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Found 15 results

  1. A gas giant planet would be a very exotic planet to explore. If you want to explore a gas giant, you would need certain tools for your spaceship in order to explore a gas giant, otherwise, you would fall until you got crushed by the gravity in the lower layers. Some gas giants could have life such as the ones shown in Carl Sagan's documentary "Cosmos". The life on a gas giant could swallow you and your spaceship whole, if you are not careful, but the life on a gas giant could also be harvested for materials and food. Here are some photos of a gas giant which could be implemented in Astroneer. (Source: ) ( Source: ) ( Source: ) Here are some photos of life on a gas giant in Astroneer which could be implemented in Astroneer. ( Source:–-jupiter/ ) (Source: ) A gas giant could have some gases(liquids if you go deep enough) that could be sucked up and converted to energy, materials, etc. You could also potentially build bases on gas giants, like that of Bespin in Star Wars. (Example photo below.) ( Source: )
  2. If there was a way to travel between solar systems I think it could be really cool. I just tought about it but I think U need complex resources and materials to build a space station orbiting the star of the current system and when the preps are done u can jump in to an other system and after your arrival your base could act like a temporary Base flying around the orbit.(or u could have add a sotry bit like u need to repoair your starting ship etc. etc.) and lets say you are generating random start system using an algorithm it could have been a lot of fun. ( and even the starting map could be randomised U may use a scanner to scan them to see basic resources or atmospheric composition.) Random part is really hard to make tho Don't get me wrong tho I dont wanna see Astroneer to transform in to another game I just want more things to do in this game...
  3. I hate battle royale games with passion but if I could have a compass in Astroneer, similar to those in Fortnite, PUBG or CoD: Warzone, I would die a happy man.
  4. I have an idea for a Navigation Tool that I think could help with exploring and finding your bases if you get lost. So I attached my "sketch" if you can call it one, lol, of the Navigation Tool. It's hard to understand from the picture. Basically, the tool will list the planets you've landed on and show the location of your beacons. Simple, but a bonus feature to it I thought of was that it could tell when the sun will reach the side you're on.You would simply just rotate the planet and see which side is lit up. Now obviously it would be hard to render a full/half rendered planet defined by millions of polys, but you don't have to! You can you the low rendered view you see when you look at a planet from really far away! The only thing that would be rendered is the location of the beacon. I'm not sure how you'd go about doing that but since it'll mostly be acting as a 3D image and not an object maybe that thought process could help. In the picture you'll see there's a spot I picked out on the backpack where the Nav Tool would reside. I thought it would be an appropriate spot considering the size I made the tool. Also I don't exactly have the Astroneer style down nor am I a good artist, but I tried to make a concept art of what the front view of the Navigation Tool would look like. I based it off the style of the Research Catalog since it was the only thing using a UI on an object. Anyways I saw that you liked my post on Twitter about my previous idea so I hope you like this one! I'll see if I can come up with anything else! Thank you again for an amazing game from an amazing team!
  5. I don't know if this was thought of already by System Era or anyone else. But it would be awesome to have a new system to travel too! In the end scene when you've activated all the core nodes and a portal opens. The tablet shows a line connecting to something new, as well as something previously discovered. That makes me think it's a new system and the path to it was just discovered. You could introduce new metals and other elements in the new system as well as have an updated catalog upon finding things in the system. I know it's a stretch and I'm not the smartest on coding, scripting and the likes. But if you make a new system for the game, if it's possible you could off-load the previous system and save the changes you made to it, then load the new system with the save data on your character from the save file. It seems like some of the models for rocks and foliage share similar looks between planets, it might help to off-load only the necessary objects and entities that wouldn't be in the new system. Though that could only apply if you create new objects and entities in the new system. My second idea comes from your video about the history and background of System Era, in a clip of old game footage it showed fuel being carried across a tether to the shuttle. It gave me the idea of a tram/carriage system that only works on tethers, so it uses a small slot to carry things like resources and other small objects back to the origin tether. (Which in this case would be the tether connected to your base.) It wouldn't have any other use than that but it would help with creating room in your inventory so you can continue collecting resources and such. In terms of how it probably wouldn't work seeing as it would be hard to distinguish an origin tether as the stopping point of the carriage system. Maybe it could work if you create a new type of tethers to be researched, maybe something along the lines of "Carriage Post" or something as the name. Since power seems to feed through normal tethers it can work the same as one, only this one allows the transport of small items between two posts. It could start from one post and travel until it reaches the other post. If tethers branch from one tether along the way you can put a Carriage post there and set it to pass through a specific connection. This method is a long shot since I don't know how the tethers are scripted/coded to function. But it would be useful nonetheless. Anyways that's just the start of my ideas. I'm still thinking of more things that would be a nice addition to the game. I love where it is so far and can't wait for more additions to the game! Keep doing what you're doing everyone at System Era, you make a lot of people happy with what you've created!
