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  1. There is a way to change ANY terrain to hardness 0: Print,equip and activate an Inhibitor Mod Switch Terrain Tool to add mode Any terrain edited will remain its shape,but will change hardness to 0 This method can also be used to paint terrain(like in Creative Mode) when combined with a Terrain Analyzer. --On Fandom(,exploit added by me Can remove ground under starting shelter without drill mod this way
  2. Hello, I found this accidentally. I am not sure if this should be reported publically - the issue is present in the latest Astroneer version (Steam) on Windows 10. Summary: Exploit for getting unlimited scrap from shredder Description: By doing certain steps you can get virtually unlimited scrap from the big shredder (did not text on the small one). Platform: Steam /Windows 10 Version / Build Number: 1.0.7 Specifications: Don't matter See attached screenshot - it took me less than 4 minutes of shredding to make that pile.
  3. Me and my friend were about to scrap a medium resorce canister in a n XL-scraper. As soon as i put it in the Scrapper started to spew out thousands of tinny items. (they look to me like small holding slots) It crashed both our games a few seconds after it started but luckly we could still access the world (we have since burried them deep underground and that explains the hole in the screenshop) We have scrapped many resorce canisters before in the scrapper so we think it had something to do with the canister still had one piece of heminite still in it I'm reporting this bc on a server with losts of players someone could do this and crash everybody's game PS: Sorry for the bad grammer
  4. If you place a Small Battery into a Large Shredder, you can immediately take out the Small Battery. The Shredder will continue to shred an invisible object, and continue generating scrap metal. Holding onto the Small Battery until it has become as small as possible will net 2 Scrap. If the Small Battery is not held onto until it has popped back into normal size, it will vanish. Though I currently do not have a video, I recommend attempting it in-game. It was very consistent for me regardless of any alterations whatsoever.
  5. When i was scrapping my battery i tried taking it back out and it worked... so i waited and when it finished i got the battery back and i could place it back down so i just got scrap without losing it
  6. Platform PC (haven't tried but I'm 99% sure it works on console too), Controller/Mouse/Keyboard. Description Now, I found this glitch on Steam while playing with a controller but it also works on mouse/keyboard and for that I'm guessing that it works on console too (but not sure). Anyway, the glitch works when you have a car seat and when you are about to hop in to the car seat then if you time it just right and you click on the car seat just before your character is about to hop in the seat you will select the seat but you are inside the seat giving you the ability to fly around in the car seat. (Also when you are doing this glitch you have infinite oxygen for some reason.) While this glitch is hilarious and a harmless bug it would make other vehicles (except the shuttles) useless when you could just make a car seat, have infinite oxygen, never run out of energy and travel extremely fast. (Also when this glitch happens the map can't load as fast as you are flying causing major fps drop for all players on the server.
  7. Summary: - Steam - Flying seats exploit Description: Now, I found this glitch on Steam while playing with a controller but it also works on mouse/keyboard and for that I'm guessing that it works on console too (but not sure). Anyway, the glitch works when you have a car seat and when you are about to hop in to the car seat then if you time it just right and you click on the car seat just before your character is about to hop in the seat you will select the seat but you are inside the seat giving you the ability to fly around in the car seat. (Also when you are doing this glitch you have infinite oxygen for some reason.) While this glitch is hilarious and a harmless bug it would make other vehicles (except the shuttles) useless when you could just make a car seat, have infinite oxygen, never run out of energy and travel extremely fast. (Also when this glitch happens the map can't load as fast as you are flying causing major fps drop for all players on the server. Platform: Steam / Windows 10 Version: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.112 CPU: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor 3.50 GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 780 3GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz 8GB Drive: WDC WD20EZRX-00D8PB0
  8. Summary: Getting into an Open 1-Seat (possibly other seats as well) and clicking at the right time allows you to fly around simply by pointing the mouse. Description: Pressing and holding 'E' on an Open 1-seat and immediately clicking on the seat (to pick it up if timed correctly) allows the user to fly anywhere they please without the need of a vehicle or oxygen; this can sometimes result in flying 'inside' the planet as well. This bug can be used in single player, but is insanely easier to achieve in multiplayer due to the brief lag when the host automatically saves when any player jumps into any seat. Though it hasn't been tested with other seats yet, I imagine that other seats that can be picked up and climbed into by the Astroneers can also be affected by thus bug. Platform: Windows 10 PC Version / Build Number: 9.0
