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Found 6 results

  1. I had an idea about automating the Exo Request Platform and made a video about it:
  2. Summary: - Steam - CHEER event bugs Description: There are a few bugs with the ongoing CHEER event: 1) For at least 3 days now, the timer has been saying the remaining time is <1days 2) I have already sent up CHEER items worth 2000 units after completing the goals for cosmetic items, but have not received a Care Package for that, nor can it be claimed from the third tab in the EXO Request Platform interface. The three Care Packages earned while completing the goals for the cosmetic items did come through without any problems. This might be solved by sendi
  3. I printed a new EXO Request Platform on Atrox, but when I examine it, it says it's inactive, and the screen reads "Event progress is disabled". How can I participate in BOO?
  4. iPouk

    Salvage chic

    Hello, So i have all achivements except "Salvage chic" and ofc the one that requiers all others achivements. So i built the exo request platform made the composit, aluminum, and aluminum aloy parts. I did not unlock the achivement "Salvage chic". Now the plateform asks me for 50 astronium. I sent 50 astronium , it asks me 50 astronium again, so i sent them again, i'm stuck there sending astronium over and over again. i use the auto extractor to reach that amount of astronium but it's slow and it seems to be endless. Am I doing anything wrong or is there a bug there? Thanks
  5. Playing on a brand new Dedicated server. Exo Request Platform has no rocket and has been in a "waiting" status since we started the server. I have tried packaging it, creating a new platform, restarting the server, nothing has worked so far. I have attached a screenshot as reference.
  6. I was up early and came up with the idea for reintroducing the Exo Request Platform (ERP) outside of just events. It is somewhat hinted in the game that this module is meant for quests and i have some suggestions for it. - Using bytes players can unlock different levels of quests ranging from common > rare > epic > legendary > event > seasonal at different byte costs. Each new quest will cost a specific amount of bytes and is randomized from a pool. You can only embark on 1 quest at a time but you can choose the difficulty. while event and seasonal quests will persist throu