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Found 7 results

  1. Enemies: Plant based enemies , Enemies on each planet , Bosses at every core Weapons: Pistol(by default) Shotgun Automatic weapons Bazooka(uses explosive powder) Also add first person mode Add enemy bytes so you can upgrade your weapons.
  2. There should be more of a challenge in the game then just oxygen, or spitting plants that you can easily dig underneath from far distances. It just gets a bit boring while mining or creating machines, as there is no threat except for immobile plants and oxygen.
  3. Xbox Just add new stuff, don´t change the oxygen or battery it´s already disfficult, don´t add monsters. The only thing we want is a free exploring game without the need of a constant danger like Minecraft, also, IT DOESN´T HAS TO BE A REALISTIC G
  4. Understanding that this game is unique and that the core concept is to survive against the environment. I have been thinking about how one could increase the threat level of survivability without adding 'combat' per se. In that let me explain. Concept: You land on a planet, once you have landed a 'Area of effect' meter is established. This meter expands when you expand your base (or area of effect/footprint on the planet). Once your bases AOE hits a certain threshold the local life starts to become more aggressive. This could range from the spawn rate/location of spawn increasing over tim
  5. This game has potential bc it's a sandbox type game and is early in its life so we should consider things that wouldn't get boring. Weapons and different space suits and attachments would be awesome. Or imagine you kill some rare alien in a cave and it drops something and you make into a awesome tool or weapon and I think more weather conditions would be interesting. Maybe even colonies of aliens for trading.
  6. So, I started this game 2 days ago and holy crap im impressed, and so is my friend, this is the most finished early access game ive ever played, and the graphics are AAA level despite being low poly. But i was walking around and I noticed this empty feeling to the world. So I thought "it would be awesome if there was some kind of opposition that isnt a vegetable". So heres the idea i have. Adding modifications to your mining tool, and one of these mods can be a cannon. Something that shoots a relatively slow ball of energy with a single click, and shoots a hyper fast lazor when you c
  7. Day 1 I want to start this off by saying I love the concept of this game and I think it has huge potential. Now, lets get into the nitty gritty. After playing the game for a few hours on Xbox with 3 of my buddies, I wanted to share some ideas that might make the game even more compelling and exciting. The idea I want to focus on today is DANGER and how it can be used more effectively in this game to create a more thrilling gaming experience. Lets take a look at the current ways the play can die(there might be more, but that is okay because I am only referring to the first 3-5 h