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Found 13 results

  1. Ben Durch

    Can’t Beat The Game

    So i thought it’d be super cool to build a base on the satellite with a shelter in the middle. Little did i know that you cannot move a shelter nor can you select whatever is inside to get the “and beyond” achievement. Im kinda mad about it. There’s a floaty orb in the middle that i cannot access. Please allow us to use the packager on shelters.
  2. Hi! yesterday i completed the game by activating all cores etc. Today i did the tutorial to get the achievement (scince i did not do that before starting my world). when i went to my ordinary world to go achievementhunting, i spawned as the "exo suit". When i looked, all my cosmetics were gone, including my retro suit.
  3. System era, I hope you are reading this cause I have just finished the game and I have a bit to say about the bugs I saw after activating the satellite. First of all, once the player is looking at the catalog showing the other solar systems, the screen then freezes, then blacks out, and finally comes back. In doing this, the music is ahead of what is actually happening and making it disruptive for the player that worked hard to get to this point in time. Another bug is that after the credits and thank you page, the game suddenly is exited and back on the Xbox home page. This makes the game unable to save what just happened. I was still able to get the galactic suit after all of this and everything else with it so I was satisfied. Do note that this was done on a regular Xbox 1 and I did this test TWICE and got the same result. I do hope that you can fix this so that other Xbox players after me can enjoy beating the game after the hard work that was put into this game.
  4. For instance one of the planets requires explosive powder to unlock the core. OK how would I know that before getting down there? It seems like my choices (without cheating and reading a wiki) are: 1. Go to core, figure out what material is needed, die to get back and lose equipment 2. Build a big ass ramp to the core so I can get back easily Option 1 means losing equipment, 2 means spending an hour, maybe 2 making a ramp (and making 7 big ass ramps sounds really boring) Is there some sort of clue to what is needed at the core before you get there? There should be! Like show me a hologram of the element symbol as soon as I unlock the first gateway.
  5. tiger1pl

