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Found 13 results

  1. I have an idea for a Navigation Tool that I think could help with exploring and finding your bases if you get lost. So I attached my "sketch" if you can call it one, lol, of the Navigation Tool. It's hard to understand from the picture. Basically, the tool will list the planets you've landed on and show the location of your beacons. Simple, but a bonus feature to it I thought of was that it could tell when the sun will reach the side you're on.You would simply just rotate the planet and see which side is lit up. Now obviously it would be hard to render a full/half rendered planet defined
  2. I don't know if this was thought of already by System Era or anyone else. But it would be awesome to have a new system to travel too! In the end scene when you've activated all the core nodes and a portal opens. The tablet shows a line connecting to something new, as well as something previously discovered. That makes me think it's a new system and the path to it was just discovered. You could introduce new metals and other elements in the new system as well as have an updated catalog upon finding things in the system. I know it's a stretch and I'm not the smartest on coding, scripting a
  3. I would like to see in the game not just costumes that change the appearance, but costumes that change the characteristics of the character. For example, higher jumps, an increase in the supply of oxygen, a more powerful beacon, accelerated assembly of resources, here you can come up with many ideas. Next, I would like to see enemies in the game - various life forms, both neutral and aggressive, from which you can collect resources for some new technologies, for the costumes that I mentioned above. If you add opponents, you can create costumes that will carry the characteristics for a more eff
  4. Hello, I've been with Astroneer since it was released early access, then I had an idea; adding in a useful tool that could be attached to a backpack or rover and will scan underground for minerals in the player's viscinity. Just a thought though...
  5. Not entirely sure what to call this or how you'd go by implementing it with the game's limited UI... but, I'd like to see some kind of tool or equipment that gives an indication of what we can find on a planet (not necessarily exactly where, just what's out there somewhere). At the moment the only way to determine which resources are available is to go out exploring and digging, and hoping you find something new. The problem with this comes when you don't already know what's available on the different planets - there's no way to know if you need to dig deeper to find what you're looking for or
  6. Hi, I think you could create more equipment for the backpack since I count the solar panels as equipment. You could put wings that use the energy that is in the lot, so it would be better than the normal fuel as the ship. (Sorry if something is spelled wrong because I'm using google translate)
  7. I would love to see a different or at least better building aspect in the game. The basic habitat and nodule devices is very limited. I am thinking about being able to build walls and doors or just compartments in general to protect from storms and to keep loose objects from flying into space. Maybe add a new tool that is expensive to build so it can't be done too early on. This tool would be able to build the walls, doors, windows, etc. I just think it would add to the game and give it a new aspect and something to work on.
  8. I just thought it would be cool if you added some kind of way to add special equipment to your astronaut which would give different perks like climbing gear would help you climb up terrain, jetpack would help you jump highter, etc. Would this take away the whole terrain tool purpose or would this be really cool?
  9. List of Ideas: 1- Add Stability to Truck when using drill, something that sticks into the ground and can be removed when finish drilling. 2- Add more resources and make the crafting more complicated, for example add carbon fibre which can be made from coal 'carbon' when put into a new machine like a science module which works much like the crafting bench but uses a lot of power, much like the fuel condenser. This would allow for longer time before leaving the planet. 3- Add satellites to space when you are orbiting your planet, these can be used for resources or a
  10. Through this link, you can see that there are two chairs. One is made in vehicle-printer(aluminum) and the other in normal-printer(mixture). First chair is fixed to rover and the second is attachable. What is so different and why couldn't every equipment be attachable?
  11. I think we should add more equipment ( almost like an rpg where you would have different items that do different things and different stats, e.g. basic helmet: 9 protection, no special effect. Upgraded Helmet: 18 protection, Gives you a 50% chance to survive a rock hitting you form a sandstorm. And about upgrading equipment, Normal tether length 9units, upgraded tether length, 18units, and also upgrading backpack space, normal backpack 8 slots, upgraded backpack 10 slots. I hope you take my ideas into consideration, this might not be what everyone wants, some people might want to keep the
  12. I personally think that due to the game currently not having a goal, it would be reasonable if the devs would consider keeping us eager testers occupied with some form of Player Vs Environment functionality, enabling us to engage more with worlds. In addition, I'd also like to request the implementation, or recognition at least, of various weapons that would be added alongside the hostile entities. Because currently, there's no session parameters, meaning that anyone is free to join anyone's session at their own will. However, please keep in mind, as a devoted and dedicated pre-alpha
  13. If one approaches the station with the rover and is connected with this, one loses connected equipment from the rover. See video.