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Found 15 results

  1. When I was unlocking vesania a while back (around march I believe), I awakened the core, but got no achievement or suit/pallet in return. I went and awakened all the surface nodes, and still no result. I tried making a new save file and re-doing it, but still nothing. I tried it again just now, but still nothing. I even made a new account and tried it there, and got the achievement and suit, but only on that account, and not my main account, Talon2060 (xbox) I even have the galactic suit and pallet unlocked to prove that I went to vesania and brought the cores back to the satellite. (image of my suits attached so you can see the galactic suit without exotic suit.) I have found absolutely nobody with this same glitch, and it really sucks that I cannot get the OverAchiever achievement no matter what I do, unless if you help. Thanks.
  2. Yaaaay! I finally awakened Vesania!!!!
  3. I took a large rover for a stroll on the planet Exotic, and had huge difficulties because of some plants on exotic that were slightly larger then others. These plants were very difficult to see as an issue, yet they seem to keep me from roving. It would be very nice if these could just be run over. See this in the video below. Version 0.9.0, Steam, Windows 10.
  4. Anyone else experience every type of rover getting stuck on seemingly nothing on the Exotic planet? I think I have narrowed it down to the tiny purple plants that litter a lot of the ground. I have repeatedly had to stop my rover medium or large and dig and then level out the ground to get the rover moving again =( This is on PC with Steam.
  5. When I got to the exotic planet my small battery pack stopped working and will not charge my back pack. I am on the steam version on windows 10
  6. I wan on the barren Moon riding a medium rover and the Exotic planet kind of went through the ground and into the sky split into pieces. I play on steam.
  7. Well, this is a funny story. I ws so exited to live my main planet so at some point i crafted an habitat and shuttle. I thought put the habitat on the shuttle right. Dont do that without bringing yourself a lot of compound ... because at some point you'll put your habitat down on exotic "a planet without compounds" and then you'll live there ever after ... I search the entire planet with 3 oxygen pack. I made a tunnel almost through the planet and a path from my base to space " impossible". yes, it is but you wont fly. You'll just block the clouds to keep going ... ? If someone can think of something, I need some help here !! ?? Thanks
  8. Windows 10 64bit Steam Mouse/Keyboard Patch 196 I have recently created a shuttle and created a base on the Barren planet and wanted to find new research for a large shuttle, so I traveled to the exotic planet in hopes for new research. For a while, the game ran as it usually does, smooth and without crashes, all of the sudden, while walking across the surface, the game crashed. I shrugged it off, submitted it on that unreal engine crash report thing, and continued to play. After that initial crash, it began crashing more and more frequently, and it has even begun crashing when I try to load the save! Now, the game crashes after the System Era logo appears when I launch it and I cant get further without crashes. Please help/fix this I forgot to mention, I was playing singleplayer
  9. Xbox 1. Not sure if its supposed to but the tall slender grass stalks on Exotic act as pillers. Neither I or my large rover can move over them. Real annoying while driving. Like I said though not sure if its suppose to.
  10. i realy like the idear of giant mushrooms for exotic planet or deep caves. what do you think? like this:
  11. I've created and deleted many saves on both Steam and Windows/Xbox platform, but this is a first. Since the most recent update, when I made it to the exotic planet, I saw incredibly slow frame rates, only on that planet. The landing area I selected was surrounded by trees and there were resource items in most of them. The game became close to unplayable unless I kept the camera pointing down, so things in the distance wouldn't be rendered. I tried digging them up and dragging them off with the winch, but I didn't see much progress. Thoughts?!
  12. So, I landed on Exotic for the first time, build a couple of platforms, turning one in to a module platform and then into a Trading Platform. The second platform I had to leave until I got some more Resin to turn it into. Module Platform. Saved the game, then quit. when I loaded up the saved game, I found a large green rock had appeared out of nowhere, merged with my second platform. The Rock is big enough that it sticks up above the platform as well as extending down into the group beneath it. As it is merged with the black ground that all base platforms have underneath them, I can't shift it. anyone know why this happened? And does anyone know a way of getting rid of it? Xbox One, Pre-Alpha build: 0.2.10119.0.
  13. I'm sure to post more ideas but these are the yuge, bigly, most impressive ideas to improve orbiting that anyone could ever make. 1. If there was a way to speed up time while orbiting. Even just 2x would make transfer to the Exotic planet more bearable. 2. Space station. Intermediary point in the solar system to improve chances of making a one-shot to your desired location. Likewise, easy to reach from everywhere. Perhaps this could serve as a Galactic Economy hub and storage/trading/ship customization? 3. The Orbital Map itself, and the camera in orbit could withstand a rework. The camera always needs to be panned after planetary transfer, instead of automatically focusing on the planet's surface and landing spots. *edit - I play on Xbox, use standard wireless controllers
  14. I cannot play on exotic planets whatsoever. I get very very low frame rates. And impossible to play no matter where i land.
  15. I can't seem to start a home on any planet other than my home world or the moon. is there a reason why? I can't get the little thing to pop out of my shuttle. thank you for any help.