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Found 7 results

  1. Fauna is the existance of life other than our own, life of bystanding creatures that cooperate with the world and it's environment, they could have homes, procreation, age, death, decomposition. Livestock is Fauna being harnessed and claimed for their resources they can produce. Ranches, Farms, proccessing plants would be places considered for Livestock activities. It would be the players job to sustain livestock using _Bio-Tags_. Fauna Types: Beetle-Beast: medium large scaled ground fauna that roams in herds from 3 to 7 individuals. They feed on organic and proccess it into _bio dye_ including _fertilizer_ for waste. Alternate versions of Beetle Beasts can be found on each planet. Marsh-Moth: medium small scaled air fauna that flutters in groups of 3 to 6 individuals in dense forests and rarely in caves. They are attracted to active light sources(not the sun). They feed on _organic_ and _nectar_ and proccess it into _Silk_ and including _ fertilizer_ for waste. Alternate Marsh-Moths can be found on each planet. Hunter-Ant: Medium scaled ground fauna that marches in groups of 3 to 4 individuals in valleys. Omnivorous. Hunter ants are hostile and attack if in range. _Stun Bombs_are advised. Alternate versions can be found on each planet. Worker-Ant: Medium small scaled ground fauna that marches in groups of 4 to 8 individuals. Vegetarian. Worker-ants collect resources and stashes them at the nest to attempt to feed the queen. Queen-Ant: XL Scaled stationary fauna that feeds off resources that the hunter and worker ants bring in. There is 2 queens on every planet, queen ant is hostile and attacks if players are close, defense weaponry is advised. ______________(Tools)__________________ Bio-tags: Cost: 1 Plastic Printed in bundles of 9. In order to place a tag on a fauna, they must first be stunned. The Bio-tags are used to add fauna to a player's livestock collection. The tag allows the player to track and monitor the livestock. Also including behavior conditioning to prevent any attacks. Stun-Bombs: Cost: 1 carbon Printed in bundles of 7. The base of the bundle will include a launcher crosshair, the player can position it on an action slot to launch a bomb forward, stuns a player or a fauna in blast radius for 10 seconds. It is able to stun the player who launched it (practice is advised). Bug bomb: Cost: 1 acid gas
  2. I came up with the idea of making a rocky spider. it will hide among the rocks, but when the player approaches it wake up and attacks.I was thinking that maybe it could go on Desolo. but with a different set of color it could go to another planet. If the face look ugly, it's just I have been lazy making it. Rocky spider.avi
  3. GeneralOutcast

    Ideas for Plants and Fauna

    Just like in the tutorial, a tap feature would be perfect for larger plants. It would allow for easy access to organic without terrain destruction. The smaller fauna throughout the planets, e.g. Terran, could be used as a survival feature. They would be collected into a type of item that would be considered "vegetables" or something of the sort. It could the be put through a blender to be turned into organic. "Vegetables" could then be eaten by the player. This idea could be expanded for more plants; leaves or grass could regenerate creating new resources. This could allow plant beds to be made from medium printers using compound and canisters.
  4. Greetings, i made some sketches today 3 animal species and some kind of exoesqueleton suit What do you think?
  5. EasyKill

    Found life (an Angler)

    Found a living creature on the Barren moon. Moving constantly, well squirming. Looked like it was trying to lure something over to eat. I declined its offer.
  6. I saw in your recent Dev stream you briefly commented on the future of alien life forms within Astroneer, in particular the team emphasized that there would be no gun play and less focus on combat. I couldn't help but think of another Early Access game I'm sure you've heard of, Subnautica. Subnautica, in my opinion, has done a fantastic job of introducing friendly, passive and a large number of hostile fauna to it's game with a large emphasis on avoiding and evading conflict. I really think it's a fantastic game to take inspiration from when developing the Fauna of Astroneer. Please, anyone, please input your opinions and ideas. Thanks for taking the time to read this. What do you all hope the Fauna of Astroneer will be like?
  7. The ability to break down fauna into organic should be implemented as soon as possible, far too many objects are left calculating collision with surfaces because they have been disconnected from the ground while mining. ex: Trees, underground plants, anything non-grass. All of these objects are either left to roll around on the ground or are attempted to be buried, causing collision calculation and performance loss over time. This will also happen to large satellite/crashed structures, if they are mined out, they will typically go into a clipping dance when in a multiplayer game, physics is attempting to sync but instead the object shakes continuously and will often teleport around to different locations.