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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all! Not my usual thing but I thought of an idea for dynamite. How about having a shape charge more suited to the 1xaluminum it takes for dynamite. I crudely drew what the charge could be like hoping it's alright. The yellow part could go down, change color as it does. Have the ability to stick the charge on terrain.
  2. Hi, I'm Adam and I'm new here. I have a few simple ideas which in my opinion will make Astroneer more enjoyable. My first Idea is about dynamite. To detonate one dynamite is quite simple. You press "detonate" icon and run. The countdown is long enough so you can blow up things without blowing up yourself. [image 1] But when you want to make a bigger explosion... you will propably die. [image 2] My solution is to make a cord with which you could detonate dynamite from safe distance. Similary to tethers, our astronaut will be making a path with them and once one end is conected to the dynamite, the other end will show the "detonate" icon. [image 3] They could be made from copper and one pack could contain six pieces. This could make using dynamite more practical and also less destructive to the areas whitch you don't really want to blow up (now to achieve a similar effect you have to make a chain of small explosions that lead to the bigger one). Let me know what you guys think.