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Found 2 results

  1. Dear awesome Dev team, While I recognize that we're all just on the very forefront of what this game will become (pre-alpha now,) based on the core gameplay, I have a request that I've seen echoed or hinted-at throughout both the bug and features request forums since Astroneer was released. Please facilitate players extending the enjoyable life of Astroneer by focusing on enabling emergent gameplay--- creative, surprising things players will do with tools you make available through progression. As it stands now, Astroneer has two primary intuitive gameplay focal points that create a loop: 1) Explore & harvest so you can 2) Progress in making facilities and vehicles so you can circle back to #1 As far as exploring for the sake of exploring, there is a limit to how much enjoyment can be had out of driving across the landscape or spelunking for the sake of doing so. The human penchant for exploration has mostly been a means to an end; either expanding our understanding of this universe/context in which we live (science) and/or expanding civilization. With the research module and progression thus far, you have the foundation for exploring for the sake of science, but it's naturally limited by what you give us to research and thus has limited gameplay life that is dependent on the dev team creating more and more things for us to research. Right now, Astroneer is very weak in the other means to an end of exploration; expanding civilization. We have only one very crude construction/deconstruction tool. And we have a limited number of facilities to research and build that, in the end, focus almost solely upon vehicle creation for further exploration (again, back to the gameplay loop.) It sounds like you want to keep PvP out of the game and diminish the role of hostile mobs in survival mode. I fully support this! It's refreshing to play a game not based on guns and weapons (and I thoroughly enjoy a good FPS!) However, for players to continue to stay interested and enjoy the Astroneer after full release and between larger updates, me thinks you'll need to figure out what emergent gameplay you want to support with your development efforts or you may risk falling into the trap in which No Man's Sky finds itself. Hello Games just released their Foundation patch; players, including me, jumped in and progressed and built all the things and now, the community has fallen off of playing again because we did all the things and stuffs provided by the devs--- it's a roller coaster ride of a frenzy of fun gaming followed by a real letdown and waiting on the dev team to give us something more to do. Thus emergent gameplay--- you develop the tools we discover through exploration and progression and then we, the gamers, have fun doing things with those tools. So what will the emergent gameplay be for Astroneer? 1) Will it be further progression of facilities and vehicles to support ever-deepening exploration of this corner of the galaxy? Interstellar travel to vastly more star systems and more planets? An ever increasing universe released through patches that open up more biomes/planet types and more resources needed for more tools to explore more to research more to explore more to research more to explore more? And/Or 2) Is it building/creation/construction and thus giving us the tools for creative competitive gameplay (players outdoing each other's latest creative endeavors, innovating on each others creative wonders or cooperating to create large build-outs through harvesting/making building materials?) In my opinion, the first is the weaker choice- at some point, the desire to explore to find more materials to progress weakens... and exploration for the sake of exploration is limited by the visual style of the game (the de-volution into a photographer (making screenshots) has limited gameplay life too.) I would advocate for number 2. And it doesn't have to be a Minecrafty building block function either. Your landscape modifying toolset could become much more diverse allowing for all sorts of creative terrain modification. The printer could become loaded with simple buildable items (windows, doors, more solar panels, furniture, panels for geodesic domes.) A manufacturing facility could be created that requires all manner of resources to manufacture, say, a Hypertube to another base... or a warp drive spaceship to take us to another star system. These forums are filled to the brim with ideas that could be plugged into a system that supports this type of emergent and diverse gameplay. Thanks for working so hard for the community and for communicating so well with us!
  2. Love to see some more complex, longer-term / late-game gameplay. I've seen a couple of these suggested in other places, wanted to add my own spin and thoughts... hopefully this thread will get merged in with some others. Implement bigger civil engineering projects that take considerable resources and time to create: You NEED Hyperloops in this game!!! What would Elon Musk think if he saw Astroneer without them?!? C'mon guys... really... ;-) Elevated Hyperloop Transportation System Reuse code for hub/facility/base expansion Add in Iron or some such mineral that can only be mined with crane and drill head (assuming truck/trailer driving dynamics are fixed) Add in 'HyperLoop Station' facility Each hyperloop support section (hub) requires iron instead of Resin; Reuse/modify pathing code for conduit between hubs Hyperloop pods run on a schedule between stations (big digital clock shows arrival and departure countdown) Can carry materials using existing large storage container and automatically deposit them on storage blocks at next station Can carry people, up to 3 seats like spaceship. GPS system that enables map on HUD Satellite research plans can only be researched/found on Exotic planet Make and launch satellites at new Satellite Launch facility Alternatively, create another facility - Space Launch facility used for existing Shuttles, Spaceships and to launch Satellites, leaving Vehicle bay for land-based vehicles. Requires copious amounts of Lithium, Titanium and Compound to make each Satellite 12 satellites each with their own predefined orbits are required for full map functionality of the planet. Underground Mining transport system Reuse code for hub/facility/base expansion Creates enclosed vacuum transport system using existing power Conduit art assets Add in new "Mining Transport" facility Mining hubs follow deformed terrain and require Resin to make just like existing power hubs Items placed on storage receptacles at one end are transported to storage receptacles at the other end. Alternatively, use Large Storage containers at each end, crafted at the Printer rather than at the Vehicle Bay Enclosed Geodesic domes (made of clear panels) Built in panels, small, medium, large. Require new harvestable material, Silicon, which is less abundant than Compound or Resin and perhaps only underground on some planets (terran & exotic) while only on the surface of others (barren & irradiated) Segments created at Printer Small panels are used on small geodesic domes (1 Silicon) Medium panels are used to make medium geodesic domes (2 Silicon) Large panels are used to make large geodesic domes (4 Silicon) Create airlock panel that allows entry and exit Create conduit, Hyperloop & Tether pass-through art assets. Fully constructed dome protects from storms and eliminates oxygen use.