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  1. Hello Astroneers Devs! I'm sure that you have your hands full and a lot of ideas on where to take this game. One thing i've learned from open world games is that many people love them for their sandbox content and within the confinds of the games boundaries, can create anything they dream. However there are some that don't like this because they are goal driven. Why not include a basic list of goals in the game that a player can choose to, follow? Call it a "challenge" mode. I was thinking up what a fun end game idea would be and I would have to say building a satellite station that warps off to earth would be a great climatic end for this game. Of course, no player has to follow this scenario, but I think it would be a fun challenge. My immediate thought of a fun challenge list would be this... 1. There is one part per planet you can visit in the game. 2. Parts found must be sent to the space station via trade platform. 3. Parts suggestion: Habitat cabin, Fuel tanks, solar panels, Food lab, Thrusters. 4. Once all of the parts are found and sent to the space station, the player must then fly to the space station via rocket pod to activate the end game cut scene. Another suggestion is to make the space station a permanent, self sustating, home. 1. Players must build a number of parts to send to the space station. 2. Each part requires a special "Material" located on each planet. 3. Once constructed, a player must place the part on a rocket pod base which automatically sends it to the space station via one way ride. 4. Parts to be constructed are: Habitat Cabin, Food Lab, Science Center, Vehicle Bay, and Power Station. 5. Once all of the parts have been constructed, the player must take a rocket to the space station to activate the end game cutscene. 6. Post cut scene, the player should be allowed to roam about the space station. Each location would contain a "fabrication" bay similar to those you build on each planet. In addition, a NEW planet should be randomly generated in the solar system. This planet should be very difficult to build anything on and require the use of the space station to do so. The goal of the player would be to terraform this NEW planet to create "life". This is the ultimate end goal of the game. Example of how it could look (not my image, artist unknown)