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Found 7 results

  1. Enemies: Plant based enemies , Enemies on each planet , Bosses at every core Weapons: Pistol(by default) Shotgun Automatic weapons Bazooka(uses explosive powder) Also add first person mode Add enemy bytes so you can upgrade your weapons.
  2. There should be more of a challenge in the game then just oxygen, or spitting plants that you can easily dig underneath from far distances. It just gets a bit boring while mining or creating machines, as there is no threat except for immobile plants and oxygen.
  3. Xbox Just add new stuff, don´t change the oxygen or battery it´s already disfficult, don´t add monsters. The only thing we want is a free exploring game without the need of a constant danger like Minecraft, also, IT DOESN´T HAS TO BE A REALISTIC G
  4. Understanding that this game is unique and that the core concept is to survive against the environment. I have been thinking about how one could increase the threat level of survivability without adding 'combat' per se. In that let me explain. Concept: You land on a planet, once you have landed a 'Area of effect' meter is established. This meter expands when you expand your base (or area of effect/footprint on the planet). Once your bases AOE hits a certain threshold the local life starts to become more aggressive. This could range from the spawn rate/location of spawn increasing over time and closer to your base to new types of lifeforms spawning over time that do different things. Perhaps a deadly fungus/mold that spreads across the surface, making areas impassible or something. (many non-combat ideas exist) The 'AOE' meter or 'footprint on the planet' would continue to expand as your base did, and the threat would continue to increase accordingly and in turn your response to the threat needs to increase. Input: Looking for a good constructive conversation on this idea. And will edit/credit accordingly.
  5. This game has potential bc it's a sandbox type game and is early in its life so we should consider things that wouldn't get boring. Weapons and different space suits and attachments would be awesome. Or imagine you kill some rare alien in a cave and it drops something and you make into a awesome tool or weapon and I think more weather conditions would be interesting. Maybe even colonies of aliens for trading.
  6. So, I started this game 2 days ago and holy crap im impressed, and so is my friend, this is the most finished early access game ive ever played, and the graphics are AAA level despite being low poly. But i was walking around and I noticed this empty feeling to the world. So I thought "it would be awesome if there was some kind of opposition that isnt a vegetable". So heres the idea i have. Adding modifications to your mining tool, and one of these mods can be a cannon. Something that shoots a relatively slow ball of energy with a single click, and shoots a hyper fast lazor when you click and hold (if you play planetside 2 youll see that i got the idea from the vanu AT weapons) taking a base amount of 2 and 10 bars of energy respectively. With the modifications there can be upgrades as well, say this weapon mode you have on your tool now is very inaccurate, slow firing, does low damage, and has a slow projectile velocity because its just this thing you added as a secondary mode. There can be upgrades that increase accuracy, energy efficiency, projectile velocity, fire rate, charge time (for the laser part), and damage. Now for the enemy part, the idea i have is creatures that are a threat, but dont look threatening to fit the aesthetics of the game. What would be good is if most of them are about the size of your character, that way theyre big enough to be scary and get shot. This could open doors for more resource depth as well. The creatures im thinking of are things that resemble earth creatures such as bears and foxes, as well as sci fi ones that resemble that short stubby astronaut in the menu wearing what looks like a 1950s russian space suit looking thing. For the petpart, i was thinking of a domestication system, the animals can aide you in combat, and the bipedal ones can be used for utility (mining, gathering, etc). If possible it would be awesome to be able to ride a creature, so that you essentially have a vehicle that has no storage space and is slower, but has infinite energy. The animal riding fits the current wonky driving system as well. If anyone says that the creatures are unrealistic because theres no atmosphere, come on, there are plants. This is just an outline of something i think would make the game more interesting on the surface, because i find the game too relaxed there.
  7. Day 1 I want to start this off by saying I love the concept of this game and I think it has huge potential. Now, lets get into the nitty gritty. After playing the game for a few hours on Xbox with 3 of my buddies, I wanted to share some ideas that might make the game even more compelling and exciting. The idea I want to focus on today is DANGER and how it can be used more effectively in this game to create a more thrilling gaming experience. Lets take a look at the current ways the play can die(there might be more, but that is okay because I am only referring to the first 3-5 hours of gameplay experience, which is an important part of the game because many gamers can drop a game after that much time) Current Ways of Death Suffocation Falling Large Heights Environmental Danger (i.e Green Gas, Storm Rocks) These elements create excitement for the game! Not the only excitement obviously but an important part of it. Now, of all these methods of death, I found the most thrilling to be Suffocation. Once you're caught in a storm, or have accidentally ventured out too far from a tether, you get a thrilling feeling. You realize you are in a high risk situation and it creates that awesome experience of you having to sprint back to base trying, saving yourself from death. This is the feeling that I believe the game could use more of. Next way to die is Falling Large Heights, which is also super fun! However, its presence in the game is not as big as I think it should be. I believe there is opportunity for this type of danger, and in many forms. One being the caves; there should be parts of the underground that are massive depths, making the player tread more carefully when turning corners and sprinting. Another opportunity is aboveground cliffs, hills and mountains that will create the same effect of making the player tread more carefully. Environmental Danger is next on the list of ways to die, and this also has huge potential with simple solutions(when I say simple, I mean idea-wise, not technical wise.) Green gas is awesome; its mysterious, dangerous, kills you quickly and an exciting threat... We need more of this. We need boiling puddles of black goo. We need liquid nitrogen. We need blue lava... These are just examples and there might be things similar to what I am saying in the game down the road, but I would just like to see more than green gas, at least within the first 3-5 hours, so we know its not the only dangerous material. Storms are also super exciting. They make everyone enter a panic mode and feel like a super hero fighting for their life. From my experience so far, they have yet to kill me but I still find them thrilling. To make these a little more eventful, I think they can have additional attributes such as thunder/lightning, gusts of wind that knock you off your feet, not just rocks blowing but useful materials being blown in them(this is great because it will allow people the option to risk their life for these materials or create some type of filtering system to acquire the useful items.) In addition to Storms, I think there should be an alternative type of storm; one that will affect Astroneers who are underground... Earthquakes. This way the Astroneers below the surface have a similar danger to worry about as well(they don't feel nice and safe, tucked away below the surface) and they have the same thrill as when a storm arrives. Lastly... The Big Void in the Danger Department of Astroneers.... ENEMIES! Nothing can be more creepy than discovering another life form. As of now, I did not see any hints of other life(aside from other crashed Astroneers) but having the chance to encounter other life, whether it be dangerous or friendly, would be an exciting event worth exploring for. I will leave it up to you to work enemies/other life into the game, but I believe this game needs it. The environment is a great enemy, but it will become a boring obstacle eventually. A live creature to conquer provides more incentive and motivation to keep playing. Thanks for reading! I hope the team is in good spirits for creating such a unique and inspiring game!