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Found 4 results

  1. I tried to disconnect a cable connection and an extender appeared in the middle of the cable. Upon trying to disconnect the extender than appeared, it duplicated again, and again, and again! I swear... I didn't feed them after midnight...
  2. I've been using the power extenders and finding that they behave in ways that I'm not sure they are supposed to. 1. When I pull a cable out of the platform and extend it out as far as I can and then place it down with an extender there are two things that happen: a) The cable seems to loop around and connect to itself as if closing the loop. I'll try to get a screen capture soon. b) The power will only flow in the direction that I extended the cables from. So if I pull a cable out of a platform and run it through at least one extender to another platform with say a
  3. When trying to light a work tunnel (lights in the ceilings, semi-buried, with power strips hidden in the roof), I noticed extenders don't correctly send power to work lights. The image kind of covers it all, but I'll try to give some more details... When a connection is coming from an extender to the work light, no power is transferred - instead I only see those grey/white chevrons (do those normally mean something?). If, however, the power connection is coming from a platform (including when the platform is connected to the power system using an extender), the work lights are
  4. Base node acts like it has something connected, and has 2 extender ports. Cannot make into a platform, even if I put 2 resin on top. One of the extenders follows my character, the other is stuck at the mid-point. I think it started at some point after I connected a truck tube to the node, but I am not sure. I want to say it had one of the large solar panels on top at the time. I have tried saving and reloading the game. After reloading, the 2 resin templates reappear on it, but they disappear again after anything, even resin, is put on those slots until reloading the game again.