  9. Thought I would do some research into power loops and the rumors and misinformation surrounding them. And try to find out what was breaking them. So for those not aware, there is a current bug with splitters which allows them to act as infinite power sources. Drop a splitter on or near a platform (I use medium-b but any work). Connect a cable TO the splitter FROM the platform. Then connect a cable TO the platform FROM the splitter. This forms the "loop". Power out of the splitter into the platform, and back into the splitter. Then you feed any source of power into the 3rd input of the splitter to charge it. The power out doubles and that platform now has 2x the power. So feed it 60 power and the platform now has 120 power infinitely. Remove the power source from the splitter and the power continues to be present in the splitter and in the platform its connected to. So thats the loop I am going to talk about. Its a well known bug, and I have no doubts it will eventually be fixed. But, until then, well, we have continuous power. From that powered platform, you can branch out and power an entire base with a continuous power feed. But, there are caveats. And I finally found what they are! I was having problems getting the splitter to work. And another player who knew well how to make it work had one that kept dying (ie loop draining to 0). So I set about to figure out why. And the answer is.... directional cables! Any directional cables connected to any base platform that is powered by a loop will cause the loop to fail. I did some digging and research last night on my hypothesis on what was breaking power loops. And the hypothesis and my predictions hold water. ANY directional cable downstream from a power loop will break it. I presume because it causes the game to calculate a power critical path (similar to a gantt chart) back to a source, and with a loop there is no source anymore. So that means you can't cascade loops to multiply power with each stage (I wish). I tested it. Because the input to the splitter is a directional cable, it breaks the first loop you are feeding power to the second loop with. Plugging in rovers to charge or be a power battery, also breaks the loops because the connections to a rover are directional. Use of extenders breaks loops, again their cables are directional. So the key is DO NOT USE DIRECTIONAL CABLES connecting to any platform powered by a loop. It doesn't matter if the directional cable connects direct to the loop platform or is connected to the 100'th platform in a giant daisy chain. Connecting any directional cable will kill the loop. Using small solar or wind, lights, even small fabricators do NOT break loops as their cables are bi-directinal. So you can use them in place of extenders to spread base platforms out or connect to different sections of a base. powered by a loop. Another myth is that the base you power with a loop has to be in a straight line. Not physically, but electrically. Its NOT true. I laid out two parallel lines of base platforms and connected them in series down each leg. Then I cross connected them forming a ladder so all the middle platforms had 3 connections. The loop didn't care. It faithfully powered the entire base. In fact one of the "platforms" was my starting hab I also tested forking out from those to another set of platforms and that also worked just fine. So, there is no need to keep a single power path. You can, but its not going to kill the loop if you branch out. And another myth is that connecting, disconnecting or adding modules or base platforms to a powered loop will break it. Again, not true. The above test (with the ladder layout) was done with a functioning loop. I added modules, new platforms, refined ore, used a soil extractor that wasn't there before. And again, the loop never broke. And the last myth is that you have to build a massive power plant to power your base. Again, not true. Lets look at power sources. For the purpose of this discussion, storage capacity is completely not relevant. We don't care about how LONG it can supply power, we only care about the amount of power it can supply to a splitter for an instant. Small solar are worth 0.5 power. Medium are worth 2 power. But the medium take up 2 slots so thats 1 power per slot. Small wind produces 0.5 power. The medium produces 1 power but, like the medium solar, takes 2 slots so thats only 0.5 power per slot. If you hook a large rover to a splitter and read it, it only reads 1 power. A medium battery (2x lithium) reads 3 power but again on 2 slots to thats 1.5 power per slot. A small battery reads 1 power and takes 1x lithium to make. So from all that it would appear that the large solar produces the most power per slot per resource (2 copper to make so 1 copper per power). But there is a FAR better and far more dense power source and it produces 4 power per slot and costs NOTHING to make! What? Power. From caves! Yep, that yellow stuff most of you throw overboard most of the time. A large platform A can hold 8 power resources directly. So thats 32 power (8x4). The same platform can hold 4 large solar so thats only 8 