  6. Maybe there could be a medium oxygen canister,same size a medium canister same shape ,but it holds oxygen. It would have the same functionality as the medium canister,you know like take some oxygen canisters and you can put them on the ports and it will fill and take oxygen from it plus if there is any oxygen in a nearby tether it will take oxygen and fill itself that way too. it could also supply oxygen to tethers too
  7. Its kind of a bummer that once you unlock all nodes, that's it. Like, play the game, and done. How about some endless, openworld, exploration expansion. It would be really fun for some open-world multiplayer galaxies, trading system and economy, and special augments. New planets appear as more and more people join the world, and asteroid field events can resupply people with soil and resources to build their planet with. In this galaxy, you can own, buy, sell, create, and reset planets, once you have the resources. Asteroid fields that appear have a chance to contain rare backpack mods for increased stats like power storage, resource booster, terrain tool boosted augments, etc. A new currency that can be traded for materials and between players would be necessary. The galaxy would be the map of the open world that contains all of the planets and players in it. This is the kind of game that I dreamed astroneer would be, this would open up so many possibilities.
  8. This may be an opinionated post, but it’s a common opinion on this aspect of the game. You guys have got to do something to make us want to explore more of the planet other than just to look for the surface nodes. So far, every time I land on a new planet, after spending about an hour on it, I’ve already seen it all. I could go all the way around the planet and just be seeing the same formations and terrain the whole time, and this allows for so many opportunities to improve this. People have suggested map making (I think it’s somewhere on the roadmap too), which would give incentive to explore and fill up a map. I recently suggested you add more structures such as ancient alien ruins, which would be amazing in my opinion. Please consider these ideas and opinions on the current state of exploration in the game. I and many other people would like to have a better reason to explore these beautiful planets. Thanks for reading
  9. Contrary to what the title might lead you to believe, no, I'm not suggesting more insane resource distribution, I'm suggesting that it be fixed. This is currently what is happening: I find one deposit of laterite or quartz or whatever, giving me 20-30 nuggets. Welp, that's enough for the entire rest of the game. I guess I can ignore every single subsequent aluminium deposit I find, and they're far from rare. Same for hematite. Same for titanium. Same for wolframite, etc. etc. Do you get the picture? You're spawning TOO MANY RESOURCES. It is TOO EASY to get amounts that allow players to build every single damn thing on the tech tree without running out, and all from ONE deposit. About the only difficulty is the tedium of having to make two or three trips with a fully loaded tractor train to haul back all the crap I've gotten from a single deposit. Don't even get me started on storing it all. That is completely insane; it's like you want to sabotage your own game. What's happening is people are blowing through the tech tree, partly thanks to you essentialy giving them a cheat plinth baked into the world gen, and leaving bad reviews because the game is boring. Well, duh, no wonder it's boring when you use cheats to give yourself infinite resources. That's essentially what you've done, baked infinite resource cheats into the standard game, and it is a painfully unsatisfying and tedious experience for those of us who want to play it properly. Let's also talk about distribution. Currently all planets feel samey because, well, that's what you've done. You've made resource distributions on planets samey. Compound/resin/clay on the surface, the rarer stuff below ground. Plug in whatever that planet's uncommon minerals are, spawn those on the surface rarely, and more often below ground. Nope, that's boring and flavourless, just as boring and flavourless as you've managed to make wrecks. They're all, large or small, identical and instantly forgettable, spawning the same 4-5 identical pieces of wrecked equipment. Well, you've done the same with