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Found 1 result

  1. jeremyb616


    Ok so I wont lie I was excited to play this game, all the good new additions to the game I seen since I last played it like a year or so ago. Finally not barebones anymore. Go to install it but what do I see in the steam reviews? EULA changes. Interesting.... and this is what I found Originally posted by System Era Softworks: The information collected and used for the advertising may contain (without limitation) age and gender, number of times an advertisement is viewed, device identifiers, Internet usage and sites visited, and other information relevant for directing advertisements.(...)Our use of your information may include (1) the collection of your information by us, our affiliates, vendors, and business partners; and (2) the transfer of your personal information and other gameplay information to our affiliates, vendors, business partners, and to other third parties, including, without limitation, your home country, the United States government, and other sovereign countries. So this is concerning. Essentially can data mine our private info. Sell off to your investors and whoever else... I am also not a huge fan of Adams generic response/copy pasta to multiple negative reviews about the EULA Hello! Adam here from the dev team.Our EULA is a generic agreement meant to cover all current and future System Era titles. It’s broad to cover many circumstances that could be problematic and require forthrightness, especially since the passing of stronger privacy law in the EU. Astroneer does not contain any advertisements, and collects only telemetry required to enable in-game achievements and monitor game stability.If anyone wishes not to play Astroneer because of the content of the EULA, we understand and respect your decision. The EULA is what it is to enable us to make all the games we might wish to make, in all regions, abiding by all applicable law.Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for System Era. My email is I notice its everywhere on steam reviews but nowhere here...… strange EDIT: OHHHHHHHHHHHH that's why I don't see it being discussed here , so that's why you make people come to this forum instead of using steam, this way you can pre-approve any comment before it gets seen and create a nice little safe space