power (8x2). But wait! There's more! For a low low price of 2 compound you can massively increase that! Medium storage hold 8 power resources. Each medium panel can supply 32 power (8x4). A large platform A can hold 4 storage so thats a whopping 128 power on a single platform. But wait! There is more! For the low low price of 4 compound, you can tack on a large storage to the middle of that platform increasing its holding to 6 medium storage or 192 power ((8x4)x6)! But! You say, your base will drain it and you have to constantly refill it! Nope! You use that platform (or as many more as you like) as the INPUT to the loop. You plug it in ONCE, it then powers up the loop which doubles the 192 to 384 power. Then you disconnect this power platform from the loop leaving the 384 power in the loop because of the bug. And your base is now powered with 384 power indefinitely (or until you accidentally break the loop). You will need 48 power to fire that bad boy up, but thats not hard to collect in a cave system. And you don't need it all at once. You can power your loop with a few, and as you collect more and more power resources you can re-power your loop increasing its output as you collect the resources over time. Is that overpowered or OP as people call it? Yep. It will get patched. Until then you can be as OP as you want. So, hopefully this will help those of you trying to use or deploy loops (until they patch it). Use small solar or small wind (copper or aluminum) or even small fabricator (compound) to expand your base and space out your platforms. Don't use ANY directional cable such as splitters or extenders. Do not plug in a rover which means do NOT build one at a vehicle bay (because when you build a rover, it automatically hooks to the bay's platform to charge). You will have to power your vehicle bay from an alternate power source separate from your loop. Trying to think, I don't believe shuttles connect to the base. Will have to investigate that one. I know they used to have the round connectors, but I don't remember seeing the new USB shape connectors on the recent shuttles.
  10. I'm certain this must be an oversight, bug or some kind of exploit. Basically my friend and I carried a large platform with us deep into the caves, load it up with minerals and head back with pretty much zero risk. When our oxygen is low we just drop the platform, refill, pick it up and carry on. As handy as this is it makes the risk of caves and the like pretty trivial. It used to be fun trying to get vehicles down there (which was challenging and the oxygen was a nice payoff), but the platform tables are just too easily carted about. Probably this isn't intentional!
  11. Having Problems Finding resources? here's an exploit for you. quite a simple set up if you have the trading platform and fuel condenser researched, this simple set up will let you build bases for days. fuel is a 1 to 1 trade for common resources, 2 to 1 for uncommon and 8 to 1 for rare. but using this simple set up and you can make multiples resource issues will never be a problem again. fuel only takes energy so really the only thing your giving up is time to recharge the stations. but simple solution for less time involved make more fuel condensers and make all your wildest dreams come true.
  12. Hey, i don't know if this has been reported yet. It is pretty easy to extend your grabrange with the deformation tool. I think somehow the game takes the working range of the deformation tool, so you can pick up things that are pretty far away with your deformation tool out. Keep up the good work guys! Greetings
  13. I found this strange texture missing area around my map. Feel free to take a look. The world spawned with already there are can kind of be fixed with deform tool but still noticeable... Anyways I attached a youtube video explaining this bug. PC- Steam version Thank you! YouTube-
  14. Description: If you try to pick up something and sit in a seat, they can both happen. This allows various exploits (features?), such as carrying an extra pod while driving. The funnest one is to pick up the seat and tab to sit in it at the same time. This allows you to fly around at tremendous speed by just moving the cursor around. This seems more reproducible in open areas and large caverns, and less so in tunnels, so it may be performance related. Platform: Steam / Windows 7 Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Windows 7 Pro x64 | v. 1607 | Build 14393.693 CPU: Intel i7 3770K 3.5GHz GPU: R9 290X OCII 4GB RAM: 16 GB
  15. I was playing, and trying to get the unknown items out of a cave on my world. I died from poison gas, but I was holding a unknown item when I died. When I spawned at my Habitat, I still has the item in my hand.
  16. I am a Pc player on steam. Mouse and Keyboard. I was playing a solo game when I realised that if you are in a tunnel or a cave, you can use the digging tool to make yourself go on the other side of the cave wall or the tunnel. You can freely travel between the cave to get material or whatever you want and then come back to where you were before. Which, gives you access to practically everywhere and everything without any effort. In other words, if you manage to make your character pass on the other side of the wall by using the digging tool you can go wherever you want and comeback as you wish.
