gates: Logic gates would allow people to make some really neat circuit which could be combined with a lot of stuff. These mostly goes along with the other suggestion below • Colored lighting (At this point, colored tether too): It's christmas all over again ! Except this time, you can choose the color and activate it with wiring ! Along with logic gates, do all sort of crazy stuff. But what if ? • Sensor: Sensor for night/day, sensor for "is machine activated/working?", sensor for player, sensor for vehicle, sensor for "item in storage", sensor for everything ! Now, you can make your colored halloween light go on only at night ! Hmmm, this make me think. • Vehicle de-loader !: Now, me and my friend sometime (A lot of time actually) goes on "planetary expedition" with a rover setup that allow us to store A LOT of stuff. So much so that when full, it can take us from 30m to 1h to unload it and store it correctly. Imagine this. You come back to your base with the vehicle and you just position it at the side or under or whatever systemera give us and it unload automatically ! Now, if we can only get... • Conveyor ! Or something that can organize item on storage (I'm thinking Buildcraft mod in Minecraft): Now this. Combined with the vehicle de-loader, would allow us to just have your vehicle deload and the conveyor will organize it between the setting you put on the storage or the machine you decide ! No more time lost because you need to make your storage all organized ! Gosh, so much time saved. • Piston ! Or some forms of it: Now I'm daydreaming, but if SystemEra can pull this off, maybe I'll not be daydreaming afterall. Some forms of machinery that allow us to move stuff. Or to make stuff disapear. So you can combine the previously mentionned player sensor to do something like a door to your base... or some kind of trap, if you are that type of player. Just make sure if you do a trap that you collect the stuff dropped by the victim with the conveyor Do you have any other idea to add ? Don't hesitate ! I'm sure if we say the immense potential this have for Astroneer, SystemEra will give it to us ! So continue to give idea to show them how good it's gonna be if they implement this ! Also, don't forget. Stay safe Astroneer ! Firework field is there if you want to see it: Sorry for the double post. But apparently, we can't edit post after we posted it. So I need to re-create it again. Hope you understand, mods. Thanks !
  4. I was trying to get a semi-automatic medium storage maker using the soil centrifuge after seeing that resources could automatically fill printer slots. However when I put 4 small printers (1 in each slot) on the same platform as the soil centrifuge, it for some reason decides not to distribute the resin into the slots. I've uploaded a short video to Imgur that shows what I'm talking about.
  5. My idea on how to further the rovers is simple. The graphics are gorgeous, the design is flawless but the handling and terrain navigation is not what I would expect to see out of such an enormous vehicle, even for the little guy. My "solution" or "improvement" that I would like to see is to make the rovers, especially the large rover, move slower. In addition the controls (forwards, reverse, turn) would be fixed to the vehicle cardinal direction and not the cameras. The same issue I found with Call of Duty WWII campaign, when you assume control of the tank. It does not handle as expected, rather you have to perform witchcraft to maneuver the vehicle to go in the direction you desire. The next one would be with the grip of the vehicles. With the vehicles weight and the fancy sand tires, I fully expected to be able to pull the vehicle along the alien surface with ease and to be able to climb hills easily. It is not so easy. You also don't drive the vehicle. It feels like your'e ice-skating around the map with no sense of control or direction. TL;DR - Make the rovers feel heavier, give them better grip/stability, and make it feel more like a vehicle than ice skating. Sincerely, Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
  6. Okay, in light of the research tree/development ... presently you can build a spaceship (assuming you have the blueprints/resources) and instead of building/attaching a seat, or triple seat, you can attach a Habitat ... you can fly the spaceship from a Habitat. The "cheat" aspect here that leads me to suggest blocking piloting from a habitat on a spaceship ... presently you can attach two large storage modules to a spaceship main deck, attach the habitat to one node pair on one of the storage modules and then fill up the rest of the nodes with a HUGE number of resources. It is to easy to establish a new base on another planet by being able to pilot a spaceship from a Habitat. Perhaps limiting the spacship piloting to a single seat or triple, that has to be placed on the spaceship main deck directly, would ... well seem more like what one would expect if a spaceship were engineered. The controls for flight are limited to a direct-attach (though it could be removed on arrival) seat. So the "feature" would be; piloting of the habitat is only piloting if the Habitat is not connected to a spaceship i.e. original entry from a spacestation only. If you keep the Piloting of the Spaceship from the Habitat ... habitat un-docking from a spaceship in orbit, leaves the spaceship in orbit (with whatever resources are attached to the spaceship) and the Habitat can then be used to re-enter the current orbited planet. Just a thought.
  7. First off I just want to say that the two things I love most about your game is its zen nature and the feeling of discovery from your research feature. My idea is something that builds upon what you have already brilliantly crafted and hopefully will increase the longevity in gameplay while preserving these two aspects. I have noticed that as you play through and explore new planets the threat level to your person increases via environmental hardship. My idea expands upon this threat level increase while utilizing features that already exist in game. The idea is this: diseases and ailments that hinder your health and performance but that can be cured through research. I LOVE the research feature. It is the most satisfying aspect of your game. However, at a certain point you have discovered all the things you can construct through researching and it ceases being utilized. What if you move out to the next satellite in the system and start feeling the effects of the sun or get slowed by a bacteria in the air? You can continue to use the research feature but instead of using it to construct a new ship type you use it on the plant life to find cures to debilitating ailments suffered in a new environments. Here is my idea - Using research to find cures for ailments that you encounter as you venture out past Terran. A standard has already been implemented where the difficulty level increases slightly as you move out among satellite planets. My idea adds flavor to the difficulty while utilizing features that already exist. They can also be impacted by environmental circumstances. Sun sickness: A type of dehydration which weakens the astroneers health level and makes them more susceptible to taking damage. Instead of a "fatigue bar" being added to the UI a simple triggered animation of the astroneer having to put his/her hands on their knees and "catch their breath" for a few seconds would suffice. (A very arid planet would have this ailment.) Moon Sickness: Being exposed to an increased rate of rotation would cause the astroneer to become motion sick which would cause a "dizzy spell" which could be again handled mechanically with a simple animation.(This could happen on a planet with a high rate of rotation). Star Sickness: Spending too much time away from sunlight will cause the astroneer to become lethargic or sleepy. The astroneer would become drowsy and tired which would slow their movement by taking away their ability to sprint.(This would be found on planets with thick atmosphere or periods of prolonged spelunking). Poison Bite/Sting: Poisoning from a plant sting or animal bite will cause the astroneer to suffer a muscular ailment which slows their movement. This would force the astroneer to have to take their time to perform actions ei. "Stop and smell the deadly spike plants" so to speak.(This could be found on any planet). Andromeda Strain: An airborne bacteria would cause increased damage and fatigue, only this time it can be staved off by sprinting. The Astroneer slows down and suffers fatigue and increased damage until he/she finds a cure.(This could be found on any planet) Oxygen Snatchers: The astroneer is exposed to spores that carry a bacteria which causes a type of Bradypnea. This would slow down the astroneers respiratory rate. Mechanically this would double the amount of oxygen the astroneer consumes. (This would be found on a planet with higher than average amount of plantlife). All of these ailments would be remedied by researching plantlife to find their cures. I know tracking plants was re engineered to increase performance but I was thinking that larger plants or clusters of plants could become the nodes that can be researched versus all plant life. Another option would be rare plants that are spawned sparingly. Love the game. Keep up the good work and I hope you like the idea!
  8. It is super frustrating to have your vehicle drift while trying to use the crane/drill. A way to anchor a vehicle while the drill is in use would be awesome.