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Found 2 results

  1. (Steam version The Research Module when filled with any unknown object wet to be researched, when opened its module menu in order to start its function...(one mouse left click uncover button cap, second click activate green button, but when accidentally pressed following a third click it immediately cancel the research eliminating the current object. Consider adding a 1 to 3 second cooldown so this can be avoided. Also, add to research items, a short description for each.
  2. Sorry for the long post there a TL;DR at the bottom As a coop multiplayer it would be nice to have classes so as to separate activities within a group but also they shouldn’t be locked to a save game. Add an Arsenal + Wardrobe: kinda like Warframe’s where you would be able to switch backpacks and therefore classes so it wouldn’t interfere with the cosmetics of you character and change the cosmetics of your character like colours, suits or whatever they are planning to make Add a (can’t think of a name): crafts upgrades for your backpack using different materials according to