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Found 4 results

  1. Zeribax

    Zombie Astronauts?

    So basically imagine a parasitic plant that can take over the dead corpses of failed astronauts. Now hear me out, you've probably heard this a dozen times, but imagine you're going through a cave. You see an astronaut standing up and walking, as you approach him you slowly see a yellow glow on the side of his head. He shrieks and charges at you as you sprint back above ground no idea how to fight him. Lots of research needs to be put into research I guess...
  2. Eventually we are going to need some dangerous mobile critters to up the challenge of life on Terra. How about a predatory 30ft long hungry worm that burrows around "Tremmors-style" looking (or rather listening) for carefree space adventurers clomping along the surface and crawling through caverns. It would have terrible eyesight, but sensitive to footstep vibrations and other noises, which will pique it's curiosity. Given the terrain altering nature of the game, this would be the perfect opportunity to have a creature that burrows through the ground, not only leaving tell-tale mole-track ridges (visible tracking of it's path), but imagine the network of tunnels it would leave in it's wake. The player could observe and anticipate the path of the creature as a warning of an attack or we can lure it into a trap and crush it under a pile of falling rubble. A "thumper" type of device could be crafted that when activated around your base could drive the critter away. Best of all, imagine the tunnels it would leave behind for us to explore. Maybe the worm secrets a glowing mucus Containing oxygen that prevents suffocation to encourage you to chase after the monster and engage it on it's own turf. It could leave behind valuable eggs or droppings that provide incentive for the player to track them down. Imagine the tense hide-n-seek sessions deep underground as player and worm take turns as hunter and prey.
  3. ♛EaSy0♛

    New Planet

    With more planets, the game will be better, I suppouse that developers are working to create new planets, but I have an idea to create a new planet, is the planet of the film called Pitch Black, a very good film, this planet has all time light of the Sun, once 22 years(in game shorter) there are 1 day all time night, at night, in the film, there are lot of enemies, that die with the lights, and are very aggressive. I know in Astroneer there isnt enemies, so at night, there can be all types of natural disasters. I would like this idea to be of help. I will put an image of the planet. Ty
  4. magicbarnacle

    Moving enemies and bosses.

    Enemies should be implemented to make the game more challenging.