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  1. I saw someone talking about it on discord and I might have an idea how it might look in the game. The splitters might be something like cubes with four power sockets around them. On the bottom is a slot like other modules have. If the splitter is set on the floor it gets a base like other small modules (wind turbine, solar panel) but if it is placed on a base it can take power from the bottom slot and may distribute them through the four power sockets and vice versa. The splitters can be stacked to build something like a splitter tower or vertical power strip. The switch might look like a splitter with only two power sockets on opposite sites and the top slot is exchanged (for the fun) like a huge illuminated power switch. Turned on power may pass this module, if turned off no power will pass. But now, as a bonus, comes the funky part: If a switch is placed on top of a splitter(tower) it controls all modules below it. Attention: But if a splitter is placed on top of the switch it turns into a simple true/false logic switch. If the module(splitter) on top of the switch is powered the switch itself turns on and allows power passing. Currently there's no use for such a logic switch but who knows what comes.
  2. As stated, if I place Auto extractor on a large rover with 2 RTGs, the rover starts to deplete its battery in motion as if Auto extractor was using all the energy from the RTGs, which makes such config useless. I either have to package the Auto extractor or drive a little, remove it from the rover, let it charge and drive a little more.
  3. I would personally love if the turbines would turn if you were driving a vehicle, if it worked like a spedometer. the way this works is using the logic of how turbines spin when wind passes, when your driving a vehicle it should make wind pass through the turbines creating energy. P.S. thanks for reading
  4. Btw we have a solar array, wich is extremely useful on planets like calidor. But what if we turn 180 degrees and look to glacio, on a planet like glacio we need electricity production based on wind, and having tons of medium wind turbines is not just anti aesthetic, it's an enormous waste of material AND SPACE. Thanks for your attention
  5. Seriously, why is this not a feature? When you dig soil without a canister, the soil can be seen and heard being incinerated through on outlet on the back. This should produce a small amount of power (1U/s?) from the thermal energy that it generates. It would be great for separate oxygenator networks where even being tethered does not recharge your backpack battery. And it is easy to implement.
  6. It would be a 1-space item, made with a nanocarbon alloy, or a new item (who knows) and it would generate from nothing 0.2 energy bar per second, a low rate but infinite energy. I think it's a good item and it would be very good for the endgame, you could put one of these and a portable oxygenator and make a very nice oxygen and energy supply. Because of the rate it wouldn't be that OP, because the oxygenator uses more so you couldn't have a permanent oxygen supply.
  7. I was thinking that it would be great to include in the game a way to create like a huge solar panel like the image, that is always looking at the sun and stuff, also make it harder to build, maybe make it require astronium or something like that, that way the astronium now has an use, same idea with a huge wind generator and huge fuel generator, maybe like the classic wind tubine, and something machine like for the fuel generator, also, like, for the small generator you need biofuel, the medium needs coal, and the big need some kind of refined fuel to work. maybe some air vehicles to move inside the planet? Also maybe make that the centrifugal dirt thing will give you more of some kind of resourses depending on which planet you are, like for example the dirt of earth gives you a bonus of compound, the moon gives you extra idk, extra resin, just an idea.
  8. Summary: Vehicles don't drain energy in multiplayer Description: In multiplayer mode, vehicles used by a player not hosting the game don't drain energy. Bug in game since version 0.9.0 from my experience. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 - version 17134 CPU: Intel i7-6700K 4.00GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 980 Ti RAM: G.Skill RipJaws 5 DDR4 3000 MHz CL14 - 4x8Go Drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 SATA 6Gb/s 3 To (ST3000DM001-1ER166)
  9. So, I dragged a fallen solar panel, those big ones, to my base. And now I have huge amount of power. But, there are anyway you can use them. I have a condenser running, but the fuel are un-tradeble now. I was visioning this kind of system: Player can build like a platform which act like a space gas station. NPC can drop there and have their ship refueled, repaired and maybe other stuffs. Player get reward from fulfill NPC's need. Like, rare stuffs, or byte points. Like that. Hows this sound?