    A Game Ending

    I think we need an ending to this game, there isin't a goal if you build and research everything. I suggest that there should be alot of new galaxies and at the end we can find earth ? Maybe ? 👉You would have to build a space ship to travel through galaxies. 👉More Space accesories, rockets, engines, space ships. 👉Ending scene ? 👉New ores in new galaxies. That's my suggestion i hope you like it
  6. Idea for a "Personnel Teleporter" in Astroneer. The Personnel Teleporter is a deployable module simular to a Habitat. Allows instant-ish travel between planets providing the player provides enough energy to transport the player Crafting: Using Astronium and iron that are currently useless "aside from research" copper and titanium. Made in an advanced crafting module/printer using 2 astronium 1 titanium and 1 lithium the player can make a sort of teleporter core that is required to make the teleporter. using 4 iron the teleporter frame can be made. using 1 copper and 1 lithium a Large capacitor can be made. Large Capacitor allows for the instant discharge of energy needed to power the core and send the player to another planet/location placing the core and capacitor into the frame (the frame can be an inbetween size of the starting "homebase" and the habitats) allows for the module to be charged. Similar to the research chamber the amount of "energy units" put into the module the faster it does stuff. Teleporter frame could have room for more than one Capacitor allowing for further traveling distance from planet to planet rarther than from location to location on a planet. Advanced crafting module allows for different combinations of items to be made into something new. Read on the road map that crafting will be revisited. so this could be a way to change it up. my initial idea for the frame was that it would be made COMPLETELY inside the Advanced crafting ie so you could make 2 fly to the desired planet unpack the lot and it would be ready. however it makes the process hassle free and to recive such a QOL improvement should require some effort. mechanics; the Charge inside the capacitor works in similar ways to a shuttle. aside from the fact it is ALL used regardless of the distance traveled. the same menu is used to teleport to and fro places on a planet with the major difference that you can only teleport between Teleporters. So this means you will have had to go there before with the shuttle to make a base and a teleporter frame etc. (a teleporter frame DOESNT need energy to recive an incoming player only to send one. however the Teleporter core is required to do both.) in order to charge the capacitors they simply need to be placed onto a platform. (to make the capacitor a pain in the butt you could cause it to kill the player if placed in the inventory and it discharges if its left to long.) capacitor can be charged inside teleporter frame and doesnt discharge. holding E allows the player to climb in. holding Q when inside or out allows for the Planet/Location target to be set. then the Teleporter sends the player to the selected location after a 3 second Energizing sequence in which the player can cancel the teleport. The general thought behind using Astronium and Iron is that its going to require alot of Exploration (deep for astronium and distant planets for Iron ore.) i haven't put much thought into the Graphical Design or anything as i dont consider myself talented enough, however if someone sees this and likes it and also happens to be Artistically competent please make some graphics and post them or something.
  7. I think the current system for research is fine for the basics, but by the time I was ready to leave Terran to find new resources, I already had all of the research points I needed to unlock everything, and a bunch of extra resource pods that I had dug out but never carried back to base. While I ended up creating a research scanner on the next two planets, I wouldn't have needed to. That seems strange to me - research is one of the few base components that you don't really need to build after Terran. And yet, there are many varieties of research pods, and they are on every planet. It seems like a waste to put all of that diversity into the game just for me to ignore most of it. I think the game needs some of the randomness of the original research system put back in. Basically, give me a reason to want to scan the additional research pods, even when I have already unlocked the core blueprints. My suggestion: add upgraded versions of the core blueprints into the game, and make them random unlocks when you scan a new type of research pod for the first time. The upgrades I am thinking of would be things like: a cylinder that holds 50% more soil, or an oxygen tank that holds 25% more oxygen. Generators that produce more power, etc. Basic upgrades like this wouldn't require visual changes to the items themselves, just to their values in the game. Maybe some of the unlockables could be new items that are not critical to gameplay: a parachute that saves you from falling damage, for example. This idea accomplishes two main things: gives the player incentive to keep looking for the new research pods and scanning them, and adds some variety to the game.
  8. Hello, I think that walker machine could be a good endgame feature. A machine that would have four legs instead of wheels, based on large rover body. It would go a bit slower than rover, but would be more stable, environment ressistant. And the best feature would be its ability to stick to walls and ceilings with magnets. Magnets would drain energy, but player could get out of dangerous situations with it, crawl out of a hole or get through a steep hill/valley. Also, walker machine could ba a "super-rover", about 1.5 length of large rover and with six legs. Why I see it as a promising idea: Rovers for now (march 2018, patch 0.6.2.) are non-intuitive, and player has to fight with it constantly to not rollover or drive into a hole. That's due to game's weird interpreting of where we want to drive - A walker machine would just go where we point to, "w" would mean forward, "s" backward etc, and if we pointed camera to a side, go sideways. It's an advantage walker machines have over wheeled machines, they can move in all directions. Also walker machine could be a big reward for player's hard work resulting in an universal utility vechicle. Walker could also take the place of "mobile base" idea with an option to settle him down. The picture explains the concept better. I've also included some minor ideas for vechicle and base modules in the attached picture as: Cistern, claw, walker's feet, hydrazine generator and AI-worklight. It's all explained in detail. Walker_Astroneer_Idea.rar
  9. Aevirok

