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Found 3 results

  1. I started playing the game knowing nothing about it. I hadn't watched any videos or read anything about the game - I still haven't. The base building and early exploring is fun and a chilled experience. I enjoy the trial and error aspect of figuring out how things work and experimenting with different materials. I then unlocked a vehicle, loaded up with Organics for my small generator and set off on a trip. I am now lost have flipped the vehicle three times and am currently sitting at the bottom of a cavern. The plan is to get back to base and it does feel like I am alone and in danger.
  2. Feature Request: It would be great if I could level up my character through activities and spend the earned experience points. RPG like elements of this nature would increase the penalty of death and would incentivize me keep playing over a longer period of time by unlocking new abilities / objects using in game experience. Often times I find that I tend to stop playing a game if I can no longer level up or can't level up at all.
  3. I tried out the new Beta patch and started a completely new savegame. After I landed on the planet, my FPS were quite good at almost 60 FPS. Then I built like 40 Tethers and saw my performance getting worse. After 20 Tethers I had like 35-45 FPS, at the end with 40 Tethers my FPS went down to the old result before beta: 20 - 27. But I recognized that it goes back to 55 - 60 if I went far away enough so I do not saw them anymore. This was not the case before the Beta Patch. So this is an improvement. I built the Tethers far away from my base so they did not connect to it but still go