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Found 3 results

  1. I have an idea for a Navigation Tool that I think could help with exploring and finding your bases if you get lost. So I attached my "sketch" if you can call it one, lol, of the Navigation Tool. It's hard to understand from the picture. Basically, the tool will list the planets you've landed on and show the location of your beacons. Simple, but a bonus feature to it I thought of was that it could tell when the sun will reach the side you're on.You would simply just rotate the planet and see which side is lit up. Now obviously it would be hard to render a full/half rendered planet defined by millions of polys, but you don't have to! You can you the low rendered view you see when you look at a planet from really far away! The only thing that would be rendered is the location of the beacon. I'm not sure how you'd go about doing that but since it'll mostly be acting as a 3D image and not an object maybe that thought process could help. In the picture you'll see there's a spot I picked out on the backpack where the Nav Tool would reside. I thought it would be an appropriate spot considering the size I made the tool. Also I don't exactly have the Astroneer style down nor am I a good artist, but I tried to make a concept art of what the front view of the Navigation Tool would look like. I based it off the style of the Research Catalog since it was the only thing using a UI on an object. Anyways I saw that you liked my post on Twitter about my previous idea so I hope you like this one! I'll see if I can come up with anything else! Thank you again for an amazing game from an amazing team!
  2. I don't know if this was thought of already by System Era or anyone else. But it would be awesome to have a new system to travel too! In the end scene when you've activated all the core nodes and a portal opens. The tablet shows a line connecting to something new, as well as something previously discovered. That makes me think it's a new system and the path to it was just discovered. You could introduce new metals and other elements in the new system as well as have an updated catalog upon finding things in the system. I know it's a stretch and I'm not the smartest on coding, scripting and the likes. But if you make a new system for the game, if it's possible you could off-load the previous system and save the changes you made to it, then load the new system with the save data on your character from the save file. It seems like some of the models for rocks and foliage share similar looks between planets, it might help to off-load only the necessary objects and entities that wouldn't be in the new system. Though that could only apply if you create new objects and entities in the new system. My second idea comes from your video about the history and background of System Era, in a clip of old game footage it showed fuel being carried across a tether to the shuttle. It gave me the idea of a tram/carriage system that only works on tethers, so it uses a small slot to carry things like resources and other small objects back to the origin tether. (Which in this case would be the tether connected to your base.) It wouldn't have any other use than that but it would help with creating room in your inventory so you can continue collecting resources and such. In terms of how it probably wouldn't work seeing as it would be hard to distinguish an origin tether as the stopping point of the carriage system. Maybe it could work if you create a new type of tethers to be researched, maybe something along the lines of "Carriage Post" or something as the name. Since power seems to feed through normal tethers it can work the same as one, only this one allows the transport of small items between two posts. It could start from one post and travel until it reaches the other post. If tethers branch from one tether along the way you can put a Carriage post there and set it to pass through a specific connection. This method is a long shot since I don't know how the tethers are scripted/coded to function. But it would be useful nonetheless. Anyways that's just the start of my ideas. I'm still thinking of more things that would be a nice addition to the game. I love where it is so far and can't wait for more additions to the game! Keep doing what you're doing everyone at System Era, you make a lot of people happy with what you've created!
  3. I would like to see in the game not just costumes that change the appearance, but costumes that change the characteristics of the character. For example, higher jumps, an increase in the supply of oxygen, a more powerful beacon, accelerated assembly of resources, here you can come up with many ideas. Next, I would like to see enemies in the game - various life forms, both neutral and aggressive, from which you can collect resources for some new technologies, for the costumes that I mentioned above. If you add opponents, you can create costumes that will carry the characteristics for a more effective battle. If you introduce enemies, you need to introduce various weapons that can be switched instead of the collector. If the developers are interested in it, I’m ready to help, come up with monsters, weapons, costumes, I think very well and draw not bad. Русская Версия Хотелось бы увидеть в игре не просто костюмы меняющие облик, а костюмы, которые меняют характеристики персонажа. Например более высокие прыжки, увеличение запаса кислорода, более мощный маячок, ускоренную сборку ресурсов, тут можно много идей придумать. Далее хотелось бы увидеть в игре врагов - различные формы жизни как нейтральные так и агрессивные, с которых можно собирать ресурсы для каких то новых технологий, для костюмов, которые я упомянул выше. Если добавить противников то можно создать костюмы, которые будут нести характеристики для более эффективного ведения боя. Если ввести противников то нужно ввести различные оружия которые можно переключать вместо сборщика. Если разработчиков это заинтересует я готов помогать, придумывать монстров, оружия, костюмы, я очень хорошо придумываю и не плохо рисую.