    End Game Objective

    - Possible end game goal: (And a story could probably even be crafted around this idea if a story isn’t already finalized) Terraforming. The goal being to build one or more Terraforming base modules on each planet so that the planets can one day be settled by sustained populations. This could maybe even be in specific locations on the planet, which would be visible and indicated when orbiting a planet using a shuttle. This would give a little more purpose to expansion both between planets and on each planet. Probably wouldn’t want the module to actually terraform the planets in real time however, as having identical planets in the end would be pretty boring, but the implication is that it will happen “in the future” due to your efforts. Maybe a decently large area around the terraforming base module could begin to change just for an aesthetic or something.
  10. Why? My impression of this game at its current stage, is that it is too easy. Sure that may change soon with the addition of destructible structures, hostile mobs etc... but nonetheless I would like to contribute my idea to lengthen the game and add something which is a real challenge to build and unlocks some really cool tech. My vision for a particle accelerator: What does it do? Currently our real life particle accelerators can be used to create super heavy elements. I intend for the use of a particle accelerator in Astro to be exactly this. A particle accelerator does this by accelerating lighter elements and colliding them together to form an aggregate. For example, 4 copper nuclei (4x29) could be collided to form the super heavy ununhexium nucleus (116) though this is highly unlikely since the neutrons and protons are not in the right ratio. If some heavier resources such as uranium were added, then they could be used instead and would be more realistic. Ununhexium nuclei are also highly unstable and will explode in a blink of an eye. But heck, this is the future, anything can happen right? High amounts of energy are required to accelerate the particles, so with all the given info, the input and output of the particle accelerator would be: Inputs 4 copper 32 bars of energy Output 1 Ununhexium To further increase difficulty, the highly unstable ununhexium can be made to EXPLODE after some amount of time! This puts pressure on the player to have crafting options at the ready when ununhexium is created. How does it get built? This is the hard part. Currently our particle accelerators are HUGE. But by the year 2500, I'd imagine we have perfected the technology and are able to create one in much smaller space. But it is still going to be larger than any structure in the game so far and require multiple components to function. I imagine it as being of a synchrotron design. A particle accelerator module rests on a level 2 platform, and resin tubes extend out from either side of it to form a large ring covering much of the area in front of it. Getting inside this ring to use the interface might be an issue, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it (pun intended). The module costs 2 titanium, and each ring section costs 1 resin. So if the accelerator had 14 ring sections, then the entire thing would cost 2 titanium and 14 resin. Also of note is that the particle accelerator should be a perfect circle in the plane of the accelerator module. This means that the resin tubes cannot go up and down surfaces as the tubes for platforms do, and that the player will likely have to terraform a little to construct the accelerator. Once all this is done, the module charges up like any other, copper inputs are provided, and bam just press the button and all 4 copper resources get smashed into one ununhexium! An image is attached with a diagram of the accelerator Practical applications of ununhexium So all these are just ideas I have for what the product of particle accelerators can be used for. I did not consult any validated scientific sources for this, these are simply crazy ideas that I have for an element we have only glimpsed. Gravity paint This is an attachment for your deform tool. Once the deform tool has gravity paint attached, it no longer edits terrain. Instead, it sprays a fine layer of gravity paint which basically makes whatever terrain it is applied on warp the gravitational force so that it is towards the plane of the terrain. This means that you can walk up vertical cliffs with gravity paint, the roofs of caves, through twisting spirals, whatever. Upside down bases can be built with gravity paint. Tracks can run directly through inhospitable mountain ranges, treacherous caves, because no matter what you're trying to pass through, you can walk over it with gravity paint. Now for some specifics: Cost: 2 ununhexium Space: 1 backpack slot Use: Each gravity paint capsule covers 1 km^2 Created in: Printer Undo time A little one-use gadget that reverses time a few seconds or so in case of unfavorable outcomes such as dying, driving vehicle into ditch, accidentally crafting a rare resource etc... I should be clear here that this thing does not cause you to time travel, starting another timeline, but rather clips the end of your current timeline, so its like you just undid every thing you just did. The undo time effect only works for you and your vehicle. This