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Found 4 results

  1. major tears in the terrain since 131, using the multi tool doesn't always fix it now, instead of the two opposing sides joining to close the gap they seemed to just raise straight up leaving the tear.. Another issue is when exiting the rover on diagonal or bumpy terrain i sink to my waist and float around jumping to resturn to my feet.. the rover itself seems to nose dive sharply when the tires leave the ground more so then before
  2. OK, this will be my last report for awhile. My game has become very unstable. Large section of ground is breaking off in squares and falling into the planet. This picture shows my Astroneer standing on a square section that is falling and you can see the underside of my base in front of him. Also foliage and rocks have started to pop up in my base. Plants grow back, but rocks! come on! I have enjoyed this game and look forward to the updates. TTFN to All.
  3. I love this game and have been playing it a lot. I've noticed there's issues when I get stuck in a crevasse, I'll try to add terrain beneath me in order to lift myself up out of the crevasse. Although, more often than not, whenever I do this, I end up glitching out and falling through the map where I'll just be floating around. Sometimes I can manage to get out of it by running around and my character will "float" back upwards as I run around and pop back up. Other times I fall into caves, take major falling damage, and if I'm really lucky, I land on top of a poison plant and die immediately. Also, I've noticed whenever I pick up a tether and hold it over my character, and then click on my character while still holding the tether, (I assumed it puts the tether back into my backpack/inventory) the tether just ends up vanishing. It does not go back in my inventory, nor does it fall back onto the ground. It just vanishes.
  4. So I'll getting compound or resin or something and then I'll say jump down to a lower ledge to get some more than I realize I can't jump back up so I add a bit of ground under and then... then I fall through the ground into a cave or off the map and either the fall kills me or the gas and then I respawn but I'v lost all my stuff and it's really aggravating.