planets. About the only positive change in 1.0 as regards terrain generation has been how pretty some of the planets and biomes are, the painfully saturated neon hues excepted, even if their fixed colour palettes get stale fairly quickly. Revert the resource deposit sizes and planetary disitribution to what it was in SEA and you'll be doing a-okay in my book. Which is something a good few weeks of honest playtesting would've told you - the new easymode, infinite resource world gen doesn't work and doesn't make for interesting gameplay. It is worse than what it replaced. I'm sorry if this comes across as scathing or abusive, but it is beyond frustrating to see game developers do the ol' three steps forward, four steps back dance when they had it right before trying to fix what wasn't broken. Make something good and stick to it vs. changing everything around for the worse simply to keep busy.
  10. Hi all!! I playing on XB1 and have 2 savegames. One on co-op and the other solo. Well. I can't find iron. I descend coves to the hell and nothing.... only zinc and aluminium. Where can I find this??? Thanks ^^ Answers in spanish too are welcome Have a nice planet!!!!
  11. Okay so in the e3 video we see some crazy lookin structure but i was recently inspired by it. Okay so what if there were temples you could find with traps and weird plants (that try to kill you of course) and at the end you can find valuable resources or a pod perfect for researching. Also noise machines could be added that you can throw to trigger traps or distract the plants
  12. Watched the EVGA stream today and that just made something click, will it possible to discover randomly shaped planets, one of the reasons I like Astroneer is the quirky randomness you can discover, though currently if you travel out in to the galaxy it's fairly normal. Would be interesting if you can stumble across square shaped worlds, torus or even a flat ring where you walk around the inside.
  13. Not much else to it. I found a small golden satellite that looks like the one that went to take pictures of pluto, and It had a research pod on it. nothing else sadly. also my thruster despawned off of my truck. weird.
  14. OK first of all, I had been playing a completely different game day in and day out, away from Astroneer, waiting for some nice update. One morning I had a dream before I woke up where I was walking along some astroneer-like landscape. Here are the differences, and why those differences would make this a better game. Atmosphere, Resources, Landscape Texture. The atmosphere of the planet in my dream was a more natural one, which brings me to the suggestion that the atmosphere on some planets is made a bit denser. The texture of the landscape and the first person view really gave me a sense of scale and made it feel more realistic, like I really was on an alien planet. On this planet in my dream, I looked around, seeing resources/ores that looked more natural, like the ore of some rare earth metal, not in its crystal form. The ores or soil bound resources were smaller, more random patches and uneven natural shapes. What I am saying is that there should be more visible colors and detail that make every patch of land unique and have its own mysteries. This would eliminate the repetitive "Everywhere all the same" feel to the planets. In a future update, I suggest adding to the natural formations and scale for resources. A patch of resin or compound would be smaller, and have a yield that compares the size of the resource obtained. In minecraft, you could explore the landscape for hours, and since the natural formation varies a lot with the variety of biomes, exploring can be more visually rewarding. Certain types of biomes are more abundant with certain resources. In a way, this game already accomplishes that, where a "biome" is defined by the planet, but they lack key visual details that add the exploration feel of varying lands. What really makes this game fun is the feel that everywhere I go, I find something new, something different and unique. Where I could play for hours and hours and never get bored until I have seen everything.
  15. This is a bit of a strange concept, but what if there was a building system involving placing objects to be static, as well as a system or a tool that let you research natural objects (such as those big yellow pillars) and print them as a base material?