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Found 3 results

  1. The ability to save custom objects as recipes and produce them later at the Printer. Of course some rules are in order: - objects need to be relatively simple 3D shapes (cuboids and other special case parallelepipeds, L-shapes, T-shapes, I-shapes/beams, flat tiles etc.) - maximum allowed size in all directions from the origin point (ergo the total volume of the finished figure) is limited to the working surface of the Printer - in order to be usable at all after printing, the object must have certain spots on its surface designated as contact points before the recipe is saved. Later, those contact points will be used to combine multiple simpler objects into more complex construct. Similarly, at least four of the object's sides must be denoted as "top", "bottom", "front" and "back" if it is to be rotated automatically to the desired orientation as soon as it is picked up from under the Printer nozzle. In rare cases, where the shape is very specific, a fifth side - "left" or "right" (dev choice) - may need to be labelled as well. The sixth side is inferred by the previous five. - a separate brand new type of platform or some kind of non-destructible surface may be needed during object creation. Without such surface it is hard to tell where the custom object ends and the ground starts - resource requirements for printing custom objects at the printer are determined by object size and complexity - if keeping too many custom objects in memory poses a problem for the game engine, then there must be a limit to the total number of recipes that can be saved In addition, it may be necessary to either allow players to change the size of the deform tool reticle OR tell the game in what scale the new object should be saved (e.g. it is relatively easy to make a cube with the current default reticle size but it is too big for the Printer; on the other hand a 1:4 version of said cube will fit nicely on top of the Printer but it can't be created unless the reticle is reduced in size as well). Spatial rotation will be an even greater addition but this may prove too much of a headache at this stage of development, especially if implemented alongside the idea for labelling object sides. Not to forget the endless list of player requests. What are the benefits of such an implementation? Primarily, a huge time saver in the long run. The forum is filled to the brim with discussions about flattening ground by hand, building walls, ramps, garages for vehicles and what not. Why start from scratch every time when you can have pre-made building blocks? With a couple of bricks, beams and tiles at hand, each consecutive base will be easier to build and organize. Then come aesthetics and of course the feeling of accomplishment after polishing the perfect tile for an hour.
  2. Circumstances: Still working on destroying a small-sized mountain / big hill to see what it's made of. Managed to remove one third of the thing, starting from the top, before going to bed yesterday. Loading the save again this morning, I was able to see the removed part back in place. Only it was not really there. Getting closer to the formation made the resurrected mountaintop disappear proving that only the visual effect is persisting at a very specific distance. The hill is situated 18 tethers away from my home base in a straight line (a tether being the maximum distance one tether pylon can be placed away from the next one without severing the connection). The effect does not appear immediately after loading the save but rather on approach, near the 13th and 14th tether The effect can be reproduced by exiting to the main menu of the game then loading the save again. Platform: PC, Windows 10 64-bit, Mouse & keyboard, Steam, intel i7 CPU and nVidia GPU all with latest drivers/software updates. Playing at 1920x1080 resolution, fullscreen, with VSync off.
  3. Circumstances: Leveling down a mountain to see what's inside. There is a big marble-like chunk of rock near the top which stayed in the air after I removed all terrain around it. Tried using the deform tool all over the boulder itself just in case there's some tiny speck of dust left holding it in place. No success. There seems to be an invisible mesh around some of the edges of the rock which prevents me to use the deform tool on them. Platform: PC, Windows 10 64-bit, Mouse & keyboard, Steam, intel i7 CPU and nVidia GPU all with latest drivers/software updates.