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Found 8 results

  1. Anyone have a hankering for a space-age industrial revolution? I do! So, I've compiled a big list of items to help bring Astroneer to the next level of infrastructure. Enjoy! 1. Rocket Drone The Rocket Drone is an interplanetary ship that can deliver Materials and other items between planets. When launched, they will fly to in-range vehicle bays or enter planetary orbit. When in orbit, they can be told by the nearest Controller Platform on the planet they are orbiting to fly elsewhere, as long as it has fuel. It has the capability to release Orbital Satellites. 2. Orbital
  2. This IDEA does not need images or pictures to explain. = MODULE MANAGEMENT = I encountered an issue, where my modules once expanded began to pinch one another in, and one even spawned under a full platform where it could barely be reached. My suggestion would be perhaps, OPEN BACK BACK to trigger a MODIFY MODULE reticle, maybe with combined keypress (example left and right trigger, while targeting a module, perhaps highlights RED to warn you, you are modifying your platform). Then an option to MOVE the MODULE out of the way for better placement, or deconstruct It, for a return of materials.
  3. So while I built my 2nd base (the 1st one was a mess and so the 2nd was me attempting to make a more efficient base), the sprawl became pretty bothersome. To use so much resin to continue building your base outwards made it somewhat of an eyesore. It would be nice if you could place, taller, rectangular bricks on top of the nodes of your base to allow you to place generators, solar panels, etc. onto a taller building-like structure. These would look similar to storage, but would be cube-like, or rectangular, and would allow you to put several things on each side of it. This way, instead of hav
  4. What do you think about the space to expand. At least 5 systems with hostile life forms. They move in packs, looking for food (which is you). And for the defense necessary to build a turret of titanium or iron. In a pinch, you can hide in a residential unit. Sorry for my English, I write through the Google Translator =) Also, some may be neutral. Or even friendly. But the best hostile, not enough action. The game is very good, do not want to, she died Thank you for the opportunity to speak))
  5. Hi! I am unable to make a new base with my shuttle? I flew to one area and quickly messed u and made a machine with one connection (useless), so I flew to numerous other areas and I now cannot build a base. Are shuttles one time only builders? Or should I be able to make new bases all over, and continue to launch away from them? Thanks!
  6. I've got a pretty decent size base built, but I want to explore other planets and expand my reach as far into the cosmos as I can. If I take a shuttle to another planet and begin to build off of it, will I be able to take off again? Or is there something else I need to research to begin building a new base on another planet?
  7. I would enjoy seeing larger storage racks similar to those you can build on vehicles, but as a base building. With these you could then create larger batteries, solar panels, and the like. Not needed, but It would be awesome to have more tiers of base items to build! (Unless I just haven't found the recipes yet...)
  8. I would love to see something where it could make it easier for you to expand your locations and have multiple locations on multiple planets you can bounce back and forth from using a space station as your overall hub to transport to and from. I'm thinking the concept would work a lot like the base building in subnautica but in space instead and allow you to move around outside the base to enhance it (obviously thinking way future forward as it would require new mechanics but even just having it as a place to store resources would be super helpful to warp back and forth from initially).