means that undo time will affect: Your astroneer/vehicle's movement Anything you crafted recently in your backpack Anything you just did with your deform tool Anything that you moved in/out of backpack. Undo time will not affect Other players. The environment (unless it has been altered with deform tool or drill) Modules, so if say you crafted accidentally a battery in the printer you cannot undo time to get your lithium back Cost: 1 ununhexium Space: 1 backpack slot Use: Single use item activated by a hotkey Created in: Backpack printer And yes OK I admit I totally got 'inspired' by tracer's recall ability. Wormhole By using a huge amount of energy a temporary rift in the space time continuum can be created allowing you to travel instantaneously to any other location in space. The wormhole is a module placed on a level 2 platform. The rift lasts for a limited time and can fit vehicles. If more than one wormhole module is connected, then the destination must be chosen. Power is only drained from the wormhole that is used to initiate the rift. Cost: 2 ununhexium Space: Level 2 platform Use: Can be used indefinitely, requires huge amounts of power TL;DR Large particle accelerator which requires huge amounts of resources to create and operate produces unstable resource that unlocks a range of highly advanced technologies including but not limited to defying gravity, reversing time, and teleporting. Thanks for reading guys
  11. I don't know what the developers might have planed for the endgame, but the description of astroneer says: " for the chance of striking it rich." So if not already fixed an idea could be to implemtent a module, similar like trading platform, where ressources can be sent to the "Headquarter" (?) and transferred into Astro-Credits. Quit similar to the trading platform where you can trade Fuel for Titan or resin for Aluminium, etc. At the end there might be a world-wide chart with how many Astro-Credits everybody has collected. This chart can have limitations (timewise, etc.). I don't really care about this to be honest, as my time for playing cames is only a few hours per week if I'm lucky, but I can imagine others might be interested to have way of competing and comparing with each other.
  12. Frankly, Hydrazine is worth way too much. I get to a certain point in any point of Astroneers save where I'm simply grinding away, using the fuel condenser and trading Hydrazine to get any and all resources I need, and I find myself with very little or no reason to go out and explore. I think that this needs to be balanced by doing one of two things 1. Making Hydrazine worth nothing as a trade commodity (unless a dynamic player economy is in place), or by 2. Making Hydrazine tanks/fuel containers cost Titanium to build, much like oxygen tanks, and said tanks you would be able to refill with the condenser, but a filled fuel tank wouldn't return once traded and would still be worth its current trade value. As it stands currently, fuel-and-trade is too easy to justify any other form of gameplay. I think it stands as the single most important issue to address about the core "feel of the game", it doesn't promote exploration at all. It just feels cheaty! Thanks in advance for the consideration, I know you guys must be swamped. Keep it up, cheers!
  13. Hey all! This is my first post, hopefully not duplicating anyone else's suggestion. I had a thought about a potential end-game path, since with sandbox-y games, a lot of people end up asking "but what's the point?". To that end, I was playing Offworld Trading Company, and the idea of having an NPC 'colony' to support seemed like it could fit in really well with Astroneer. The devs have already speculated on building space stations and fleshing out the inter-player trade network, and I wonder if it wouldn't be fun to have a series of modules and base-building options that were purely for an NPC colonist's request. It also fits pretty well in the lore of exploring new planets as part of a 'gold rush'! Bear in mind, my experience with the game as it currently is is not exhaustive, so this is very speculative. So to break it down a bit: Toward the late game, you have the option of building a 'colony seed' (maybe a 'terraformer' or something like, to stop the storms?), which begins the process. You can drop it off in a central location similar to a drop pod, and it comes with a whole set of base building options to support a colony of npcs residential areas hydroponic farms etc Depending on what's available on that planet, and what colony you're setting up, the settlers will have different wants Building what they want will allow you to trade for specialized (or very rare) goods, and the more you have set up for them, the better deal you get (4>1, then 3>1, then 2>1, for example) So yeah, that's what I was thinking. I like the lore idea of actually building a proper settlement for NPCs once you've done the most baseline bootstrapping for yourself. It also can bring your actions back down from more complex things. I imagine if one of the main endgame things currently is the building of space stations and orbital technology, having something planetside to work on would provide good variety. Still, maybe I'll change my mind about it after I've played some more. Just wanted to get this idea out of my head =]