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Found 14 results

  1. Summary: Just tried the experimental branch today, and it almost feels like a step backwards. Like all the new stuff is great, but all the original stuff feels weird. That wasn't very helpful.. here's what I mean. The good: Flat terrain seemed to stay flat. This was a big deal for me in the older -current- version. I tried to get a flat base, but every node I added seemed to drop down half a polygon. Now if the ground in front of the node is flat, the ground under the node is flat. Canisters and the sediment refiner. Love it all around, the idea of liquids, cashing different terrain type
  2. Eoghan

    Research 2.0

    I don't remember exactly which vlog or which Q&A it was mentioned but I was under the impression that the next experimental build may let us play with an early version of the new research 2.0 prototype. And it has been a little while since the TAAR experimental build... And a few weeks after that, it was "kinda-announced" that the next update (post-201) would introduce new features as the infrastructure work was finally done and the game was about ready to move from pre-alpha to alpha proper. Anyone in the know would care to comment?
  3. Just started a new game on the and the most important part of the game was missing! THE AMAZING SOUNDEFFECTS!! As you can see in the video below. 11-47-13.mp4?dl=0 Some other things to notice: -My backpack energy is infinite, even when i'm crafting the tethers -When i opened the Settings Menu the FPS dropped to 1 and didn't came back until i closed the game.
  4. Some bugs that I have seen, including some I've seen listed but with more indepth results. RESEARCH At first there was no problem, but I did *something* and then all my research pods permanently floated. I could just move them around, and they would remain exactly where I left them, with no impact from gravity. However, collision impacted them. If I hit one research pod with another research pod they would bounce and then move (slowly, but almost frictionless.) Later, it became mixed. Some float, and some do not. Also, the ones I take from crash sites often make a sound to suggest it'
  5. I have notices twice now after quitting out of astroneer using the new experimental build 240.99 that the game stays running in the background and that I have to kill off the process before I can start a new game.
  6. Something seems to have happened to the Large Rover, rather than make a curved turn to the left or right, it seems to want to slide in the chosen direction, making it very hard to turn around. Although by this point the game was running at 30 FPS so there may have been other problems.
  7. where do I find the last release note for experimental branch? also a request: smaller "experimental" written,would be welcome
  8. Before a few days ago, I had been playing the experimental branch with no problem - 60fps almost constantly. Now, it doesn't get over 30. I don't know whether or not it has any connection to buying Sniper Elite 4, which also runs at a similar framerate (though I can see no reason why they would be connected). Is this simply a byproduct of using the experimental branch?
  9. Not noticed this issue on the release build, only on experimental, 2.123, pc steam. After taking off from Tundra, the wind sound effects continue, even though you're in orbit. Sound should cut out.
  10. Smelting Aluminium, on Tundra, loaded save game, no flame effect. Flame sound effect was working tho. Pc Steam 2.123.
  11. So I logged into Experimental Astroneer for the first time. When I was taken to where I should be able to launch, it did not show me any of my savegames. I checked the Astro\Saved\SaveGames folder, and sure enough, all my save folders are intact. Is anyone else having this problem or am I just doing something wrong?
  12. To the Astroneer Devs, I want to do as much testing for this game CONSISTENTLY. That being said I've put in numerous feedback and numerous mentions of different bugs which I'm happy to see are being listened to. Further I've took it upon myself to indulge in the Experimental Branch of the game, while I know this branch is highly buggy and constantly changing I can't test ANYTHING if I don't know what has been changed for the build I'm on and what I should deep dive into for actual testing purposes. Currently Experimental is on and at this point I have no idea what has been chang
  13. Issue since 111 i think. Press Tab and click on seat at the same time. Now you can fly.
  14. If the avatar holds a tether as a sort of light torch or places one by itself the oxygen meter will always be replenished by the lone tether.