  17. STEP 1: build a seat. STEP 2: put the seat on the ground STEP 3: hit tab while grabbing the seat at just the right moment. boom. airplane/spaceship. you can now go anywhere, including above the height limit.
  18. I have noticed that if you have your terrain tool out, the range at which you can grab objects is increased. have fun
  19. If you die while holding a research object, you bring it back to your base when you respawn. I have been using this bug to move research items to the surface quickly. I think this might apply to any object that you are holding at death.
  20. since you get oxygen from rovers I figured that I might place some tethers from it but when I drive the rover away the tethers are still giving me oxygen from nothing.
  21. Scenario: Create a Truck base on a Vehicle Bay Select a (large) Vechile Storage unit from the Vehicle Bay for on-vehicle fabrication Start the fabrication and immediately drag another (any) item on the Truck base where the fabrication is taking place Result: The Storage unit is fabricated briefly in-place but quickly pops off the Truck base Because the Vehicle Storage unit is not designed to picked up it cannot be reattached to a vehicle Side effect/exploit (minor): A Vehicle Storage unit can be made a standalone 'rack' hold other items, kinda useful for holding the smaller, T-Storage units! -ethzero
  22. Dear System Era, Me and my friend wanted to share this bug with you because we think it will help with further development. How we got this bug to work? Step 1. You MUSTN'T be the host of the server. Step 2. Make a slide, on any planet (except Terran). Step 3. Save and reload the map. Step 4. Enter the server. Step 5. Go to the slide(it will be blocked off for the guest), and mine a little bit for a part of it to load. Step 6. Do what is shown in the video. Credit to me and my friend Jupitris (he doesn't have an account yet) Desktop_01_03.2017_-_20_34_51_01.mp4
  23. I've been stuck in my life pod for 10 hours. The world wont load around me. It doesn't give me the "X" prompt to get out of said pod. And nothing I do, not even with the help of a player, can get me unstuck.............. I need a game dev or somebody to get my character unstuck before I delete my game in pure frustration..
  24. Hello again, this is my second report on some bugs and exploits i have found that should be patched!!! First off lets start with one i found a little bit ago that can be considered an exploit and should be patched. So in this one its quite simple but at the cost of dragging a single seat around with you. So what happens is, when you die of something you are still able to sit int he chair. Because of this, when you respawn it will bring you back into the chair as you were while you were dead and spawns you in the chair exactly were you left it. You can probably see how bad this is considering how the game is supposed to respawn you back at you're habitat but instead brings you to your dead body. This works at i believe any distance and should be patched. Youtube Video of bug: Astroneer bug #3 Another bug that i came across is less of a bug and more of an item. This item has no use that i can find but can be placed on 2 slots and becomes much smaller to the size you carry it as. It has no name but it stops glowing and turns gray in highly lit areas but turns back into a glowing white in low lit areas. I cannot research it either, If i could get some information on what this thing is or if it is not supposed to be in the game, that would be greatly appreciated. Youtube Video of ball thing: Astroneer bug #4 Finally the last bugs i want to share that i have found is 2 things. I could not get video of them but they seem to keep happening to me. First off, when i go out on an adventure and come back my trucks seem to bounce high up in the air then fall back down and sometimes upside down. This is not game breaking as nothing crucial has happens but its just really annoying. Secondly same with the previous one, when i go on an adventure and come back, sometimes my items that i leave in a hole have disappeared and also some holes that i build into caves get closed off. I have no idea why these ones occur but i can say these are annoying. These only occur sometimes and can get very annoying. One last thing before i finish this up, With the last post and all post i will be doing if i find any bugs/exploits. All videos on youtube will be unlisted so only the people who view these will see them. I'm hoping that this stops people from trying to replicate these and try to keep these bugs to a minimum. I have no idea if others have found these before as i am discovering these on my own and have not searched any of these up to see if they are bugs that others have found. I hope you all have a great time exploring!!! -bunnygum
  25. I play on Steam with a Mouse and Keyboard. Having a partially empty Hydrazine hooked up to the Fuel Condenser is the only way I know how to reproduce this exploit. Starting the Fuel Condenser with a partially filled bottle and removing it when filled as the second bottle fills the machine will complete before it has filled but then automatically fills the bottle the rest of the way anyways. I would have attached video but the way I recorded me and my friends session last night did not seem to record the game at all it just recorded the steam page. Good Luck.