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Found 1 result

  1. Hello again! In the creative mode we have numerous settings like "Solar Time Multiplier", etc. That gave me an idea that all equipment in our game might have some kind of expiration date after which it would need some manual repair. And players who doesn't want that feature could just tweak some "Equipment Expiration Multiplier" to 0 in creative mode (or it could be 0 by default, while adjustable in creative). I do want that feature being adjustable in creative because I'm seeing this as a kind of mini-game that pushes players to revisit all their settlements for "taking care" of; and higher "Equipment Expiration Multiplier" would increase a need for it. Also, you could make this "reparation" process easier, reducing it to fixing a local energy source; suggesting that all buildings and vehicles linked to that source would be repaired automatically. Also-also: fixing an energy source might require some RANDOM resource. !!! That would provide player with additional SURPRISING challenge on each settlement, making this "endless gameplay" more addictive.