  10. Hello! I have some small ideas for the game that are really cool. 1. Wind Turbines should be at full capacity during a storm. Seems illogical to me to not have any wind during a storm.. right? 2. Interstellar travel. travel to other stars, discover new types of planets and you will be able to choose your star with.. 3. The Observatory you could build an observatory to observe other solar systems, and gain knowledge about them so how do we use the knowledge about other solar systems??.. 4. The Spaceship (idk find a cool name) When building it, it will be placed in orbit of your current planet, and when you wish to go to another solar system, go on to the spaceship and choose your observed solar system. (much like the shuttle but with the observatory) you can always go back if you wish. 5. Add Types of Sun Add red giants, add white dwarfs, add all the stars you could ever know. 6. Add Space Stations It will be nice to add space stations and observe other planets of the current solar system. and find out diffirent things about that planet! (Hostility, Storms , Minerals , and other stuff such as....) 7. Soil Density this will get annoying on some planets, the soil could be denser, harder to mine, you get more soil, but you mine slower. 8. Space Elevator it could be cool to build a space elevator to space stations. and could be a must for the spaceship. 9. Asteroid Belts and Comets. There should be asteroid belts with asteroids (duuh) with different minerals, colors, and density. Comets could be rare, temporary , with juicy, rare minerals. 10. Add Large Solars and Winds
  11. Hey! Is is normal, that the big rover drains energy even when standing alone, not in use... It's more than a big wind turbine can support. BR, Jan
  12. There is a certain type of mushroom in the game which produces two seeds when it dies. Currently the seeds can be used to grow even more mushrooms, which is useless. My suggestions/ideas are: 1. Make the seeds be researchable, it will bring motivation to grow the plants and consume the seeds for researching the bytes. 2. Treat the seeds as an organic item. The small energy generator, which consumes organic, should be able to consume a seed as well. Another reason to grow the mushrooms. 3. Fully grown mushrooms should produce energy spots around them. Collecting the energy will be another motivation for the farming. 4. Allow to trade the seeds using the trade platform. Another trading resource is always valuable, especially when the trade platform will be nerfed. P.S. I have searched entire forum with Google, but could not find this ideas anywhere. Also I have read the pinned posts, and I hope my input is valuable.
  13. Today i build my first "Medium Wind Turbine" ever. But i saw a just bug... (it IS producing energy) It's totally new save at version
  14. For the last 2 months i've had issues where the energy doesn't transfer from my base at all, or anywhere around the base. I have unplugged the devices, uninstalled, verified and re plugged everything back and nothing. I also found this error, where i would get out of the vehicle and it would fly away I hope this leads to further development, i love this game and i really wanna get back to playing it; keep up the good work and please fix this bug! bandicam 2018-04-21 21-35-52-685Trim.mp4 bandicam 2018-04-21 21-35-52-685Trim.mp4
  15. I accidentally printed something with (A) button, and then quickly tried to stop it again with (A) button. This worked, in a sense. I got my Compound back in full and nothing it being printed. But the printing sound is still on and the 2 bars of energy I lost aren't regenerating. I then tried printing something else. It printed, the printing sound stopped, but now my backpack energy isn't regenerating at all. Videos here:
  16. 0.6.2 - Steam - Base energy stopped permanently All platform connecting cables stopped flowing electricity. Astroneer can't recharge his backpack. All platforms have maximum energy output even when emptied and/or disconnected. Reconnecting cables doesn't change anything. Restarting game doesn't help. (Screenshot Included) Steam 0.6.2 OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit x64 | 1709 | Build 14393.693 CPU: Intel i7-6700K 4GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 16GB RAM: 16 GB (DIMM DDR4, 2400 MHz) Drive: ADATA SP550 250GB
  17. So I started off a world on my laptop, and brought it to my Xbox one. Everything was working perfectly fine, but then maybe 2 days later, no platforms were accepting energy and my base wasn't making energy anymore. I tried to make something on the printer but the option to "use" was gone. I even had 2 small solar panels attached to it and a small wind turbine, but they wouldn't do anything to the printer. Not even putting a small generator did anything when I activated it and put it on the platform. My world is useless now because it can't do anything, someone please help me.
