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Found 10 results

  1. Hey, so I noticed when I got on this morning that according to Steam that Astroneer was still running even though I exited to desktop and the window closed. I checked my task manager and sure enough, it was still there: Just wanted to make this known. Anyways now I have another half a dozen hours or so logged on Astroneer from it running all night long ;-D.
  2. I think i found the cause for cars flipping on exit. It's some object or label in the backpack that is "solid" and doesn't obey the x-men-Kite-style phase through exit and hits the car on exit. Fixes... System Era: Quick might work... Just move the astroneer out to the ground some bit farer away. Add more space to come free from any objects attached in front of the car. As of now the astroneer exits to close close to the car if carrying the small generator with a plant-material-pack mounted for sure. or More work... Find the buggy object(s) or label(s) that is solid.... Players: 1. Die and get a empty backpack or 2. Empty the backpack and enter/exit any car, enter the habitat and then go out and pick up u're gear. This worked for me........could be wrong! ;-)
  3. Vehicles are pretty much manageable, I don't care if they get changed or not as far as they drive. They'll be doable and can be looked at sometime in beta stage for refining. A good change soon would be to change the side the player exits the vehicle, to well.. the side, not the front as it is currently. This can be problematic especially when using the shuttle/spaceship, as the player can get trapped exiting the front and get stuck between the vehicle and the Vehicle Bay.
  4. At the main menu no method exists for exiting the game, the choices become load a game and exit or alt-f4 both are subprime. Obviously it's not a huge ordeal but it is an oversight.
  5. Not sure what's up; but, loaded my save from December and for some reason every time I exit a vehicle (using "tab" to exit) the vehicle flips. One time it even flipped into the air.
  6. When exiting the game in single player, using the "Exit to menu" or "Exit to desktop" options, a save game is not prompted. This results in loss of game progress. (I lost about 8 hours of spelunking.) Entering and exiting a vehicle or habitat will not always be the last thing a person does, so saving only on those action initiations is problematic. When selecting the two "Exit To..." commands from the menu, I recommend either automatically saving the game progress or prompting a "Save Game? (Y/N)" dialogue.
  7. I flew to another planet and when I came back I landed at the vehicle bay/pad. When I TAB to exit I end up with my character stuck in the construction bay under the crane. I was able to get back in the shuttle but got stuck again when I exited. About the 4th time I appeared under the shuttle and was able to jump and wiggle out. Thanks. JohnnyF
  8. There should be a way to quit the game without having to start a new game or load a game from the starting menu. (I was checking that I was running the most recent version and had to load a game to be able to quit)
  9. Hey Astroneers, When I alt+tab from ASTRONEER and I go back, i can't i must exit the game and start it again. Please help or fix it My computer: Graphic card: GeForce GTX 950 2GB CPU: AMD FX-8350 (8-core) RAM: 8GB Windows 10 64-bit ---------------------------- Btw sorry for my English
  10. I love the sleek-/pureness Astroneer has. No big HUD, very cleaned up and structured, but I miss the option to quit the game at mainscreen or get into menu. Its not very comfortable, first enter the game and then have the possibility to exit the game or get into menu. Sorry if i am wrong but I didn't found it yet.