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Found 3 results

  1. Summary: I fell through the world when I place matter below me - Steam - 0.2.10125.0 Description: The first time I had built terrain directly where I am standing, I will fall through the terrain and usually into any caves that are below me. However, for some odd reason, I cannot replicate this glitch. It may have to do with the angle, depth, etc. I am not sure, but I thought that it would be best if I reported it. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Pre Alpha Build: 0.1.10125.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 10, 64-bit CPU: GPU: Pitcarin RAM: 6 GB Drive:
  2. Ok, First off love the game! After playing total time 11 hours, these are my findings bug wise. Today once loading my current save file, 5th time I've loading the specific file as its been stable up to this point, my controls have reverted back to standard, so I changed them back to inverted, which for camera movements is fine, but when I hold left trigger, the controls are back to standard, then back to inverted when using just the camera. This has now made the game impossible for me to carry on as I can't play with non inverted controls. At the same time of loading, all my base modules were no longer supplying me with an oxygen tether, and all the foliage has grown back over the holes I have been creating whilst mining. The game the proceeded to hard crash persistently every time I tried entering a vehicle. the Frame rate issue however had all but gone? I proceeded to start a new game after hard resetting the xbox, and the controls issue still remain. When falling into a hole, if I try building up the land and the camera is in the wrong angle I will clip through the world and keep falling until I work my way to an open cave. connecting 3 moon rovers together, worked fine until I saved and came back later, now the front rover no longer charges when connecting solar power or power nuggets to it. starting a new game, around 3 hours in, the frame rate drops considerably, I initially put it down to tethers, so i started again and didn't make ANY tethers, and kept my base to only a researcher and vehicle bay, no vehicles made however, still around 2-3 hours in the game drops in frame rate, stays that way until I start again. flying to any other planet or moon suffers horrific fps drops, almost makes exploring impossible and un enjoyable due to it. using the crane and drill head, the crane doesn't seem to drill anything, just moves around the land not doing anything? also it feels like its using the camera instead of the use function to move around if that makes sense? Other than above, I've highly enjoyed playing this game, its such a relaxing joy to play and I truly hope these issues can be fixed.
  3. Seems to happen on load when resuming a game for the most part, but I've experienced several occasions where I'd load a saved game and a vehicle or a storage was missing. I've started creating stage 1 platforms to dock my storage to for the moment because it's not safe to leave them sitting on the ground. Not sure if this is the intention. I'm not sure what to do about vehicles. I've had 2 trucks and a rover go missing for the same reason. I feel like the items render before the floor does, they start falling and end up falling below the surface before the ground has a chance to render, but I can only assume. I actually saw the rover disappear, I did not see the other items do so.