  18. Hello guys, I really like the new ways of basebuilding, and to have more flexibility (and less cables), I'd like to have a form of wireless energy transmitting. So here is my idea: There are two items you need to create a wireless energy system: A sender and a receiver. The sender requires a double slot like, for example, a medium solar panel, and converts the energy it gets from the platform it's placed on into invisible wireless waves with a limited range. The receiver (which requires a single slot and can also stand alone and be connected to something, just like the small solar panel), receives those waves and converts them back into "normal" energy. It can be placed on anything, like the other single slot items. This is a sketch I've made to illustrate my idea. What do you guys think? Do you have anything to add to this idea (material costs, maximum range, ...)? Please let me know.
  19. 0.6.1 - STEAM - Car doesn't recharge While i was away in exploration, my car battery died, and the car refused to use the extra batteries I provided, nor charge while a solar panel and turbine were put on top of it. I also used natural energy item on top of it and didn't use it neither. The only way it accepted charge was by puting the panel on the ground and connecting the cable. (In the photo, the solar panel wasn't working cause there was no sun.... what i want you to look at are the batteries and the red cable, that means i'm steering the vehicle but it won't move cause "there is no energy left")
  20. Summary: - steam - Power jumping disconnected platforms Description: When I add a power stack to a platform close to another platform with a smelter on it but not connected, the power jumps to the smelter. The smelter has two small generators attached to it. I don't believe I ever connected the platform in question to the smelter platform directly, but maybe through the medium platform between them. See video attached. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: astroneer_bug_v0610_powerjumpingplatform.mp4
  21. I play Astroneer via steam on my PC. My problems are: - Astronaut's power does not reduces during digging, only on item creation. This problem appeared after research update and still exists. - I am not able to power vehicle from collected energy, as it was before. - Small rover energy capacity is too low after update, it makes rover useless. Small advises: - Please fix amount of stones and relief things, because it is quite hard to use any transport, or add flying one. - Please add more things to create/use, cause it takes very few time to achieve all you may create. - Please think about people who like to create underground bases, it difficult to and not very useful now. - Add plats growing station to create bio-fuel for generators, pls. It will be logical and practical. - Your last base building update is GREAT! Thanks!
  22. Hello, I found a bug which pretty much allows me to use infinite energy even if it is disconnected to every source of power. Save File: Infinite See:
  23. i like astroneer .. i thought it nedded a research update also .. but until the idea behind the update is good, the implementation is catastrophic research station is an energy hog, and the technologies are way too expensive, the research has the top energy priority to "buy" a good technology you have to be all day just loading items in station because the are so expensive that you need to research many items ... in addition the research station drains the energy of all my base turning it off and useless ... so i cant do anything else while collecting bytes, it is really boring and frustrating .. while researching i leave the game running in background while browsing internet, forums or whatever i like the research system in SYSTEM SHOCK 2 (the best game in history, but poorly marketed) ... i like astroneer would take some ideas from this masterpiece, for example.. - classify items and technologies in categories, e.g.: rock, organic, alien, hardware, augments, etc - loading items in station enables you to research technologies just of its own category (this way you also could put some categories exclusively to some planets) - at some point(s) in the middle of research, it asks for some resource (e.g.: composite, copper, etc) to continue researching or choosing a path between posible results - make advanced technologies requires some "research experience level" (of some specific category?), gainied by researching basic technologies first, buying somewhere or whatever - make the research station NOT TO DRAIN THE WHOLE BASE'S ENERGY (make it drain just the HALF of the stream, or customize some way for example) so until slower you can still continue playing
  24. Maybe it's small thing but i think it's worth mentioning. The wind turbine during storm isn't necessary working. I guess it's just working in normal mode (that's another thing that turbines seems to be working randomly eg. two close placed turbines can in the same time work and not) but it's funny to see giant storm throwing things around and the turbines are sitting still as if nothing was happening. It would be nice to see some extra boost during storm in energy but at least they should work.
  25. Being on space, shouldn't energy conservation be one of the most important things after oxygen? I try being careful so I take solar power and wind or organic with the rover. I noticed I never ever used. Its so easy to find energy in the caves that you end up with more energy blocks than actual minerals. Also batteries should be a big thing. I guess in space they use batteries to store solar power. But in the game, specially after research update, batteries are kind of useless, as research will suck their energy in seconds. e they use batteries to store solar power. But in the game, specially after research update, batteries are kind of useless, as research will suck their energy in seconds.