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Found 7 results

  1. When I was working with fabricating things on the Medium Fabricator, I wanted to move it to make some space for the next thing I was planning on putting in. I picked it up, while it was fabricating, and it continued to fabricate, even if not connected to the area of fabrication, and continued to fabricate the item in the original spot. I ended up testing this further by moving the fabricator to a new spot, and found out if it's too far away from the source, it will reset the print. But I also found out that if you flip the fabricator into a new direction, the arms will try to print in the norm
  2. Summary: - Fabricator, get out of the habitat! Description: i was with my small fabricator in hand, when in a camera movement it dissapeared, one day after it, i found this: even my carather is confused lol and please, ignore the foreign language in my game Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number:
  3. It seems the Medium Fabricator can only print on the right side of the large platform? I found this out the hard way after starting to setup a base on my 2nd planet. To be fair, I noticed this issue before on Terran, but it was less of an issue due to easy access to resources. Why not allow the Fabricator to print to either side of the platform? Or even front or back (which kinda makes more sense IMHO)?
  4. As said in the title, since the hotfix, my small generators/fabricators won't deploy their legs anymore and also missing powerconnectors. So it's impossible to connect them and power them up. I also can't use the yellow powerstacks to feed them power on the space shuttle . So the base bootstrapping is now effectively a bit broken.
  5. With the new update 6.5 came new Storages. But it can happen that you cant print them with a Fabricater witch you Printed befor the update 6.5. You sometimes first nned to get a new one to Print them.
  6. My friends and I have been playing a lot recently and I've been annoyed by the fact that large tier items (aka 4 slot items eg. smelter, research center, large storage) are all stuck to their platforms once unpacked. I feel like a way to repack those for transport by shuttle to other planets or transport by rover would be simple and very helpful. Also, the ability to repack platforms would be great.
  7. Could we have the button prompts for interacting with modules, fabricators etc made bigger please? In some cases you need to press and hold the Y button (I'm playing on Xbox One, not sure what the controls are on PC), whilst other times you press and hold the X button. The little round button prompts you get when close enough to interact with things are just that: little. I can JUST tell that there is a letter displayed on the prompt, but it's not always easy for me to see which button it wants me to use. In addition to making the prompts bigger, could we also colour/code them? For anyone