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Found 8 results

  1. Platform: Xbox Problem: When I finished the main story and placed the last special puzzle piece into place to trigger the ending cutscene, everything went as it should, that is until it ended. I saw the credits, thanked Paul, and then I was back at the menu, seemingly by design. However, upon loading my save, I realized it doesn't save prior or after the cutscene, so I lost the last 4 hours of progress composed of farming a ton of ammonium, digging the entire tunnel from the surface to the core of Glacio, getting the puzzle pieces needed, and finishing the game. Background: Nothing special or out of the ordinary was happening, I didn't even have any research going or anything else going on. I was simply just trying to enjoy the game. Note: This is incredibly demotivating. I did get the galaxy skin and palette unlock thankfully, but losing that much progress because I was attempting to play the game as it was designed was and still is deeply upsetting.
  2. I made a desperate dash and awakened the last 4 planets in about 2 and a half hours. WOOOOO! P.S. I hate Atrox sooooo much P.P.S. Why'd it dump me back on Sylva? I had to go get my shuttle back :(.
  3. This game was released TWO MONTHS ago, but you still cannot complete it on Xbox because it crashes EVERY TIME during the ending animation. Also, the animation and audio are out of sync.
  4. It has been TWO MONTHS since this game was released and v1.0.15.0 STILL CRASHES DURING THE ENDING SEQUENCE!!! The audio is also still out of sync during the ending animation.
  5. I just tried to complete the game with v1.0.13.0 and it crashes in the same spot (right after the drop pod is launched).
  6. Along with crashing during saves, and crashing while tunneling to the planet core, the game crashes during the ending sequence, EVERY TIME. The game cannot be completed!
  7. BigAT70

    Cutscene Crash

    So everytime I've completed the endgame on the unidentified satellite the game goes through the cutscenes and the credits but always goes back to the dashboard when the scene is about to finish. Is that normal and when loading back in, is it supposed to go back to before you activate the satellite? This game is great and looking forward to way is going to be continually added.
  8. This is my idea of what the story of Astroneer should be: Prologue: You and your crew of Astroneers are exploring a strange signal coming from an uncharted system. Upon approaching an area of ship debris, your team realise you've fallen into a trap. An EMP blast, knocking out your ship and sending down onto terran. Your ship is destroyed and pieces of it are thrown all across the surface. For multiplayer, all players escape pods land in a near vicinity. Game start: You emerge from your escape pod with the hatch bursting off and falling out onto the planet's surface. Your oxygen supply comes from your escape pod (not a habitat) and you receive your terrain tool from nearby debris. Once you collect enough materials, you can start your base wherever you want by building a habitat. You then travel around the world reassembling your ship and attempting to establish contact with "Exo Dynamics": not response. When you make a shuttle, you can go out to orbit and create a space station where you can reassemble your ship from the collected debris. [Not sure where to go from here] Ending: You find the villains behind your demise and put an end to their destruction. It's pretty average but I'm not the developer!