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Found 5 results

  1. vizthex

    Recycling Plants

    So I saw another thread who said something about this (Link below, or maybe at the bottom of the page depending on how it wants to work...) But having a recycling plant would be cool, and different versions too. Perhaps a building with a grinder on top, and you throw stuff into this bin and click a button then its recycled (and has a buffer that can hold 1 - 2 medium items) [Looks like an industrial shredder almost, but more futuristic] Like a small version that can recycle hand crafted items (So a Small generator gives you back a quarter of the Compound to craft it) and gives 25% of the items back A Vehicle version (that can recycle Medium, Small and Wrecks you find, as well as the random bits of tech strewn everywhere) that also gives 50% A Large version (built in a base) that can recycle Medium and Small items for 75% of the Resources required (But costs more than the vehicle one) An Extra Large version (which is like a Large, but you need to upgrade the Large to get it) that gives back 100% of the items, and can recycle Rovers as well (if you drive them inside the grinder on top) Anyways, these are my thoughts on it. Would be very very good if we could make one, and perhaps a trash can that you can put Small items into to get rid of them (Worms are great for this, but are only on 1 planet)
  2. vizthex

    Modding Support

    I know this is on Trello already, but I really hope we cna see Steam Workshop support for mods! Or even if it had to go Minecraft-y and you'd need to put files in a certain area or something. I've always loved mods, it gives games even more replayability and is super cool to see the community help out in small ways. (Plus I want to make a mod for my transport suggestion) [Also wanted to see how people respond]
  3. I love the new Research system, it's much better than the old one in my opinion but has its limits. After researching everything (like I have) Bytes and Research are rendered, you should add something to do with them (And also more stuff to research, but my system will balance out with it I think) After researching everything, you should be able to do stuff with Bytes (Like a Leaderboard of who gets the most in a week that rewards you with special stuff that can be used in each world or something) Or, (better yet), you could make Research pods turn into Items and any Bytes you currently have become a Research pod (A special one that can only be gained by this, and maybe is just a orange box or something) and that turns into varying items (every 1k Bytes is +1 random item) Anyway, those are my thoughts. Love the new system otherwise.
  4. If possible, can the player automatically store your deformer when you start running? This will allow the user to run from danger without the difficulties of the restricted view angles while the tool is in hand. A second request that has likely been asked many times before, can we have "click to sprint" similar to other games? My carpal tunnel is not a fan of holding the thumbstick in.
  5. I can run the game in full screen or the default windowed mode on Windows 10 but I am unable to resize the screen. I run a 4K monitor and really would like to stream the game but it's a pain (with obvious drawbacks) to run in full screen and not have access to anything else without it being visible on streem. Not looking for a free resize if that would be an issue, but at least offer to set the windowed mode to specific window sizes (such as 1920x1080)