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Found 2 results

  1. Mechs and walker brainstorms.
  2. Here are some of the things I think would improve the gameplay experience; 1.) For an improved movement, a good idea would be adding a jetpack / booster into the game. This could possibly be created in the printer, or the vehicle bay. This could be put in the side panels of the backpack, and you could press the "A" button" while in the air to activate it. 2.) Add an exo-suit or mech-suit of some kind. This would be a very cool feature, and would add more variety to how you could get around. You could also make it so the exo-suit has it's own backpack, and each arm could have modules built onto it from the vehicle bay. I also think this should be rather difficult to make, as the extra storage and tools would make it very good. 3.) To create a more in-depth crafting & mining system, you could add more minerals into the game, such as iron, gold, etc. You could also add oil deposits under ground, that could only be accessible by creating a drill or some other tool to extract it. This could be used to make power (lots of it), or other uses you guys could come up with. 4.) Add more buildings. I know this is probably obvious, but it is definitely needed. This would, without a doubt, improve the experience. 5.) A more dynamic weather system. For instance, in the storms, rather than just having blocks, some items flying through could be an actual piece of something, like an "Unknown" or a mineral. I know this would be hard, but I think it would be very cool. 6.) A shield generator. You could either attach this to your base or your backpack, and it would require power. This could protect you from multiple things, such as the projectiles in storms or the spiky plants in caves. ONE MAJOR REQUEST: Please don't add hostile creatures to the game; I love this game for what it is, a calming, laid-back survival exploration game. I love it how it is. It's your guy's decision in the end, but I think most of us could agree we like it how it is. (I would promote a bit more danger, but not monsters or hostile aliens.) Whether you add any of these into the game or not, I will continue to support you guys and be thankful for your dedication and hard work towards this game. Best regards, and good luck.