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Found 4 results

  1. I recently got Astroneers and I'm overall very happy with the game. The only downside is the sandstorms, which really isn't even that big of a deal. You just go sit in the exo habitat or a cave, and wait it out. In regards to the exo habitat, what I think would help a lot is if you could look through the crafting menu while you sit there. There has been many a time where I'm just sitting in the exo habitat waiting for the sandstorm to end and I'm thinking about what to do next, i.e. what materials I need to get or what my next big crafting project should be, so it would really help being able to just look at the crafting menu while I'm waiting in the exo habitat to make those decisions. I know this isn't a particularly big gameplay change, but honesty I feel that it would add something do in the exo habitat rather than just having to sit and wait. Would love to hear your thoughts on this!
  2. sadbugaboo

    Starter Pod landing inside EXO Habitat

    Gaming Information : 1. Mouse / Keyboard 2. Steam 3. Playing Multiplayer and died Once I died in multiplayer my beginner pod was bringing me back to the planet. However, it did not land on the landing pad. It landed inside the EXO Habitat. I was able to exit, and the pod left the planet normally. The only issue was the landing. To give more information, there was nothing placed upon the landing pad prior to the pod going inside of the habitat.
  3. I was just entering the EXO HABITAT in a storm, got whacked just as the "Saving Game" dialog came up, and then I was sailing down to the surface in a DROPSHIP. OK, I know where the corpse is nice and close, that's ok, but I cannot target the backpack, it's right in the airlock of the habitat. Can there be some of that sweet vehicle re-alignment stuff done with corpses or at least the backpack? PC (Win10), KB & mouse, Steam (,
  4. In the attached image are two bugs I am currently experiencing: The large solar panels that you can find are kind of a pain to maneuver around with the winch and apparently they can get stuck in the clouds while trying to move them. Also, there is a 'Suffocating' warning hanging out over the top of the Exo Habitat and there is no player attached to the warning, and no player is currently suffocating. Another issue that my second player is experiencing, in the backpack view, he can't see what items are needed to create tools; the holographic is not showing up at all on his game. On mine it is fine. We are both playing through Steam with mouse/keyboard.