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  1. There are a LOT of problems with Astroneer right now. Some of them aren't too major, like not seeing tether lines connect. Purely visual glitch, not really impacting gameplay, although it does make it hard to get out of caves. But then there are the major problems, like where you (the astroneer) falls through the ground, gets stuck under your beginning shelter, gets launched, glitches through the map and runs out of oxygen, so on and so forth. I have had the aforementioned bugs, sadly. The full list includes, in order of severity, tethers not being connected but still supplying me with oxygen, my astroneer seeming to shake violently as he harvests resources, my astroneer falling into the ground and dying of suffocation/fall damage, my astroneer getting stuck under the beginner shelter, losing platforms with medium storages (this lost me about a dozen pieces of ammonium, along with hard-earned hematite and wolframite, among others) and sometimes even shuttles. I even will sometimes find these underground, with no way to get them out. All in all, this is not a very good game at this current point in time. If the game is updated to fix them, then it may be much more enjoyable. I personally like it much better half a year ago, when it had none of the bugs I have now. If I had to, I would rate the game, as it is right now, at 4/10. It has decent potential, but it is really brought down by my inability to get resources in about four different saves. Would not recommend to friends as it is now, but if it is updated, then I might.
  2. On Desolo, I have encountered this bug three times so far. Gravity reverses and my astroneer falls up and then is dropped back down again. In all three cases I was at a landing site near the pole on the left side (viewed from space). Above ground, looking at the sky to track the movement of the sun. I had my camera angle looking up while standing still. Fell up, then plunged down to death. Below ground, tunneling down at a moderately step angle. (50-55 degrees?) As I was tunneling, I fell up, through the ceiling and above ground level. Then I plunged back down to my death. Below ground, walking in a cavern. In this case, I fell up only 4-5 feet before coming back down. Enough to injure me (red clouded vision), but not to kill me. It seems like the severe form of the bug is more likely when you have a severe camera angle (looking up or down), but I don't have steps for reproducing on demand.
  3. The terrain is still having your character fall through the surface and bounce through the ground till you jump out of it
  4. Hello, I just wanted to report a bug. I was driving through the landscapes of my beginning planet when I suddenly fell through the ground into nothing (or planet). Still flying there Thank you!! *Note added: I just left the vehicle and I kinda catapultated back to surface an died cause of fall damage? Anyway, my vehicle is gone 55053162988__D2A39C00-13D7-4F65-97BF-5314A75EC68E.MOV
  5. Randomly i fall trough the ground (just walking normally), i get pushed up again, but then proceed to fall trough the ground again. My body acts as a buoy in water, falling down, being pulled up, shooting high in the air, then down again. This problem has sometimes stopped after moving away from the original area. (still floating like a buoy, moving away) A exit back to the main menu and back also fixes it. Vehicles also fall trough the ground at the exact same time i fall trough the ground //personal note, ignore for bug fixing purposes //This my first game. Seeing my vehicle fall away was sad. I dont wanna go trough the effort of finding more aluminium. so yeah its bad. SYSTEM ERA plz fix Astroneer Steam Windows 10.0.17134 Nvidia GTX 1070 32GB memory i7-6850K
  6. So I have noticed that randomly there are lots of spots in the ground where the surface has not loaded correctly and you can plumit into the earth. When this happens with your astronaut is seems to force the astronaut back onto the surface BUT with a rover you will be driving along and boom fall through the earth. I took i video of me and my rover having plumitted to the center of the planet and just kept falling up and down in the middle of the planet. Once I exited the vehicle my astronaut (but not my rover, it is still stuck in the center of the planet never to be heard from again) was slowly raised magically from the ground and into a deep cavern that i barely was able to dig out of before I died. Literally died as i got out. Still can't find where my body is lol anyway. Was playing on an Xbox one s with an Xbox one controller. Thisin some fashion or another has happened multple times. Hopefully I will figure out how to get the pictures of my Xbox and upload um onto here.
  7. Summary: Items falling into the Ground which i collectet on the Moon, when Backback was full. While walking i was suddenly teleportet in the air an falling down. Description: I collectet some stuff with the terraforming Gun, i think it was compound or resin, and there was some energy on the ground. As my backback was full, the energy falling not on the ground, it falls into the ground and was gone. Same happens e few minutes later with energy. After that i walks back to my base, a little distance to this i was suddenly teleportet to the Air and falling down. It was not very high, so i dont dying. After that the Items which was falling into the ground ara lying now on the ground. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: ? Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1607 | Build 14393.1715 CPU: Intel i7 6700K 4GHz GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 FTW 8 GB RAM: Corsair 32 GB - 2x16GB DDR4 3000Hz Drive: Seagate Hybrid 1 TB
  8. When you build terrain close enough to you, the terrain slightly engulfs you and then you fall through the map. If I'm lucky, I land in a cave nearby, and I can get out. But sometimes, I'm not lucky, and I eventually die. The same thing happens when you attempt to get into a vehicle when you are in a multiplayer game (but not the host). When I landed the spaceship once, I got out and also fell through the map.
  9. Summary: I fell through the world when I place matter below me - Steam - 0.2.10125.0 Description: The first time I had built terrain directly where I am standing, I will fall through the terrain and usually into any caves that are below me. However, for some odd reason, I cannot replicate this glitch. It may have to do with the angle, depth, etc. I am not sure, but I thought that it would be best if I reported it. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Pre Alpha Build: 0.1.10125.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 10, 64-bit CPU: GPU: Pitcarin RAM: 6 GB Drive:
  10. While playing Astroneer, I kept falling in to the ground. This bizarre bug usually happens when I die and respawn.
  11. Falling through the planet happens quite often will using the terrain tool. It doesn't seem to happen on a brand new file as much. I have overcome this by spamming "A" and end up a on the surface eventually. Sometimes that doesn't work and I find myself dead at the bottom of a cave.
