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Found 15 results

  1. Honestly I thought it could go down well, that it was at the right height, I really see now that I was very wrong ha ha.
  2. Summary: 0.4.101215.0 - Steam - Can't respawn after glitching into space. Description: While playing Multiplayer my character fell into a hole with an unknown research ball, and it completely freaked out, killing me or throwing me into space (can't tell) and after I respawned, I couldn't leave the ship when I pressed the (use) key I tried rebinding it, but it didn't fix it. I don't know if rejoining the server would fix it, because it was the world from today's dev stream and someone else took my slot. Here is a video of what happened exactly. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.4.101215.0 Specifications: OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (build 15063), 64-bit CPU: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti RAM: 16gb Drive: -
  3. On steam, version 182 I have a dump for Al and Cu But it falls through the ground. Not instantly, but overtime
  4. This bug I have experienced many times, and, like many bugs, it can be quite useful. I typically climb all of the tall mountains near my base to put beacons on them so I can find my way home. This most often requires digging a trail to the summit. After I have placed my beacon, the trip down the mountain is treacherous, because the character tends to 'skid' down surfaces that are steeper than only about a 20 degree angle, or so. So, when I go into steeper caves, or down mountain, my little astronaut slips and slides very quickly down the slope, which can often lead to shooting right over an unexpected edge at fast speeds, launching me to my death. This 'skidding' can be stopped easily by moving in the opposite direction, and if you have a good, not so dangerous path, it can be handy for moving down slopes quickly, although the fall damage tends to hurt you quite bad even on a flat slope (you get hit with fall damage even on little bumps while you are 'skidding' because you go so fast). Obviously this isn't a game-breaking bug or anything, but rather an interesting feature(?) that could be better if it were streamlined / improved. Thanks!
  5. When you get back to a previously visited point that has items or vehicles laying on the ground, those items will spawn back in as soon as you enter the render distance. This causes you to see for example a truck or researchable material that was standing/laying on the ground pop in on your screen and jump up and fall back down. The annoying thing is that when I got back to my base, I saw my spaceship jumping up on its own because of this. It flew for a couple of seconds to then crash into the ground head first. It was still stationed at my vehicle bay but now I can't do anything with it anymore. This issue can also be annoying when objects are laying still on a slope/ not a flat surface, because after the popping they will roll down and you might lose track of where they are. Reloading game objects in a different way or saving more parameters in memory may solve this issue. I am playing the Steam version.
  6. On Xbox one, while driving the truck or rover (happened multiple times to both vehicles) in multiplayer, they launch into space if you hit a rock or jagged edge too hard. on my friends screen, the truck fell into the planet. on my screen, I was launched into space. later we noticed the way point in space, it was not moving, we built a ramp to space to get it back. once we got close to it, it began to fall. I have pictures demonstrating this. once we retrieved the truck, it began freaking out whenever we tried to drive it, spinning, flipping, and showed the wheels coming off.
  7. I have been mining some resources at the surface, when suddenly fell under texture and began to surf it. Thanks to a cave helping me to get out.
  8. I decided not to go out with the winch on my truck, so I removed it from the vehicle and set it in the floor in my garage. It wiggled and jiggled and slipped into the ground. I dug down with my extractor and could not find the winch anywhere. That was last night. Today, I decided to go caving and what better place to go in than the new hole in my garage? After tethering and digging a few sloping tunnels, I came out into a cavern system. I hopped over to where I estimated my garage to be and: Walla! There sat my winch. So, moral of the story seems to be that if an item falls through the world in you, dig down to the caves, below and see if it popped out there.
  9. Every once and awhile my astronaut will fall through the earth and sometimes its just random and sometimes its when i exit a vehicle. Also, whenever i land back at my base in my shuttle my rover or truck will fall through the earth and completely dissappear.
  10. Scenario Scaling a high structure such as a mountain and sustain a fall big enough to kill player. After player dies the corpse continues sliding down hill and taking fall damage, this damage effects the now respawned player who can die again from this damage sustained by the corpse. Summary Fall damage applies to corpses and impacts a respawned player
  11. Since the update Pre-Alpha.v0.2.108.0 was launcher, sometimes the astronaut fall through the floor like the images. When this happen the character die and the recovery the itens it's almost imposible. ASTRONEER (Game Preview) 21-Dec-16 2_03_04 PM.mp4
  12. If I fall from more than about 10man's height I die, after I respawn if I move or jump, I die again.(die twice) I managed to test it 8 times, and it is happening for sure.
  13. I have found a bug, and I don't know if anyone else has seen this one. I didn't see it in a quick scan of the forums. When I was replacing ground, I fell through the world all the way down into the underground caves. I died, and couldn't get out.
  14. Happened a couple of times now, my vehicle rolling/falling into a hole or slight dip, throwing me out or being near/under it, causes the vehicle to push the character through the floor, they then fall through to the next layer/cave system and inevitably die on impact with the floor down there, loss of inventory unless you can find your corpse. Again, on PC, Razer Naga/Chroma mouse/keyboard. Playing through Steam