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Found 3 results

  1. This happens a lot when I get in and out of rovers of all types; scout buggies, tractors, large buggies. Sometimes when I get back in, the engine seems "dead." As in, there is battery power but the rover acts like there isn't any and won't go. If I save, quit, and reload the save, it works again.
  2. There is an engine error on the ship. Please note that I attached the YouTube video link. The video is over 24mb and I only have to link to YouTube.
  3. first let me say gg and keep up the good work. this is just a topic to take a more in depth look at the plans for the upcoming overall for terrain mapping and the like and where the dev team is at this time. i feel like the game right now is limited by a few factors but i think one in it self is the game engine or some bad code somewhere idk i dont make games so i wanted to ask what takes the most draw from my hardware while playing the game. my instincts tell me its the render distance/speed the game needs to constantly keep track of a ton of objects that are within the physics range so while i think adding new stuff to the game is a cool idea to have the objects be a limited in size due to the physics render distance is kind sad as this limits the size and scope of the game moving forward as you always have to consider the physics range. i think in order for the game to grow into a better version of it self it needs to get out of its tiny planters pot and get a larger pot with a bigger area to move around in. if the creative side of your dev team is being limited by the limits or restrictions of the engine then i think you have to decide now rather then later if your going to switch over to a more accommodating setup for the scope of what they want the game to be if you wait then you just have to do more work later porting things over that you made to add content and the like. uprooting a plant can be dangerous if its stayed in the pot to long it can go into shock when it gets moved to a bigger area you also have to make sure that you have the dirt to replant your game in the larger container however the benefit is. if the plant feels ok in the new pot it has new areas to spread into and can grow taller and bloom larger with deeper roots in the community as long as you keep putting in the effort to water it each day. its time to take a real look at what you have what you want to get what you can get and whats the best way to optimise it all to fit together as you implement new items. ask the creative side of the team if the walls are preventing the plant from growing.?? ?️gl and go team