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Found 8 results

  1. My suggestion is to allow us Astroneers to planet seeds several at a time. The idea is to allow us to plant seeds, much like we can drop tethers now. Except that the two step process (place, then plant) is not efficient. Use the aux slot to plant the seeds, or T like the tethers. OPTION 1: Use a tractor/trailer/feeder. My preference is to use the existing tractor, and pull a seed planting device. The 'seed planting device' could be a modified trailer, with something like a silo platform on it, that could be filled with seeds, and as you drive, each time you hit the right/left bumper (controller) or C/V on the keyboard, that you would plant one seed from the silo platform. This way you could slowly drive along, planting seeds in a neat row, or circle, or whatever pattern you drive around in. This would allow any seed, hostile or not, to be planted in rows. OPTION 2: Use the backpack, just like tethers. If this is not desired, then why not use the same programming concept as the tethers, but apply it to the seeds. For example, you collect the seeds, then they are grouped together, say four to a tier 1 module, like the tethers have 10 to a tier 1 module. That 4 seed module could then be put into a backpack, or on the seed planting device (trailer/silo). Then as you walk along you place and plant the seed with one motion, unlike now, where you must first place it on the ground, and then a second pass to actually plant it.
  2. I feel like I can pretty much unlock everything in the game inside of a 60-90 minute play session. I know there is a balance between being demoralizing in terms of pace and just handing it out but I just feel like it all goes by too quick. Would be cool if things like the large spaceship, rover, etc were 4-5 times more expensive and the research items on the starting planet capped at X research. This would force the player to build a small shuttle to go to other planets in order to get research that is worth more. Then with the large spaceship you could go to even further planets to get even more valuable research. I feel like there is a foundation for a very solid progression system, it just isn't there quite yet. All that said, loving the game and excited for the future
  3. Add a various amount of different creatures to the game from which you can harvest food and resources from adding new survival elements to the game by needing to eat and drink also add farming to the mix giving that same outcome but to also grow certain resources so they never will run out maybe having some seeds only obtainable on some planets maybe some creature will attack your base so you'll need to add defensive weapons to protect the player and there base.
  4. How about a food update, Growing our own food. A new Green Meter right above oxygen (or elsewhere) showing hunger. Grow them in dome like pods that take up as much space as a Small Storage or maybe a bigger dome that takes up as much space as the Big Storage. And maybe a new food processing machine and a machine to create water out of certain materials for the plants. the domes can have small slots to put on water canisters. And readied food can be carried around in a container of some sort taking up one backpack slot or a bigger storage for trucks (maybe as big as the huge battery) .
  5. Organic is only used for the small generator, right? It needs more uses. Farming applications: Organic should be used to create fertilizer or the equivalent for growing crops. Imagine you print a growing bed from the med printer, place it, and have to fill it with sediment. Using the refinery, you can infuse sediment (in containers) with organic compounds to create fertile sediment, or something like that. You then fill the growing box thing with this fertilized sediment (in a way similar to how you fill a shuttle with hydrazine) and you can start planting. There should also be a water store that you must fill with canisters filled with water. What if instead of printing the box, one of the base modules created a garden plot? Like how the vehicle bay creates a drive way, it extends out a certain distance. Could use additional resources to make that plot bigger to an extent. Then the water store would be shown as a tank on the main module thing. I'm considering making it require power to keep the plants alive and growing if they're planted on a world they're not native to, like, they require an atmosphere and temperature regulating device to stay alive in the foreign environment. Nothing too extreme or draining, like, maybe a medium battery per day. That means half a battery at night, and even if you have no power production at night that should still be very doable.
  6. I don't know if this idea already exists, but I would like to have a little bot for the crane. I hate it when I have to get out of the rover, get into the crane, harvest the resources, get out of the crane because the rover was sliding away a bit, get into the crane again... I think you can see what I mean. So my idea is that farming bot. First, you print it in the printer (maybe with iron). Then, you program it which resources the bot should harvest and which ones not. After that, you put it on the crane seat and take it with you on a trip. The bot will automatically use the crane to harvest resources when you get near them. This way you can save a lot of time. It would consume the rover's energy so the farming bot is not too OP. Feel free to add some more ideas.
  7. This is a bit long winded, so bear with me here: What if you added a farming system to astroneer? One of the new modules could turn he platform into a bed of dirt to plant stuff in. Kind of like how the mushy brown poison plants (Or 'Pumpkins,' as I'm told they're called) Guard an artifact, some of the larger flora could guard seeds, which you could plant inn the farming beds I mentioned earlier. Each seed could grow a plant, which would either produce a single resource, some more seeds, or both, (Thus making you choose whether to plant the seeds, or take the resource, you could only do one) Plants that produced rarer resources, such as lithium or titanium, could be harder to find, but well worth the effort.
  8. I really like the idea of a device you create using rare materials which can locate or at least show the nearest source of a particular material such as resin or compound. A lot of the time throughout playing the game I find myself tracking the same areas looking for simple things like compound. Especially on the moon planets where these materials seem particularly scarce this would be very beneficial. This could attach as a frontal vehicle attachment which could use an arrow to point in the direction of nearby materials and a menu to select which material you are looking for. Just a suggestion but I would love to see and hear what additions or changes you could make to this sort of concept if you haven't made one similar already.