  12. Several of my Astroneer maps have become unplayable. Using the deform tool, my Astroneer goes into a seizure, applying the tool for about 1.5 seconds (I timed it) then partially holstering it, then goes back to using the tool. This occurs cyclically as long as the tool is being used. Also, on maps where this occurs (and it is only on some worlds also), almost any use of the tool with this behavior will guarantee the player eventually falling through the map. My guess is that the Astroneer attempts to holster the tool because he is falling slightly, then this stops and he goes back to the previous task. I have also noticed that this tends to occur often using the orange player, very occasionally with the big player. The other two seem immune to this behavior, which is mysterious to me since I am guessing the code is all the same, just different skins. Systems: PC version, Windows 10 fully updated, i5 2.2 GHz, 8 MB RAM, Intel HD Integrated Graphics 5500 with 128 MB dedicated
  13. Hello, Keyboard/Mouse, Steam. I'm having an issue where my fully collected materials may fall through the ground and completely dissapear. I've had two instances where this has happened so far. 1) When removing a material from a slot on my base i let go of the material and it fell through the floor. 2) I had a full backpack and as i completed the collection of a material, my terrain tool ejected the material onto the ground but instead the material fell through the floor. I have tried "digging" into the ground to find it but i suppose that it just falls through the entire map or it may land in a lower cavern somewhere.
  14. Sometimes when I am mining, I fall through the ground to my death. Please fix.
  15. So this thread is in so many places so I hope it is merged soon because there are WAY too many to reply to all of them. I have noticed as well as many other that you can fall through the ground. I have found it can be forced if you are in a hole and dig over yourself enough. Doing this caused my game to crash and force close.... nothing saved which was sad but that is okay! I did it for science!!! I fell through the abyss for approximately 60 seconds before the game crashed. The glitch can also happen randomly when digging or changing the terrain (more so when building up the terrain directly underneath the character). But personally, I notice this bug the most when I respawn. I respawn on my habitat, and my character is rendered underneath the habitat. The habitat seems to just force you under the ground until you can respawn next to the habitat instead. When this glitch occurs, the first place that I died will not be marked with the 'X' beacon to go retrieve items from the backpack. The items will be present in the shape of the backpack with no backpack there. The items can still be received except for the gun it will just hangout and float there. Platform: Xbox One RASPBERY Respawn Fall MP4.mp4 Forced Fall MP4.mp4
  16. I'm playing Astroneer on my laptop, with a mouse and a keyboard (steam). Sometimes when I collect things I fall through or out of the map. This happens either, when a rock is on my head, "burying" myself (by accident of course) or sliding or falling down at wall of a hole I dug myself. First some graphic bugs occurr then my character wiggles and suddenly he seems to be beneath the actual map then dies immediately. Normally the game shows you where you died, so you can retrieve your items, but in this case it doesn't since the game itself doesn't know where the character died, because the location seems to be outside the actual map. I hope my description is helpful. And you can fix it fast! Thanks for listening to us. Greetings.
  17. I have found that when playing on a joined game through the multiplayer, i fall through the map, have a problem using the hosts objects, and general problems in multiplayer. Hope this gets adressed soon, as multiplayer is a function i very much look forward to!
  18. Xbox one, controller My husband and I have been playing on my saved game together and he has repeatedly had an issue when he re-spawns after dying, the camera will go back to the base, his character will spawn in the main pod, but then will fall through the bottom and the ground into an underground cavern, where he will hit the ground and die. This does not happen every time, but has happened frequently. This has not happened to me as the host player when we are playing together.
  19. I've encountered, on numerous occasions, that there are areas in the world where I'd start to fall through the ground. Either I'd fall down until I hit something and die, or I'd fall for a bit then sort of "SWIM" t brought the ground until I land on some like a tunnel. So ultimately I end up recovering to where I'm fine or I die and lose what's in my pack forcing me to dig down and try to recover what I lost.(please note the it seems if ur holding something when you die, there is a chance you will still be holding it when you respawn.
  20. Every time I exit the game and come back I spawn in under the world. I can jump to get out of it unless I land in a cave. This leads to hours of my time trying to get my stuff back. Please fix this very soon, as I am getting restless of going down into some random cave over and over to get my stuff. ~Thanks!
  21. I found some bugs I'd like to share with you guys 1. Had a bug where I joined my friends game and the tethers would not light up after i placed them down. (It was very dark in the caves ) 2. When I joined my friends game the sound cut out. I could still hear the music, Footsteps, and placing items down. but nothing else like collecting materials, research, and when I was crafting an item. 3. Sometimes when you use your space vacuum to cover up and extend terrain, my friends would get caught in the middle of it and get trapped underneath, then they would start falling through the map.
  22. Hello! I found a bug and I think I know what's going on. I fell in a hole and started building up, but my character wasn't pushed up fast enough leading to him not only phasing through the ground I was laying down, but also ground that was next to me. I ended up sliding downward through the world until I thankfully started to float back up to the surface. Might want to adjust the rate you can rise, this issue seems to be pretty common.
  23. Recently i have been getting a bug where my character falls through the world. My player will fall slowly and after a small amount of time he starts walking back up to the surface of coarse when falling if i land in a cave i die. Its almost like a mini game trying to dodge the caves before you land in them and die, and then finding out where your character will end up once floating back up to the surface. Hopefully someone has a solution to how to fix this.