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Found 10 results

  1. mortinusu

    Autophase Backpack

    Suggestion: A Backpack with additional tech that makes deep cavernous retrieval nightmares a thing of the past. My idea is regarding how impossible it is to retrace steps in deep cave exploration when surviving "wall to wall" stripping power & Oxygen from the caves without tethers. "Autophasing Pack. Allows immediate pin-pointing of sub terraneous corpses. Upon death, all energy is extracted from oxygen and power reserves, converting into a powerful beam. A single hole is pierced through the vertical layers until it hits sunlight/surface air. A mini beacon is created by consuming the pack frame material, creating a single-use beacon that is destroyed upon corpse/backpack retrieval."
  2. This game is awesome, thank you so much for putting together such a well thought out and feature rich game! Really excited to see all the features you guys have planned post alpha. Feature Request: We'd love to hear not only your idea, but why you feel its an improvement or the right step for us to take. Basically try and let us in to your thought process behind the idea. As a user I would love to have local co-op, because then I could play with my wife without the need for multiple Xboxes. Also, we don't mind purchasing multiple licenses, so long as we can play on the same console locally.
  3. On a gamepad it isn't really easy to move a cursor over my astroneer every time I want to use the compass. Especially when I'm in a rover.
  4. I'd like to be able, somehow, later in the game, to be able to open a warp gate, wormhole, whatever, to a Steam / Xbox Friend's solar system. Then, I can fly through with a Spaceship or Shuttle. This should be difficult to obtain, maybe a use for Astronium, and it should be temporary, hard to power, etc. That's it. Easy enough to understand, I hope.
  5. Had a thought on a couple of ideas for terrain manipulation and can think of 2 tools that would be useful. 1. Smooth - Just as it sounds, soften the angles between the terrain surfaces to allow for more even manipulation 2. Level - Flatten is great in some cases, but a tool to get the current 'height' value from center of the planet and then bring the surrounding terrain to that height would be a huge help in base layout and other terrain modification
  6. Unkeptcactus

    Map Ideas

    I think this game would grab in a lot more of an audience if you had a map. Now maybe not like a button you press to get the map, but like an item you can put on your character, so kind of like the solar panel you can put on your character but it is only active when it it in one of those 2 slots. It would make younger people more interested in the game and it would also allow for a broader audience. Any ideas to add on comment them please.
  7. - Remote control of spaceships, calling it or sending it to other planets. - Space station or satellite, could orbit around a planet and scan it to give you a map of the planet and data about, like resources, hazards etc. - Some sort of "train" network to transfer collected resources from long distances like underground. - This is a space game so I would like to see more activities in space like, EVA, asteroid mining, sending probes to scan and research space anomalies giving you technology to survive better at outer space. - Character/building upgrading like adding more Inventory, better space suit for various hazards like outer space, toxic environment. Increasing efficiency of buildings making them faster, lowering energy/resource use. - End game content, harnessing energy from a star to give you unlimited energy, sending probe to a black hole, uncovering mystery from a long gone alien race. - Random events like, meteor impacts on planet, solar eclipse to give trouble if your main energy source is sun. Volcano activity, magma pouring out of the ground or in to underground tunnels. Space radiation to mess with your equipment, breaking buildings. Climate changes just random happening or player action caused pollution to change climate making storms more frequent and dangerous, turning air to toxic. - Building a shield bubble around your base to protect against storms and giving a moment of peace in a toxic planet. - Space potatoes...
  8. I saw a few topics skirting around this idea but none that actually said it outright. A way to name our saves would be a great way to organize our save games and prevent any confusion.
  9. Hello, i think that a way to pause the game should be itroduced before release 1.0 For example if you open the menu (ESC) it should pause the game. This will help alot. Thanks
  10. Greetings, It would be nice to have the ability to combine stacks of tethers, power or anything that is not used all at once. This will help avoid wasted inventory space. (see attached picture) I don't see any reason for it not to be automatic, maybe have a split stack feature for tethers (to share with friends)